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2/5888 LEVEL 2/5888
Item #: SCP-5888


SCP-5888 shortly after transfer to Site-19.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5888 is to be housed in a standard humanoid living quarters at Site-19 and is permitted to socialize with other personnel and residents as desired.

Any SCP-5888-1 instances generated by SCP-5888 are to be documented and backed up digitally; all interviews with SCP-5888 are to be recorded, transcribed, and stored with this file. Should an instance not demanifest, it is to be stored in a designated locker at Site-19.

Description: SCP-5888 is an elderly humanoid male whose physical appearance suggests his age to be in his late seventies. The subject is believed to actually be far older, due in part to his anomalously negligible biological aging.

SCP-5888’s primary anomalous quality is his ability to reproduce any form of informational media that he had previously observed or experienced firsthand. These objects are collectively designated SCP-5888-1 and individually designated as Items within this file for brevity's sake. This ability is aided by SCP-5888’s proclaimed photographic memory. SCP-5888-1 instances will take on a variety of forms depending on the date during which they were initially experienced by SCP-5888, typically appearing as the form of media viewed or otherwise relevant at the time.

Despite the accuracy of details recorded in these memories, SCP-5888 is unable to mentally recall long-term memories traditionally and must resort to the creation of these instances to recall such information. By coming into and sustaining contact with the instances, SCP-5888 is able to recall memories or information initially associated with that instance. SCP-5888-1 instances remain inert upon contact with individuals other than SCP-5888.

SCP-5888-1 instances are generated through SCP-5888’s skin, where the flesh on the desired portion of SCP-5888’s body will part and reveal a dark void inside of SCP-5888’s body from which the instance will emerge; once retrieved, the opening will close. This process generally does not cause harm or discomfort to SCP-5888. Instances will usually demanifest a few minutes after their production unless intentionally retained by SCP-5888.

SCP-5888 has proven cooperative with Foundation personnel in terms of containment and interviewing, providing instances to personnel and manifesting relevant information upon request.

Discovery: SCP-5888 first came to the Foundation’s attention in September of 1995 after reports of an elderly man who was able to produce items from his skin began circulating near Tashkent, Uzbekistan. On 11/4/95, agents located a man in that area matching the descriptions in the rumors; the man was declared anomalous and brought into Foundation custody without resistance. SCP-5888 proved cooperative with personnel during and after his transfer to Site-19, despite being initially hesitant.

Addendum 5888.1: The following is an abridged detailing of several notable SCP-5888-1 instances created by SCP-5888.

Item-15 upon manifestation.

Specimen Description: A cuneiform-inscribed clay tablet.

Date of Memory: Roughly 2000 B.C.

Content: A military order to attack a city named “Saatiae” with a force of three thousand soldiers. The entity or kingdom that would have issued this order remains unidentified, and no city by the name of “Saatiae” is known to have existed at any point in known history.

Comments made by SCP-5888: Innocent blood was spilt that day for little reason more than money and political squabbling. A shame that things have changed very little since then.

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