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Removing an SCP-5903 instance.

Item Number: SCP-5903

Class/Clearance: Keter/Four

Special Containment Procedures: Surveillance measures in order to detect members of 5903-OUT are currently in place, involving intense nationwide scrutiny including, but not limited to:

  • Regular sweeps of at-risk patient files, and the propagation of the idea of birthmarks similar to those found on 5903-OUT instances being cancerous and requiring treatment, at which point Foundation thaumaturgic experts will remove SCP-5903 instances from the digestive system.
  • Sporadic purchases of fruits in areas fulfilling SCP-5903 requirements.
  • Cameras placed in major metropolitan areas in order to detect 5903-OUT instances.
  • Farms within Northern India are to be routinely scanned, and a random selection of plants should be removed in order to detect the presence of SCP-5903 instances.

Further large-scale actions are to be approved on a case-by-case basis.

In the event of a manifestation of 5903-OUT symptoms, local agents are to be mobilized to neutralize the instance, extract consumed instances of SCP-5903 from the -OUT instance's bowels, and destroy them. The use of class-A amnestics has been approved for these operations.

Current top priority is the determination of the location of SCP-5903's source.

Description: SCP-5903 refers to small, organic globules that replace the seeds of fruits commonly grown within Northern India. These globules appear to mainly consist of flesh, bones, and teeth — the specific type varies, though the source is typically ungulate or human in nature. The presence of these globules poses no threat to the plant on which they are found, and have no adverse effects on the taste, texture, or ripening of the fruit in which they are located. Instances of SCP-5903 taste like the flesh of its host fruit; this often results in the unwitting consumption of SCP-5903 instances by herbivorous or omnivorous creatures.

Upon consumption of two or more SCP-5903 instances, subjects will undergo a variety of biological mutations and growths via thaumaturgic means. The specific process is attached below.

  • The host will develop a tumor-like growth under the deltoid muscles, which frequently pulsates and changes shape. The portion of the spine that is covered by this growth will spontaneously grow into this tumor, forming a shape similar to that of a embryonic body.
  • Flesh from the host will graft itself onto this new skeleton, and flesh from an unknown source will replace that which is lost, eventually forming a vaguely humanoid form attached to the host, back-to-back.
  • The new entity will develop vital internal and external organs, along with external keratinous bodies in an exact copy of the host. However, these entities will always have only one kidney.
  • The host will be drawn via the remnants of the initial tumor-like growth into the new body, leaving just one entity, as its remaining organs, bone, and flesh is removed via unknown means. The new body will have no wounds, and consist of otherwise nonanomalous material bearing a genetic resemblance to the original contents of the consumed SCP-5903 instances.
  • The remaining entity will have the exact same mannerisms and personality of the original host, save for a large crescent-shaped birthmark at the location of the original tumor. Development of psychokinetic abilities have been seen in a majority of cases. Due to this possibility, and likely lack of control of these abilities, new entities are to be treated as major threats. The consumed SCP-5903 instances are present in place of the missing kidney.
  • These entities, known as SCP-5903-OUT instances (or members of the "OUT" group), will then return to the daily life of the original host with initial difficulty given a lack of memory.

-OUT instances display a resilience to harm via natural means — in the event of injury, flesh will spontaneously regenerate at anomalously fast speeds, and the effects of aging are drastically decreased in severity. The only confirmed method of rapidly neutralizing an -OUT instance is the removal of the SCP-5903 instances.

SCP-5903 instances are only distributed in high-volume areas of Northern India, primarily in the Punjab region. Many farmers grow SCP-5903 instances in their crop rotations, primarily due to them reportedly having purchased instances for seeding at significantly discounted costs from unknown black-market vendors and the fact that plants grown from SCP-5903 instances require up to 95% less water over their lifetime, as the Punjab region undergoes severe droughts. Both of these factors make SCP-5903 highly likely to be planted by farmers in affected regions.

Addendum - SCP-5903-OUT Developments

The following note was being distributed alongside SCP-5903 in a small stand in Ludhiana, Punjab.

May 2, 2019

To those whom it may concern,

We are struck with many regrets to learn of the problems striking our farming community here.

Our fellow Sardars are losing strength. The water is leaving. Many of our people have been lost, to famine, to thirst, or to their own hands. But, we come to provide you a solution. There are three options we are here to present you with.

The first is to condemn yourselves to your pitiful current existence.

The second is to plant these fruits of divine labor. They grow very quick, and soon your family's bodies will be bursting with power.

The last, which can be done in conjunction with the previous; take but two of the following. Strength shall return to you anew.

The House of the Naga1

Attached is the event from which the following note was found, which was the first recorded instance of a SCP-5903-OUT instance turning violent.


The cracked software market in Ludhiana, Punjab before the event was captured by cameras placed on a Foundation front store.

[The SCP-5903-OUT instance, a 12 year old boy, is walking around in an open air market in Ludhiana, Punjab. Due to the crowded nature of these markets, he is bumped into by 32-year-old Venkat Randhawa on a bicycle. The boy falls, but rights himself by manipulating his body psychokinetically. No one notices.]

SCP-5903-OUT: Are you crazy?

Randhawa: Watch where you're going!

SCP-5903-OUT: No, you look.

Randhawa: Shut up, if you know what's good for you.

SCP-5903-OUT: Bitch.

Randhawa: What'd you say?

SCP-5903-OUT: I said "bitch."

[Randhawa's hand slaps himself repeatedly. A variety of items are tossed at Randhawa, before he is thrown into a wall, resulting in a concussion, among other major injuries to both Randhawa2 and bystanders. The SCP-5903-OUT instance was later neutralized.]

Given the first violent encounter with a SCP-5903-OUT instance, Foundation resources were focused on the creation and testing of SCP-5903-OUT instances to determine an effective way to control and locate instances before violence occurs.

Test Result
#1: SCP-5903 was consumed by a 33-year-old male D-Class. Following effects of consumption, subject was then directed to touch a small button on the opposite wall with a mannequin's hand. Subject successfully performed the test, and then was directed to repeat it with buttons placed around the room. Subject eventually grew tired, and was standoffish with Foundation personnel. Subject was neutralized without substantial damage.
#13: SCP-5903 was consumed by a 21-year-old female D-Class, for the purpose of screening the body after the effects of consumption. Subject was screened with a variety of devices in order to effectively determine the location of consumed SCP-5903 instances, including metal detectors, x-rays, and a full-body thermal scanner. Subject was placed in solitary confinement until further notice, following total compliance with orders.
#34: SCP-5903 was consumed by a 41-year-old male D-Class. Following effects of consumption, subject was directed to destroy a small table in the opposite side of the room. Subject was unable to produce any significant form of controlled psychokinetic abilities, while passive abilities3 remained active. Subject was later placed into tentative solitary confinement.
#42: SCP-5903 was consumed by a 52-year-old male D-Class. The subject was a lifelong vegetarian with an accommodated diet changed to ensure no contact with meat during testing. Subject was told of the contents of SCP-5903 after successfully transfiguring into an SCP-5903-OUT instance. Subject violently destroyed furniture present in the testing environment, yet refused to injure personnel, instead choosing inanimate objects as the target of destruction. Subject was later neutralized as personnel feared for their life.

Following these tests, focus was shifted to preventative measures.

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