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Item #: SCP-5898

Object Class: Thaumiel (Formerly Explained)

Special Containment Procedures:

Update 30/01/2020, Current Containment Procedures: SCP-5898-PRIME is to be stored in Barn-003. SCP-5898-PRIME is to be used to counter the spread of SCP-████ whenever possible.



Description: SCP-5898-EX is a male human. Documents found near SCP-5898-EX at the time of its discovery indicate its birth name is Ernest Whittaker, born July of 1960 in the North Kansas City Hospital. It should be noted that no copies of these documents have been located in the hospital, state, or national archives. Additionally, no relatives of SCP-5898-EX, living or dead, have been found. Investigations into SCP-5898-EX's personal life prior to its discovery in 2019 have yielded inconclusive results, although this may be due to its reclusive lifestyle as an agricultural worker.

All testing conducted on SCP-5898-EX1 has revealed it to be physically and biologically non-anomalous. However, a series of potentially anomalous events have occurred in close proximity to SCP-5898-EX since its initial discovery. As such, SCP-5898-EX was allowed limited freedoms under close supervision of its residence until the extent of its anomalous properties could be ascertained.

Following Incident-5898-B, SCP-5898-EX has been reclassified as Thaumiel. Refer to Addendum 5898.6 for further details.

Addendum 5898.1: First Contact

Addendum 5898.2: Interview Log

Addendum 5898.3: Incident-5898-A

Addendum 5898.4: Timeline of Events

Addendum 5898.5: Interview Log

Addendum 5898.6: Incident-5898-B

The following is a handwritten note found affixed to the steering wheel of SCP-5898-PRIME after an examination of the object.

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