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Item#: 5880
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Special Containment Procedures: Samples of SCP-5880 are currently kept suspended in a liquid nitrogen canister in the Anomalous Biohazard Storage wing of Site-49. Access to the item or information regarding the item is prohibited unless approved by the item's acting HMCL Supervisor, currently Senior Researcher Lukas Johansson.

Known instances of SCP-5880-1 are to be sedated for approximately 3 weeks. Recovered instances are to be quarantined until 24 hours after the cessation of symptoms, at which point they are to be subjected to amnestic therapy sufficient to eradicate all memories of the symptomatic period.

Paravirology Division Unit 2 has been assigned to the investigation of SCP-5880 and other non-anomalous strains of influenza and develop vaccinations as necessary.

Description: SCP-5880 is an anomalous, highly contagious strain of Influenza B contracted through either physical or memetic infection. Initial infection of SCP-5880 progresses similarly to other, non-anomalous infections. Common symptoms include coughing, congestion, upper respiratory irritation, head/body ache, fever, and fatigue. Due to the anomalous effects of SCP-5880, infected individuals are significantly less likely to receive medical assistance, and thus more likely to suffer complications. The current fatality rate is approximately 32%.

SCP-5880-1 designates any symptomatic carriers of SCP-5880. Anomalous properties manifest with the onset of compulsory symptoms, approximately 48 hours after initial infection. Following this, individuals will begin to religiously worship the influenza virus, as well as related infections and symptoms. The specific actions varies between individuals, but in all instances, individuals will attempt to actively transmit SCP-5880 and proliferate instances of SCP-5880-1. Sedation during the symptomatic period of SCP-5880 infection has thus far been effective in preventing this effect.

Addendum 5880-1: Discovery

On 11/12/2019, Senior Researcher Lukas Johansson submitted a behavioral report regarding his assigned team of Foundation personnel investigating the global outbreak of Influenza B for potentially anomalous influences. The following records includes the report and subsequent documentation.

Addendum 5880-2: Incident 5880-1

On 11/12/2019, MTF β-7 ("Maz Hatters") Squad B was deployed to quarantine Site-██ and contain infected personnel for testing. Following this, containment procedures were developed, and Site-██ was recontained. Personnel were interviewed, and then promptly administered appropriate medication and amnestics. Samples of SCP-5880 were retrieved and placed in containment.

On 11/14/2019, Site-██ was reclaimed following the simultaneous deployment of several recontainment units. Personnel were apprehended, and the entirety of Site-██ was disinfected and quarantined. The fatality rate is currently being processed, but is estimated to be in excess of 30%.

The following is an interview with the first known symptomatic carrier, Field Agent Tori Sherman, following her total recovery.

As of writing, Paravirology Division Unit 2, led by Senior Researcher Lukas Johnasson, has been assigned to research SCP-5880 and potentially develop a vaccine.




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