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4/5905 LEVEL 4/5905
Item #: SCP-5905

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5905 is contained in a sensitive materials vault at Site-17. The consumption of any type of food or water, including those required for medical or emergency purposes, is strictly prohibited within five meters of SCP-5905. The study of SCP-5905 is limited to secondary sources only.

All known instances of SCP-5905-1 have been destroyed. If additional instances of SCP-5905-1 should be encountered, all directives and priorities below Code Black are rescinded until the entity's destruction has been confirmed.

Description: SCP-5905 is a leather-bound grimoire recovered from the Huang Shui basin in Qinghai, China. This book details the treatment of prisoners, the preparation of objects of sacrifice, and a number of other ritualistic practices of an unclear cultural origin. Prolonged exposure to SCP-5905 causes hyperstimulation of the hypothalamus, resulting in accelerated metabolism and dramatically increased feelings of hunger and thirst. The book describes this effect as the "Purity of Consumption" and encourages exploration of these feelings by practitioners.

Within the pages of SCP-5905 is a ritual that is believed to be responsible for the creation of instances of SCP-5905-1. Due to ethical concerns, this cannot be verified.

Within the pages of SCP-5905 was a hand-written insert. It is believed to have been written by the ritual leader and has been transcribed and attached to the record.

My first meal tasted of copper and desperation but I have come to savor the sweetness.
Babushka worried I do not eat well, but I am eating.
Every year my stomach grows smaller and I grow weaker but I can teach the others before my time [has ended].
Each new meal drowns them just a bit deeper. None of us need it but now we all want it.
Hunger gnaws at that place inside of me, craving purpose, fulfillment, excitement, and I fear I have found it.
If this goes well, I hope they will invite me to their feast.
I deserve a seat at the table.

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