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Item#: 5911
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SCP-5911 during a dormant period.

Special Containment Procedures: A 1 kilometer perimeter must be maintained around SCP-5911 at all times. Outpost-237 has been established in the rural entertainment plaza in which SCP-5911 is located and is tasked with monitoring for potential trespassers.

Any civilians attempting to enter SCP-5911 are to be detained and assessed for possible exposure to SCP-5911-1. Cleared subjects may be released at the discretion of the Outpost Coordinator.

Automated web crawlers have been deployed to identify and censor any online references to SCP-5911-1. Any web domains claiming to represent SCP-5911-1 are to be seized and shut down indefinitely. Foundation assets in the United States Postal Service have been tasked with identifying and destroying any material referencing SCP-5911-1.

If an instance of SCP-5911-1 is identified, Outpost-237 is to be alerted and prepped for an increase in potential trespassers. Any Foundation personnel exposed to SCP-5911-1 are not permitted within 10 kilometers of SCP-5911.

As of this writing, no instances of SCP-5911-2 have been observed exiting SCP-5911. Outpost-237 has been outfitted with humanoid containment cells in the event that an instance of SCP-5911-2 does exit SCP-5911.

Testing is currently suspended pending Ethics Committee review.

Description: SCP-5911 is an abandoned movie theater, originally branded as a Carmike Cinemas, located approximately 65 kilometers north of Jacksonville, Florida. When dormant, the structure contains ten screening rooms as well as a concession stand and reception area near the front entrance.

During dormant periods, SCP-5911 displays no anomalous properties. It is only upon the manifestation of an instance of SCP-5911-1 that the structure’s anomalous properties activate.

SCP-5911-1 is the designation for an anomalous event known as the North Florida Independent Film Festival. SCP-5911-1 manifests seemingly at random, with dormant periods lasting anywhere from 8 weeks to 24 months. All instances of SCP-5911-1 naturally end approximately 14 days after manifestation.

During an active period, SCP-5911-1 will attempt to contact civilians within a 600 kilometer radius of SCP-5911. SCP-5911-1 exclusively targets subjects that express a passion for cinema in some capacity, with filmmakers being especially vulnerable to its negative effects. Communication attempts typically take the form of physical mailers as well as targeted advertisements on social media. A physical source for these materials has not been identified.

These materials invariably attempt to persuade readers to submit an original film of their making to SCP-5911-1. Below is a typical example of these materials:


The North Florida Independent Film Festival is back for our 10th consecutive year at the beautiful Carmike 10, and you're invited to join the festivities! Here at the NFIFF, we’re excited to announce our annual opportunity1 for local filmmakers to submit their original films for a chance to screen at this year’s festival.

Qualifying films will be screened in full at the festival, with free admission and drink tokens for the entire cast and crew! It doesn’t matter if it’s a home video or a Hollywood production, we’re dedicated to showcasing the true spirit of independent filmmaking.

Featuring over 150+ films over three weekends, the NFIFF is the largest and only Oscar-accredited film festival on the First Coast. Come mingle with acclaimed filmmakers, award-winning celebrities, and other movie fanatics just like you!

You can submit your original film online at [DATA EXPUNGED] or you can mail in a physical copy to [DATA EXPUNGED].

Any person or persons (hereby referred to as “subjects”) who submits an original film to SCP-5911-1 will receive an invitation to a festival screening within two days. Invitations will direct subjects to SCP-5911 and inform them of the time and date of their screening, typically within one week of submission.

If a subject enters SCP-5911 on the date provided, they will be instantly transported to an isolated pocket dimension cosmetically resembling the non-anomalous interior of the structure.2 The reception area has been slightly modified to accommodate a film festival, with a guest check-in station and full bar near the concession stand. Various decorations mentioning SCP-5911-1 by name can also be found in this area.

Once inside the theater, subjects will be unable to exit the structure by any means.

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