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Item #: SCP-5882

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: In accordance with Emergency Protocol Aleph-41, ongoing usage of SCP-5882 is permitted pursuant to O5 discretion. Until the revocation of Emergency Protocol Aleph-4, staff work-hours have been increased from 40 to 120.

Any individual believed to be experiencing negative side effects of SCP-5882 are to be administered Class-A amnestics.

Description: SCP-5882 is an anomalous phenomenon affecting Foundation on-site housing. Individuals under the influence of SCP-5882 do not require sleep; participant experiments under Emergency Protocol Aleph-4 show that the upper limit of this effect is at least three years. Side effects of SCP-5882 include a decrease in morale and productivity caused by an increase in seditious actions against Foundation interests. These side effects have been found to be mitigated with continued administration of Class-A amnestics.

SCP-5882 was discovered on 07/12/2080 and was found to be affecting █% of on-site housing. This has changed to ██% at present day.

Addendum 5882.1, 06/11/2082: SCP-5882 Formal Appeal

The Ethics Committee has received an appeal to revoke Emergency Order Aleph-4 from Site Director Ellie Macnamara. Pursuant to Foundation Charter, the Ethics Committee cannot hear appeals without full membership. The appeal will be heard once the O5 Council has confirmed the new member. In addition to standard paperwork, Director Macnamara filed the following personal recommendation.

When did we lose our humanity?

Was it with the first culling? The second? Or was it maybe the upgrade? The efficiency drives? There really are too many instances to count. At first, it made sense. Sometimes you have to fight for the greater good. It was understandable. It was necessary. There was too much dissent, and we could only get so far with what we had. But that's not the case anymore.

We've gone too far. You all have gone too far. It's one thing to pull this stunt in containment, but at least it was directed against the right targets. Now we've moved onto our own people? It's too much. How do you even sleep at night? It's not right that we can sit here, unaffected, while knowing what's happening to the actual rank and file on the line. I can't stomach looking them in the eye anymore without the guilt welling up, and I've decided that I can't keep quiet anymore. If we keep doing this, we've well and truly gone past the point of no return.

This isn't what our forebears would have wanted. I am calling upon my authority as ranking site director to demand an immediate revocation of Emergency Order Aleph-4. It's time for me to stop this madness before it's too late.

Addendum 5882.2: Log of Site Director Macnamara's Appeal

Per the request of Overwatch Command Personnel and Security (OCPS-8), the following logs have been edited for clarity and to preserve the anonymity of relevant personnel.

Log taken from the waiting room for O5-8's office. OCPS-8 is seated at a desk to the left of the office door. Site Director Macnamara enters the room from the hallway, storming to O5-8's door. OCPS-8 coughs, lightly.

OCPS-8: Do you have an appointment, Madam Director?

Macnamara: I'm pretty sure he's expecting me.

OCPS-8: I'm terribly sorry, Director, but I don't see an appointment on the schedule.

Macnamara: …are you new here? I've never seen you before, Miss…

OCPS-8: Doctor. You can call me Bernadette, if you like. I'm O5-8's personal admin.

Macnamara: Right. Bernadette. Can I call you Berna?

OCPS-8: Bernadette is fine.

Macnamara: Sure, okay. Anyway. I'm sure you're still getting your feet wet around here, but that's not how things are run at this site. I have important things to discuss with your boss, and I'm currently nursing the mother of all headaches, so if you'll kindly step aside…

OCPS-8: With all due respect, Director, I have been told not to admit anyone without an appointment. O5-8 is very busy, which I'm terribly sorry about.

Director Macnamara sighs.

Macnamara: Fine. fine. When can I squeeze in?

OCPS-8: You'll have to submit a formal appointment request by intranet. I can refer you to the portal, if you like?

Director Macnamara begins to speak, but pauses, narrowing her eyes.

Macnamara: Ah. Ooookay. I see what's going on here.

OCPS-8: Excuse me?

Macnamara: Okay. You know what? I'm going back to my office. But I see what stupid game we're playing here. You just pass on a message to your boss for me, okay? Next time that asshole tries to block my appeal, have the courage to sign the order directly, not hide behind seven layers of bureaucratic bullshit. And cowering behind your secretary so you won't have to talk to me? Chickenshit move. You get all that down in black and white?

OCPS-8: …Madam Director, I feel as though your tone may be somewhat unprofessional. I can't pass on a message that is-

Macnamara: Okay, okay, Berna. Write this down for me for your boss. You're not on Ethics Committee. You don't have the grounds to block my complaint. The shit that you're doing to personnel is wildly unethical. Go fuck yourself.

OCPS-8: Coughs. Madam-

Macnamara: Fine, fine. Have a beautiful, blessed day. Whatever makes it easier for you, Bernie. I'm going back to my office.

Director Macnamara turns to leave, but is interrupted by another polite cough from OCPS-8.

OCPS-8: My apologies, Madam Director. I was actually going to inform you that O5-8 has been named as acting chair of the Ethics Committee. On those grounds, your appeal was officially denied by a majority decision of the executive group of the Ethics Committee.

Director Macnamara slowly turns back to OCPS-8's desk, and places her hands on the table.

Macnamara: And, who, exactly, is on the executive group?

OCPS-8: That would be the current chair, the senior member, and an O5.

Macnamara: Which O5 voted?

OCPS-8: O5-8.

Macnamara: I thought you said O5-8 was the acting chair?

OCPS-8: That is correct.

Macnamara: Then how the hell is someone allowed to vote twice on the same goddamn thing?

OCPS-8: Ah, well, legally speaking, there is nothing in the Ethics Committee Charter that prohibits one person from occupying multiple positions. If you like, I can direct you to the-

Macnamara: Oh for Christ's sake.

Director Macnamara stands up abruptly, and quickly departs the office, slamming the door behind her afterwards.

The O5 Council voted on approval of Ethics Committee appointee Charles Reinhart. The vote was resolved at 5-4 with 2 abstaining. In obligation of Emergency Order Aleph-4, O5-8 was not present for the vote. Motion fails.

Next log. OCPS-8 is seated at a desk to the left of the office door. Site Director Macnamara enters the room from the hallway, and walks towards the direction of O5-8's door, before stopping once she notices OCPS-8. OCPS-8 looks up at Director Macnamara as she enters.

OCPS-8: Madam Director. May I help you?

Macnamara: No, I'm just here to talk to…uh…sorry. Bernie right?

OCPS-8: Bernadette.

Macnamara: Ah, Bernadette. Right. You're new, aren't you? What do you do again?

OCPS-8: I'm O5-8's personal admin. I've also been filing the paperwork for your appeal to the recent vote. I was about to fax a copy over to your office.

Macnamara: The appeal. Yes. That's why I'm here, actually.

OCPS-8: To go over the paperwork?

Macnamara: Nah, I was actually thinking of kicking your boss's ass. You think that'd change the vote?

OCPS-8: Madam Director, I hardly think that's appro-

Macnamara: So what's the reason this time, Bernadette?

OCPS-8: Well, regrettably, the vote to promote Mr. Reinhart to Ethics Committee Chair did not pass the two-thirds plus one threshold needed to confirm his appointment. Additionally, without a permanent chair to adjudicate, there is also no one to hear your appeal. I'm afraid that the appeal will have to wait until after a member is confirmed.

Macnamara: So, the appeal to the confirmation vote has to wait until after a different confirmation vote? Which would nullify the point of the first confirmation vote? That appeal? That's the one you're talking about?

OCPS-8: I see you're getting a bit agitated, but I'm afraid that there's nothing we can do about protoco-

Macnamara: I…why do I feel like this is going nowhere? Your boss is allowed to just not attend votes that would fundamentally change the structure of the Foundation? And now I have to lose sleep over it?

OCPS-8: O5-8 has a number of affairs that demand the utmost attention. Not all votes have equal priority to higher concer-

Macnamara: Okay, okay, whatever. I get it. I'm heading back to my office to try and take a nap. Send me that paperwork and I'll toss it into the heap. Nice to meet you.

OCPS-8: A pleasure to meet you, Madam Director. Have a nice day.

The Ethics Committee has voted 6-3 to confirm Charles Reinhart. Acting Ethics Committee Chairman O5-8 was not present to certify the vote. Motion fails.

Next log. OCPS-8 is seated at a desk to the left of the office door. Site Director Macnamara enters the room from the hallway, and stands in the middle of the room. She looks around for a few moments.

Macnamara: I…um…sorry. I can't seem to remember why I'm here. Have we met before?

OCPS-8: Good afternoon, Madam Director. You can call me Bernadette. I'm O5-8's personal admin. Is there something that I can help you with?

Macnamara: I think I had something to discuss with your boss, but…uh….gosh this is embarrassing. I've completely forgotten what it was. Geez, what's wrong with me?

OCPS-8: Well, let me know if I can assist you with anything. I'm always happy to lend a hand.

Macnamara: Um…thanks. I think I'll head back to my office for now…I'm really sorry, what was your name again?

OCPS-8: Bernadette. Don't worry about it.

The Ethics Committee has voted 9-0 to confirm Charles Reinhart. Invoking executive authority granted under Emergency Order Aleph-4, O5-8 vetoed the measure. Motion fails.

Next log. OCPS-8 is seated at a desk to the left of the office door. Site Director Macnamara enters the room from the hallway, carrying a cardboard box under her arm. She walks straight to OCPS-8's desk.

OCPS-8: Hello, Madam Director. Is there-

Macnamara: Shut the fuck up.

Director Macnamara opens the box, and takes out a sheet of paper with scribbled handwriting on it.

Macnamara: (Reading): "Vote failed. Not enough people voted yes. Met Berna the personal admin. Nice enough, I guess, but a total copout from O5-8." Hmm, weird note to write.

Director Macnamara takes out two more sheets of paper in succession.

Macnamara: (Reading): "Vote failed. O5-8 wasn't present, so they couldn't vote. Met Berna the personal admin. Pretty nice, even if she was completely useless." Here's another one: "Vote failed. O5-8 wasn't present, so they couldn't certify the vote. Met Berna the personal admin. She's nice, but couldn't help me out."

Director Macnamara places the box down, and looks OCPS-8 in the eye.

Macnamara: Did you know I journal? I didn't. Not until I found this box in the bottom of my filing cabinet, filled with notes of past days, things I did, the foods I ate, and of course, the people I met. So tell me, Bernadette…

Director Macnamara tips over the box onto the desk, revealing a mountain of nearly identical sheets of paper.

Macnamara: ….Just how many times have I met you now?

OCPS-8: Including now, 346 times. If you would like to include this specific conversation, this is the 14th time that we've discussed this in particular.

Director Macnamara begins to tremble, before raising her hand and striking OCPS-8 across the face. OCPS-8 does not react, even as a cut on her face begins to bleed.

Macnamara: Just…just what the hell is going on here?

OCPS-8: Just standard protocol, Madam Director.

Macnamara: You know when I realized that something was off? I have some pictures on my desk. They're photos of me and my family. I took a look at them today, and you know what I realized? "Gosh, when was the last time I saw them? How old is this photo?" And I couldn't remember the answer. I realized that I couldn't even remember anything about them, any times we shared together, or even what their names are. All I remembered was that they were my family…I think.

Macnamara continues trembling, pausing, as her voice begins to quaver.

Macnamara: Are they even real?

OCPS-8: They are your family.

Macnamara: Do you know what it feels like to realize that everything around you might be a lie? I started to have a panic attack in my office. I looked everywhere, and realized that nothing added up. There were degrees on the wall, but I don't remember studying for them. Trophies on my desk, but I don't remember earning them. I had a filing cabinet full of supposed incidents that I had worked on….but I don't remember solving them. All I can remember is what my next task is supposed to be. I haven't even slept in god knows how long. I…why is this happening? Who are you?

OCPS-8: I am O5-8's personal admin.

Macnamara: (Quietly.) Bullshit. You're not just an admin.

OCPS-8: I assist with matters that the office of O5-8 deems important. That includes personnel management. I'm sorry, Madam Director. You seem to be undergoing some severe work-related stress as a side effect of SCP-5882 exposure. I'll call for some assistants to escort you back to your office and administer a standard round of medication. I hope you feel better soon, Madam Director.

Director Macnamara begins sobbing for thirty minutes in front of OCPS-8's desk, before personnel arrive to physically escort her out of the room.

Addendum 5882.3, ██/██/████: Administrative Reorganization

Site Director Ellie Macnamara has been deemed unfit for duty and has been subsequently removed from her position. Acting Site Director Bernadette ███████ has rescinded the active appeal, citing administrative concerns.

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