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Item #: SCP-5881

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5881 is to be contained in a standard human containment cell and is to be questioned over any suspicious activity observed from the SCP-5881 sub-instances.

Description: SCP-5881 refers to Ben Hennessy, a 26 year old British male, who subconsciously manifests three Class 2 incorporeal entities that resemble different versions of himself. These instances manifest around SCP-5881 and converse with him for any amount of time between 2 minutes to 5 hours. These conversations involve SCP-5881 being instructed on a variety of subjects, including mathematics, computer science, ancient and modern history, science, physical education and various life and social skills. SCP-5881 manifestations previously occurred a minimum of once every two hours, and a maximum of once every three days. Only one instance can manifest at a time.

SCP-5881 instances have been designated SCP-5881-1, SCP-5881-2, and SCP-5881-3. Each entity possesses knowledge of the actions taken by the other two instances. Conversation with SCP-5881 instances is limited as they prefer to talk only with SCP-5881. Each instance has knowledge of the life and experience of the subject but each claims to have experienced a slightly altered version of said life. SCP-5881-1 is a version of the subject dressed in a suit claiming to be the founder of a successful tech company, but requests for further details have been currently unsuccessful. SCP-5881-2 wears military uniform consistent with those worn by the British Army, bearing the rank of Major. SCP-5881-3 claims to be a professor at the University of Cambridge, but the results of questioning on which subject SCP-5881-3 teaches has been inconsistent and seems to consist of a variety of unrelated subjects.

SCP-5881 was recovered on 13/01/2019 from Exeter, UK after police reports were intercepted by agents of the appearance of an SCP-5881 instance while the subject was drinking at a bar. After the subject was contained, SCP-5881 instances were observed manifesting. See below.

Surveillance Logs: Transcript surveillance footage of certain interactions between the subject and SCP-5881 instances were collected and compiled. Any extraneous or repetitive information has been extracted for documentation purposes.

Surveillance Log #1

Date: 19/01/2019
Foreword: The first example of an SCP-5881 instance recorded in Foundation custody.
Current SCP-5881 Instance: SCP-5881-3
<Begin Surveillance Log>

SCP-5881-3 manifests in SCP-5881's containment cell.

SCP-5881-3: Oh, this is an interesting place, I'm liking the aesthetic. But where are we?

SCP-5881: I'm not really too sure. Most of today has been a blur. But I'm pretty sure we aren't with the police anymore.

SCP-5881-3: Oh good, I should have guessed. I thought we made an agreement about going outside being an absolutely terrible idea? Especially to go drinking of all things.

SCP-5881: I've already had Ol'Stony-face shouting his head off at me when I was at the bar. It was an honest mistake, do you have to give me shit about it too?

SCP-5881-3: A mistake? Just like how getting drunk the days before your A levels and taking the tests hungover was a mistake?

SCP-5881: I got a little nervous, so I went for a drink. Was that really such a crime?

SCP-5881-3: It might not have been a crime but it was definitely the reason you couldn't get into any of the universities you wanted to. Mistakes like that are why we are stuck here for who knows how long while we try and help you prove to yourself that you could actually pass those tests. We have these rules clearly stated out for a reason and you've just ignored them. Things like this will distract you from your work and your commitment to getting better, and no one wants that, do they? We care about you and we don't want that to happen. So drinking is a complete no go. But since you let it happen we might as well get some lessons in while you're here. I was thinking we should go over the impact of Cambyses II's conquest of Egypt. So go get your books ready…you have your books still, right?

SCP-5881: Oh, I don't have any of my old stuff right now. Didn't really get a chance to grab anything.

SCP-5881-3: Unbelievable. We're going to have to fix that. I'm guessing someone can hear us right now…so… to the guys that are listening, you're going to need to get us some reading material if you want to get any cooperation from us. But by the looks of things, we're going to struggle to teach you much. So for now, I'll need you to recount what you have already read about Cyrus the Great and the early Persian Empire.

SCP-5881: Don't you already know all this stuff, can't you just teach me about Cambyses? Or maybe I could just get a day off?

SCP-5881-3: Absolutely not. Teaching you this stuff is a lot easier with books around, you're quite useless at learning otherwise. We'll just wait until we can get you something to read. Until then, we'll be doing Cyrus the Great. So let's start.

SCP-5881: I don't know if I can do this. I can't remember this stuff.

SCP-5881-3: I don't care if you can or can't. You're going to try and if you can't then you only have yourself to blame. So no more complaints, we're starting.

[Extraneous Data Removed]

Surveillance Log #2

Date: 27/01/2019
Foreword: At this point in time, SCP-5881 has been granted his request for reading material and other equipment.
Current SCP-5881 Instance: SCP-5881-2
<Begin Surveillance Log>

SCP-5881-2 manifests in SCP-5881's containment cell.

SCP-5881: Oh God, please not you again. Can't you just come back later?

SCP-5881-2: Don't be like that. We've got work to do, and we can do even more work now we've got that exercise equipment.

SCP-5881: I really don't think I can. My whole body is still sore from last time. I need time to wind down and just get some sleep for once.

SCP-5881-2: Don't be silly. The exercises aren't that bad, anyone should be able to do them1. Have you actually been doing your daily workouts?

SCP-5881: I've been trying. But you've been working me to my wit's end, so excuse me if I'm not at 100%.

SCP-5881-2: God, you are so ridiculous sometimes. You're acting like this whole thing wasn't your idea. You're the one who wanted to become better, and you need to work to get there. You can't just be a lazy fucker like usual and expect to make any progress.

SCP-5881: Please, I'm just tired. I don't think I can do this anymore.

SCP-5881-2: Oh? Is that so?

SCP-5881: This whole thing is just feeling like too much. I thought I could do all this but if I keep on getting given more and more stuff and it's just getting overwhelming.

SCP-5881-2: Do you know why you're finding it overwhelming?

SCP-5881: I don't know anymore.

SCP-5881-2: Well, maybe it's because you can't do this.

SCP-5881: What?

SCP-5881-2: Maybe you're just a pitiful piece of shit who can't tell the difference between your ass and your elbow! Is that what you are?

SCP-5881: I-It's not like that, I just meant…

SCP-5881-2: Really? Is that really who you are?

SCP-5881: I… no, it's not. What do I need to do?

SCP-5881-2: We're giving you something to work hard and focus on so that you stop being so useless. We don't want you staying weak forever. So get yourself ready. We're going to work you until you collapse. Starting now.

[Extraneous Data Removed]

Surveillance Log #3

Date: 21/02/2019
Foreword: This log has been highlighted due to the unusual actions of SCP-5881.
Current SCP-5881 Instance: SCP-5881-1
<Begin Surveillance Log>

SCP-5881-1 manifests in SCP-5881's containment cell.

SCP-5881-1: Good morning lazybones, how are you today?

SCP-5881: Tired. Did you have to appear so early in the morning?

SCP-5881-1: It's nothing to complain about. I know exactly what you need to wake yourself up a bit!

SCP-5881: If you say another fucking lesson, I swear to God…

SCP-5881-1: Oh come on, a lesson or two isn't that bad. Who knows? You might even learn something for once.

SCP-5881: About what? I'm hardly in the mood to hear you talk about how great your life is going. I think I'll pass for today.

SCP-5881-1: What's wrong with me talking about my life a little? It's better than talking about you and your tragic backstory while you wallow in misery.

SCP-5881: Is it that hard for you to believe that someone would want you to shut up for once?

SCP-5881-1: Christ, you're acting like we aren't the ones trying to stop your life from being such a shit-show.

SCP-5881: Maybe if you actually did something to help I might believe you.

SCP-5881-1: We've done everything we could possibly do to help you. We've practically handed everything you could need on a silver plate. It's not our fault that you fucked your life up so badly. You couldn't get the grades you needed from school, so we decided to teach you. You were lazy, so we gave you a reason to work for once in your life. You were completely and utterly useless, so we came to you.

SCP-5881: You can't just point out that my life is shit and then say that you fixed the problems when they are clearly still here.

SCP-5881-1: What other options do you have? You clearly can't help yourself. You need us.

SCP-5881: I can work without all your shitty routines. Anything has to be better than you guys.

SCP-5881-1: What would you even do without us? I doubt you could do anything to improve alone. You'll probably just start drinking again so stop being so ridiculous and let's just do our lesson for today.

SCP-5881: You've given me no reason to do these lessons. Nothing that you guys have done has made me better in the slightest. You just make me feel like crap and then give me books about useless subjects and exercise routines that hurt me more than they help. So I really don't think I want to do any more lessons until you can actually help me in a meaningful way.

SCP-5881-1: Now you're just being a stubborn child. You are hardly in a position to say something like this when you know how desperately you need help.

SCP-5881: You're hardly in a position to give help. And I don't think I'd want it anyway. So can you just go? I'll be fine by myself.

SCP-5881-1: Good luck with that. We'll see how long all this lasts. I know that you'll come crawling back to us when you realise how useless you really are. Because you're worthless without us. We came here to help you. You can't just ignore our existence.

SCP-5881-1 disappears.

[End Log.]

Addendum 20/03/2019: After the conclusion of the events recorded in Surveillance Log #3, the maximum time between occurrences of SCP-5881 instances has increased to 8 days. These occurrences now no longer consist of SCP-5881 being instructed on different subjects and now consists of a prolonged argument between SCP-5881 and SCP-5881 instances. SCP-5881 has continued his requests for reading material and exercise equipment.

Interview Log: SCP-5881 has been required to attend weekly check-ups for his health. These have been recorded for documentation purposes. Any important recordings can be seen below.

Interviewed: SCP-5881

Interviewer: Dr A. Lennex

Foreword: A recording taken from SCP-5881's most recent weekly check-up.
<BEGIN LOG-07/05/2019>

Dr Lennex: Good afternoon SCP-5881. My name is Dr Lennex and I'll be covering for Dr Woods this week.

SCP-5881: Good afternoon. It's nice to meet you.

Dr Lennex: Nice to meet you too SCP-5881. I hope that your time here hasn't been any more stressful than it needs to be?

SCP-5881: No it's been great. The people here have been very nice considering everything going on with me.

Dr Lennex: I can guarantee that most of the staff here have seen much weirder things. But I'm glad that you've been coping well. How has your mood been this past week?

SCP-5881: It's been good. I've felt like I've gotten a good amount of work done recently.

Dr Lennex: Right, I read about that in your personal file. You've continued working still, is that correct?

SCP-5881: Yeah, just because it didn't work once doesn't mean I should give up. There're still lots of things that I can try and do.

SCP-5881-3 manifests.

Dr Lennex: Oh, this must be-

SCP-5881-3: (To Dr Lennex) I don't believe we've met before. You can call me SCP-5881-3, or just "-3" if you prefer.

SCP-5881: You don't have to call him anything doctor.

Dr Lennex: Of course. What sort of progress have you made since you decided to do this Ben?

SCP-5881-3: He hasn't made any progress, just look at-

SCP-5881: I've actually managed to look into some really interesting topics that I hadn't known about before, it's crazy the number of books you guys have here.

Dr Lennex: Well, most people enjoy having things to read. I'm glad you've been enjoying the books we have to offer.

SCP-5881-3: He's barely literate in the first place. I doubt he could notice a good book if it slapped him across his face.

SCP-5881: I think there are enough books here to last me a lifetime. I would have had no idea where to even start if there weren't people around to point me in the right direction.

Dr Lennex: Well there's always someone around who's willing to lend a hand.

SCP-5881-3: God, I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to help you.

Dr Lennex: Well Ben, is there anything else that you'd like me to know about?

SCP-5881-3: Do you really have nothing to say to me?

SCP-5881: I don't think there's really anything else important to talk about, no.

SCP-5881-3: You have to be kidding me. You're really doing this?

Dr Lennex: Well if that's the case, I think we can call this a day.

SCP-5881-3: So you're just going to ignore me like a stupid kid?

SCP-5881: Thank you, these sessions have been really helping me out recently.

SCP-5881-3: Fine! Do you feel big about yourself now? Just keep ignoring me, you pitiful bastard!

SCP-5881: Thanks again Dr Lennex, it was nice meeting you.

SCP-5881-3 disappears.


Closing Statement: SCP-5881's attitudes appear to have greatly increased since the beginning of his containment by the Foundation. Continued sessions should hopefully help this even more.

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