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Item#: 5892
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Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-5892 is a beige ceramic dog bowl with the words 'A ♥ Loyal ♥ Friend ♥ Indeed' embossed on the side.

The anomalous nature of SCP-5892 will activate 24 hours after it is filled with 700 ml of water, following which a 5892-1 instance will be found drinking from 5892 and will identify the one who activated 5892 as their former owner.

The quality of the water will affect how long an SCP-5892-1 instance will remain after activation. If mineral water is used to fill 5892, then the resulting instances will live for as long as they would naturally. In contrast, tap or bottled water will only allow for a 24 hour manifestation period.

SCP-5892-2 is a strip of 4.5 x 4.5 animate Photo Booth photos that feature 10-second looping images of a 5892-1 instance with its owner. 5892-2 will always manifest on that person's pillow after the de manifestation or death of an SCP-5892-1 instance. The number of photos per strip can range from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 7 at any one time.


DATE: 10/04/2011

NOTE: After a headline about a resurrected dog was published in an Isle of Mann newspaper, the Foundation sent researcher Aoibhinn1 O'Hara posing as a journalist to recover the anomaly: Parish of Bride, Isle of Man, 54.368°N 4.378°W.


O'Hara: Approaching the home of Mr Macgilcobraght. <O'Hara knocks on the front door.>

MacGilcobraght: Yes, yes, who is it? <Opens the door, O'Hara steps forward.>

O'Hara: Good afternoon, Sir, I'm with the Belfast Telegraph. If you would be so kind, may I ask you a few questions concerning the recent headline?

MacGilcobraght: Belfast? Come all this way? … fine, fine, come in and take a seat.

O'Hara: Thank you, Sir, I shan't be too long, I promise. <O'Hara enters, the door shutting behind her>

MacGilcobraght: Here it is, this is the bowl, no doubt you wanted to see it, take a look if you want. <A dog bowl is placed on the table and pushed towards O'Hara>

O'Hara: One step ahead of me, I see, Sir, thank you. Now could you go over what happened again for me? <O'Hara takes a notepad and pen from the inside of her jacket.>

MacGilcobraght: Hmm, well, the day before yesterday I was going through some clutter, and I found old Sammy's bowl, I washed it up and left it to soak, and then …

O'Hara:Then what sir?

MacGilcobraght: Hold ya horses, I'm getting there. When I came downstairs the following morning, there he was, collar and all, my dog. Never mind the fact he had been dead for the last ten years, but there he was.[[/size]]}}

O'Hara: Wow… Your dog came back to life, that's… That's really something. What are you going to do with the bowl now?

MacGilcobraght: I have no more need of it. The fact that I was able to see my old boy again was nothing short of a miracle. I don't want to tamper with that sort of thing. The dead are best left alone ya know.

O'Hara: Yes, I understand completely. Thank you for your time, Sir. I'll be leaving now.


Anomaly has been recovered. The owner has been amnesticized. Heading back now.

O'Hara's Notes #1

As if relapsing wasn't bad enough and not like I wasn't already using alcohol to drown my sorrow's like some lush. It's gotten worse. My relapses always hit me harder this time of the year, the day my friend and companion left me.

I didn't have anyone to confide in either. My parents went earlier that year. She was my crutch. Now that I've lost her, how can I possibly stand on my own? Losing someone you love so dearly.

The night I lost her, I don't remember much other than waking up with a horrific headache. I had thought about getting help. I couldn't bring myself to leave home. I drank too much and ate too little.

I thought I would never have a reason to continue until, well, until the Foundation contacted me. Burying so much pain, not letting such feelings rule. It isn't easy, not one bit.

The recovery mission I went on recently is what I think triggered this relapse. I know I shouldn't have gone. The prospect of getting out of the Foundation was too tempting to pass up. What's done is done, I guess.

Experimentation Log 1

Trial Test

Date: 13/04/2011

Subject: D-3773.

Procedure: Filling SCP-5892 with 700 ml of tap water.

Results: A Dachshund identified as "Guinevere" by D-3773 appeared after 24 hours of SCP-5892 being filled. Upon reuniting with SCP-5892-1, D-3773 interacted with the instance positively and was permitted to spend as much time with SCP-5892-1 as they wanted under close monitoring.

Analysis: Upon reaching the 24-hour limit, SCP-5892-1 demanifested. This left D-3773 in significant emotional distress at the loss.

A SCP-5892-2 instance was discovered on D-3773's bed pillow upon returning to her room. The instance showed a looping 10-second image of D-3773 with SCP-5892-1. After logging the 5892-2 instance, D-3773 was permitted to keep the photo as tests concluded it was not anomalous outside its animate properties.

O'Hara's Notes #2

I can't believe it, fate or fortune, I can finally see her again, after all this time, we can be reunited, I don't know what I have done to be given such an opportunity, but I'm taking this bull by the horns. I don't care what the others say. I'm seeing my friend again.

I can't possibly pass this up, and there are so few anomalies that are genuinely nice in such a profound manner such as this.

I need to be with her again, even if it's only for a short while, just a day with her will be more than I could ask for, just please, let me see her, that's all I want, it's all I need. Ailey always preferred mineral water, so I'm going to use that. Her palette was always refined.

Director Roberts has given me the go-ahead to experiment with SCP-5892. I owe her a few drinks for this.

Experimentation Log 2

Test A

Date 29/04/2011

Subject: Researcher O'Hara.

Procedure: Filling SCP-5892 with 700 ml of mineral water.

Results: A 5-year-old Kerry Beagle, identified as Ailey, was found drinking from SCP-5892 after 24 hours.

Analysis: SCP-5892-1 has not vanished and remains within Site-32. 5892-1 appears to be healthy and is ageing normally. With this test, we can safely say that the quality of the water used with SCP-5892 has affected the lifespan of SCP-5892-1 significantly. Still, these instances do not pose a threat, significant or otherwise, to the Foundation. O'Hara expressed happiness and sadness in a volatile outburst when engaging with SCP-5892-1.

Test A-1: 30/04/2011 - 05/05/2011

Subject: SCP-5892-1

Procedure: Checking SCP-5892-1 for any anomalies that may be of concern or danger.

Results: A 5-day quarantine and testing revealed nothing of concern or note. Effectively SCP-5892-1 is a regular dog and will be put under the care of Researcher O'Hara.

O'Hara's Notes #3

If Ailey's going to be around once more, I need to decide on what's going to happen to her. She plays with me as if we have never been apart. I can't stomach the thought of getting rid of her or sending her to a new home, god forbid. I need to think of something.


Site Director Roberts has issued me with leave to care for Ailey. I'm going to use this time to make new and better memories. She's still got all of the bounce and jive as she did before. I think we will start with a walk along the Curracloe Strand and a dip in the water, perhaps bring along some tennis balls too.


The flight back to Ireland was smooth sailing, my girl was a little nervous at first, but she settled just fine. Luckily, my old home was still intact. It had been converted to a Foundation safe house for any field agents in the area. She ran to the door scratching the hell out of it wanting to get inside; she knows she's home.


I've just given Ailey her first bath since her return; she loved it, couldn't sit still, soap everywhere, covered in seaweed from our walk this morning; after drying her off, her coat looked beautiful; it had an incredible shine. Her eating habits have stayed the same, demolishing a bowl of kibble within seconds.


As a special treat, I shared some biscuits with Ailey, plain ones; of course, I figured it would be fitting, since it's my birthday and this was the day I first ever got this little angel, she only gets so many, and no amount of puppy eyes or begging will break me, but I think she knows that already.


My legs went numb this afternoon; Ailey fell asleep on me while we were watching a film. I couldn't bring myself to move her. She looked so peaceful, and heavy too. I forgot that, didn't I? Well, it serves me right, I guess.


Ailey helped with cleaning the leaves; well, I say help, it was more run and jumped through the piles I had made. She thought she could hide amongst the leaves; it would have worked had it not been for her nose poking out. After I got the hose, the plants in the garden needed good watering, this would have gone smoothly, but someone decided it was time for a drink. Both of us had a good scrub down after that.


Did some extra special Christmas shopping, went and had a look around a pet store, brought some little gifts for a certain someone to tear open on the big day. I hope she doesn't destroy them too fast.


Went and got a werewolf mask; Ailey did not like it one bit, goes into a fit of barking whenever I put it on. Going to let Ailey hold the candy bucket for the trick or treaters; she's great around kids. the neighbour's kid loved playing with her before, all grown up now, though.


Our morning walk went well; it was a little longer than usual. I stopped on some benches so Ailey could rest. She left a little bit of food, never ended up eating it, so I threw it. This afternoon we watched some old re-runs of Crufts, something we can both enjoy.


Ailey is getting slower and slower, she's still wagging her tail, but her movements have become sluggish, and she's been sleeping more. I've been giving her more one-on-one care; I've cut the length of our walks down.


I've been fighting the urge to break down, and her condition isn't improving. She still looks so happy when she sees me. Ailey is such a trooper. I have no idea how much she must be suffering. Her eyes smile, and her little tail wag when she sees me. I don't want to lose her again, not again.


She's limping now, needs help getting on the sofa. So strong, she's so strong. How she can keep going, the pain she must be feeling, and yet all I see are smiles and wagging tails—you, my champion, keeping me out of trouble, keeping me safe from myself. I'm going to make sure she's comfortable.


Her breathing has gotten more laboured. There's more grey fur around her muzzle. It's getting close. I know it is. I never wanted to get emotional in front of Ailey, but I couldn't help it. Seeing her struggle to jump on the sofa took me over the edge. I helped her on the couch so she could lay down. I'm going to stay right at your side, girl, for as many nights as we have left.


How am I going to cope at the Foundation? Would I be forced to take amnestics and lose these memories? I don't want to forget about any of this. I was given this chance, I can't let it slip away, but if my work ethic falls too low, they would surely take corrective action. I hadn't even noticed Ailey walk up to my side. She placed a paw on my leg and leaned up to lick my cheek. Her eyes held so much love, so much happiness, and it showed her appreciation for everything I had done, a love that couldn't be conveyed by words.


She went in my arms this evening; I did what I could to make her comfy, I knew she wasn't, but what I could I do, I spoke to her, through my sobs, of course, I wanted to be strong, I didn't want to have the sound of my crying be the last thing she heard. I have cherished every moment I've had, and I hope my little Ailey felt the same.


Found the photos of my baby girl; she looks so happy, her little tail wagging all over the place, those beautiful eyes; I hoped you enjoyed this reunion as much as I did, Ailes. I'm keeping this instance on me at all times. Working for the Foundation is never easy, but it's all I know and knowing I have my friend close by, it helps, even if it is a little, It helps.


I've taken some extra time to try and deal and cope with this loss; I remember how much it hurt the first time, and this second time around, I can't adequately explain the pain I felt. I buried her in the garden; this is where she grew, so this is where she'll rest. Covering her up was perhaps the most challenging part. I laid down beside her, knowing she's gone to a better place. Please wait for me, girl, that was the last thing I said.


I can't bring myself to go back. I nearly did, but I didn't. I couldn't, not yet, not while I'm feeling this emptiness. How can I concentrate on work? I find myself sitting by her side, even when it's raining. I've planted flowers around her grave. Her memory is still fresh in my mind. This is the second time I've lost her. I don't want to experience this pain again. The photos haven't left my side. Now and then, I look at it, look at us, look at her, always so happy and energetic, and she's gone, taken away, she didn't deserve this, not to experience it twice. You were such a good girl, Ailey. I love you.

The remains of SCP-5892—1 (Ailey) are left buried at Safehouse 00:Indigo, and should not be disturbed as orders from Site Director Roberts. The use of mineral water for future experiments will be heavily regulated to avoid further emotional stress.


SCP-5892-1 (Ailey) outside of Safehouse 00:Indigo.

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