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Item #: SCP-5891

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5891 has been purchased by the Foundation. It is to remain empty, under the cover story of structural damage. The windows have been covered with newspaper from the inside. Trespassers must be amnesticised.

Description: SCP-5891 is a two-storey terraced house, numbered 28 on █████████ Street in Wrexham, Wales. It had been abandoned for an unknown period of time before its discovery.

SCP-5891 is the focal point of a recursive effect, wherein numerous copies of the interior can be accessed via holes knocked haphazardly through the walls.1 These holes appear in different places depending on the iteration of SCP-5891; for instance, the access point from the main instance to the second is in the bathroom. Furthermore, they can only be entered in one direction; any person entering the other way will find themselves in the same iteration. However, going back through one will return a person to the previous iteration.

Exit from a secondary instance of SCP-5891 is impossible; the front door cannot be opened, and neither the walls nor windows can be breached. Nothing that requires access outside the house (for example, water or electronics) functions. Early instances of SCP-5891 are identical; later iterations show some discrepancies.2

SCP-5891 was being rented by ████ ███████ at time of discovery. The anomaly was discovered when Rhiannon Edwards, a paramedic stationed at Wrexham Maelor Hospital, complained about ███████'s continued absence. He had no known anomalous contacts, and a spotless record at the hospital save for an incident fifteen months prior to his disappearance. Details of said incident on the hospital computer network had been corrupted, and staff were unable to provide any useful information. No trace of ███████ has yet been found.

Addendum 2: Layout of SCP-5891:

  • Ground floor: hall, living room (two rooms knocked through), kitchen
  • First floor: landing, master bedroom, spare bedroom, bathroom

Addendum 4: First human exploration of SCP-5891

Addendum 7: Second human exploration of SCP-5891

Addendum 8: Interview log

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