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2/5901 LEVEL 2/5901
Item #: SCP-5901


SCP-5901, circa 1998.

Special Containment Procedures: Access to SCP-5901 is to be denied to members of the public and the entrance to SCP-5901 is to be guarded at all times.

Containment procedures awaiting revision. See Addendum 5901.1 for context.

Description: SCP-5901 is officially known as the Heddeneset tunnel, built into the side of a mountain near the Bygland municipality, Norway. When exactly SCP-5901 was constructed is unknown, as no government records exist mentioning its development and no individuals that have been questioned on the subject have recalled ever working on its construction team. The Foundation was made aware of SCP-5901 in August of 1988 after numerous reports from locals were forwarded to the Foundation by Norwegian police regarding the sudden appearance of the tunnel.

Only one entrance to SCP-5901 has been located to date, and it is currently believed that SCP-5901 possesses impossible geometry. More specifically, an individual entering SCP-5901 from the confirmed entrance can continue through SCP-5901 and never reach an exit despite not gaining or losing any altitude. All attempts at finding additional entrances to SCP-5901 or exiting SCP-5901 through the confirmed entrance have been met with failure. Explorations into SCP-5901 have been permanently suspended due to a consensus among research staff deeming further study into SCP-5901 to be a waste of Foundation resources.

SCP-5901 has thus far exhibited no further anomalous effects. Containment procedures are to be maintained until further notice.

Addendum 5901.1: Incident Report

On April ██, 202█ at 0900 UTC, nine large, spherical objects composed primarily of granite were ejected from the entrance of SCP-5901 at high speeds. Due to the geography surrounding this entrance, all nine objects came to rest without causing significant damage to Foundation property or the surrounding terrain. Corresponding to the appearance of these objects, satellite imagery recorded the spontaneous appearance of five massive rings made of an unidentifiable material hovering above SCP-5901. Due to the threat that SCP-5901’s new properties posed to the Foundation’s maintenance of the Veil, an emergency meeting between regional containment specialists was arranged.

Several containment methods were considered to combat the manifestation of SCP-5901's new properties, including the wide-scale aerial deployment of amnestic drugs or the integration of amnestics into portions of the Bygland municipality's water supply to limit public knowledge of the massive hovering rings. These and all other typical methods of containment were deemed too costly due to the influence of SCP-5901 on the surrounding area, and it was decided that nonstandard containment protocols could be discussed.

At the suggestion of Containment Specialist Kenneth Alan, a course of action was agreed upon, and instructions were disseminated to containment staff. The agreed protocol involved dispatching several heavy-duty cargo helicopters to airlift and release the spherical objects from the entrance of SCP-5901 to the smallest and innermost ring hovering above SCP-5901. It should be noted that all spheres dematerialized after passing through the target ring. Staff involved with the containment protocol described hearing a high pitched electrical beep every time a sphere was lowered through the ring, but electrical equipment failed to record anything of value.

Immediately after the dematerialization of all nine spheres, the five rings above SCP-5901 also dissipated. They were replaced by a proportionally large message written in English, spanning several kilometers in length. The message, which was described as glowing a bright red hue, is recorded below for posterity.

Further deliberation must be held before a proper course of action can be determined. Containment Specialist Alan has been authorized to voice additional nonstandard containment strategies that would otherwise be dismissed.

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