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Xi'an Plane Crash

Item #: SCP-5877

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Worldwide birth record databases are to be routinely copied onto Foundation servers to maintain a centralized hub of all persons with a recorded identity.

It is Foundation protocol to assume that any individual is an SCP-5877 instance until one of the following conditions are met:

  • The individual produces photo identification
  • The individual is verified to own a web-based account
  • The individual is confirmed to match an entry in the Foundation Entity Database

Recovered SCP-5877 instances are to be treated as civilians: they are to be amnestized and reintegrated back into society.

Description: SCP-5877 refers to a collection of human-like entities. Identical to regular people in every other way, these entities share the following characteristics:

  • The origin of SCP-5877 instances, if any, is unknown,
  • The identity of SCP-5877 instances, if any, is unknown,
  • SCP-5877 instances lack any record of their prior existence,
  • Until 2007, all recovered SCP-5877 instances were deceased.

SCP-5877 instances are susceptible to potential membership of GoI-006 ("Nobody").

The majority of SCP-5877 instances discovered by the Foundation are dead at time of recovery. It is acknowledged that a significant number of these cases are indistinguishable from non-anomalous humans that have simply been damaged beyond recognizability; however there have been significant cases of SCP-5877 instances that have lead the Foundation to label the overall phenomenon as anomalous. Some such cases are listed below:

Date Event Normalcy Breach
05/16/1970 Fire burned down 14 homes on Maple Street, Redland, California. Evacuation of these homes was recorded as successful, with only 2 individuals unaccounted for. However, disaster response teams inspecting the remains of the homes found over 60 bodies between the houses. Bodies were found largely in bedrooms, or nearby burnt mattresses and blankets.
11/14/1984 Twin stillborn children delivered in Dublin hospital. Previous sonogram of the mother only showed one child.
08/22/1996 Flight 40014 from Xi'an to Shanghai crashed, killing all passengers. The bodies of 30 additional victims were found around the crash that could not be identified, while all people listed on the flight itinerary were accounted for. These SCP-5877 instances were found strapped into seats on top of identified passengers.

Recoveries of Live SCP-5877 Instances: Initially, SCP-5877 was catalogued as a phenomenon associated only with dead bodies. In 2007, live instances of SCP-5877 were discovered, often in groups. The Foundation has located living SCP-5877 instances three times since then.

Date: 05/14/2009

# of Instances: 54

Recovery: Foundation resources heard numerous rumors about a mining operation salvaging weaponizable anomalous materials from a quarry in Texas. While initial investigation did not find significant information to support the rumors, the concerns of a para-terrorism threat spurred a raid of the quarry.

The raid did not find any anomalous materials. However, the mining operation was illegal, as it was unsanctioned and made use of slave labor, who were forced to sleep in the quarry. Questioning and processing of the labor force found that they were all SCP-5877 instances.

Of note, Agent Tyler Maliz reported that, following the raid, he had encountered a young girl who appeared to have been watching the event from outside the quarry, taking notes in a bright pink journal. When questioned by Maliz, she acted similarly to an SCP-5877 instance, and was escorted to a transport and supposedly brought to a Foundation Site. However, she was unaccounted for in the final containment report. Due to her elusiveness and observant nature1, it was theorized that the girl may hold connections to the GoI-006 ("Nobody"). Additionally, due to the lack of individual records pertaining to the girl, she was labeled as an SCP-5877 instance.

Following the processing of these SCP-5877 instances, MTF Theta-15 ("Name Taggers") was established to deal with identity-related anomalies, and interactions with Nobody. Personnel from the quarry raid were inducted as the first selection of Theta-15 members.

Date: 07/22/2013

# of Instances: 74

Recovery: While tailing Nobody2 during a heavy rainstorm in Louisiana, MTF Theta-15 encountered a homeless shelter which had reached its maximum capacity. Numerous individuals both inside the shelter and requesting entry outside the shelter could neither identify themselves, nor matched Foundation records.

Theta-15 requested Foundation transportation to arrive under the cover story of public transportation sent to relocate some of the homeless to a new shelter. Due to the rushed nature of the operation, it is believed that a small number of SCP-5877 instances were not properly recovered. However, due to their status, this was believed to have no significant impact on maintaining the Veil.

Date: 12/12/2018

# of Instances: 37

Recovery: Foundation personnel received numerous tips about couples adopting children who had no given names from a single orphanage in Romania. The adoption process was described by participants as "simple" and "casual".3

Agent Maliz led MTF Theta-15 in a search of the orphanage under the guise of investigating possible human trafficking. The search met no resistance. All recovered SCP-5877 instances were under the age of 16. No adult SCP-5877 instance or baseline humans were encountered.

Recovered SCP-5877 instances described the owner of the orphanage as a young woman who the younger instances called "Big Sis" and "Miss", and the older instances simply referred to with pronouns. Foundation personnel currently believe this is the same member of Nobody that was linked to the previous recoveries.

Following each recovery of SCP-5877 instances, they were each amnestized, supplied with a name and personal history, and recorded in both internal Foundation databases, as well as relevant governmental systems.

Nobody Capture: On 07/18/2023, Nobody was contained after robbing a Cold Stone Creamery in Longmont, Colorado. MTF Theta-15 tracked Nobody to a nearby hotel, where she was detained with no resistance. Following the Nobody GOI Project Coordinator, the International Affairs Specialist, and the SCP-5353 Project Lead, MTF Theta-15 captain Tyler Maliz was permitted to interview Nobody regarding SCP-5877.

get to the analogy faster, too much puttering around before hand

Nobody: It's been a long time since I've felt so popular.

Maliz: Why did you let us catch you?

Nobody: Oh come on. Even the egg head entertained some small talk.

Maliz: We've spent decades chasing you, and this is the first time we've caught you. And it was because of a sloppy smash and grab where all you took was a goddamn ice cream cake. You're here for a reason.

Nobody: Ooh, so that's where I've seen your face before!

Maliz: So you recognize me.

Nobody: Only vaguely. I'm good with faces, not so much names though so I could still use an introduction. It's much harder to have a chat with someone if you don't even know their name.

Maliz sighs.

Maliz: Fine. I'm Tyler Maliz.

Nobody: I'm sensing some pent up resentment. Are you annoyed that I've been evading you this long?

Maliz: You bit my mother fifty years ago.

Nobody appears taken aback.

Nobody: So… first of all I don't remember that, but secondly I feel like judging me by any actions I may or may not have taken fifty years ago is not a very charitable interpretation of who I am today.

Maliz: You make a bad first impression.

Nobody: So that probably was me but not like me sitting here me.

Maliz: Now you're changing the topic. Why are you here?

Nobody: You don't just expect me to tell you everything. Where's the fun in that?

Maliz: Okay, fine. Where are your people then?

Nobody: Oh? My people?

Maliz: Every time we've seen you, there's always been people like you around. People without names, identities, anything beyond their bodies really. Like you.

Nobody: I'll be honest, I didn't expect the rude field agent to ask the most interesting questions of me today.

Maliz: You're deflecting.

Nobody: Alright, alright. I know it would be easiest for me to tell you, but I can't.

Maliz: Do you have a reason why?

Nobody: It's against the rules.

Maliz: Do you have a reason that's not bullshit?

Nobody: You ever wonder why I only ever lead you to things but never tell you? Or why you never see me really doing anything? But you and I both know that I get things done. I'm like a universal handyman. Or handywoman, this time.

Maliz: I don't see how that's a reason.

Nobody: The best janitor is the one who keeps an office clean but is never seen around a mess. And no one in their right mind keeps a close eye on a plumber when he's fixing your pipes. If you see me doing my job, then I'm not really doing all that good a job then. And if I tell you how I change the roof tiles, then you'll think you can do it yourselves, only to fall off your house and break your neck. Those are the rules of being a handyman.

Maliz: This is the best I'm getting out of you today, isn't it?

Nobody: It's a much clearer answer than I gave to anyone else today. You could show at least a little gratitude.

Maliz: I'll be taking my leave.

Recovered Items: At the time of recovery, Nobody was carrying the following items:

  • A .45 caliber glock 30. Serial number has been filed off.
  • A Swiss army knife. The long blade, shortblade, can opener and wire stripper all are worn from heavy use. The screw driver tool has been sharpened to a point, and is stained with blood.
  • A leather jacket. Does not appear to have been washed within the past 90 days.
  • An IHOP rewards card.
  • A pocket journal. Most of the pages have been torn out. Scans of the remaining entries are presented below:

Cataclysm #TG-442, 7/14

Arrived at cataclysm location. Town hasn't changed much.

Cause of cataclysm: Pending Rule 1 Violation

Due to size and congregation of Flock #551, violation of Rule 1 is imminent. Size also prohibits natural reintegration. Intervention appears to be required.

Current tailing entities: SCP, White Suit

Cataclysm #TG-442, 7/15

Current messenger is running threadbare, need to find replacement, and preferably a suitable depot.

Located flock spread out in nearby park. Locals have taken notice, however currently believe them to be a summer camp of sorts. Worried about night owls asking questions.

No disruption events of note. Yet.

Tailing entities: SCP, White Suit, Mrs. Englewood (surprised she still lives there)

Cataclysm #TG-442, 7/16

Messenger is beginning to dissociate. Worried about recurrence of Rule 1 violation.

Leukocytes converging on Flock #551. Car accident on Highway 33 most likely a disruption event. Barely anyone drives on that road, hard to believe two of them got into a head-on-head.

Need to temporarily hide flock without breaking Rule 4.

Tailing entities: SCP, White Suit, Mrs. Englewood

Cataclysm #TG-442, 7/17

No sign of White Suit in two days. I definitely didn't lose him. Suspect interference attempt soon.

Direct interaction with Mrs. Englewood successful. Rule 4 overcome.

Englewood agreed to store Flock #551 in her barn. Used public transit in combination with Mrs. Englewood's truck to transport the flock. Surprised the buses are allowed, but then again those drivers have probably seen stranger things.

Worried about disruption event escalation.

Currently scouting large-scale reintegration options. May have to go with the failsafe.

Tailing entities: SCP, White Suit, Mrs. Englewood

Cataclysm #TG-442, 7/18

Sufficient information collected.

Predicted cataclysm date: 5/21 5/22

Current obstacles: White Suit interference, messenger stamina, Rule 4, ensuring no recursion of Rule 1 violation

Resources: Notebook, swiss army knife, .22 caliber (3 bullets), connections

Lack of notable disruption events has me worried, but also gives me an idea.

PoI-006 ("Nobody") Materials Report

After going through the notes left in Nobody's journal, we've been able to locate the residence of one "Mirian Englewood". We also found reports of a large number of homeless individuals traveling from Longmont to a stop three miles from Mrs. Englewood's abode a few days ago. If history is anything to go by, the flock is a group of SCP-5877 Instances.

The problem is, we know that Nobody has a history of tricks and deceit. This wouldn't be the first time they've yanked us around. We're skeptical that they would leave these notes behind for us to find. These feel like something planted. But if they are something planted, why would she call attention to her notebook as a resource? That's bound to make anyone suspicious of its contents.

It is due to these concerns that additional interview with Nobody was held in an effort to gain any additional information. A transcript is presented below:

Nobody: Hello! You know, I was a little worried I wasn't going to get to have another chat with you.

Maliz: Your notes mentioned a "cataclysm". What is that?

Nobody: Getting right to it then, are we?

Maliz: Just answer the question.

Nobody: Well, I imagine it is pretty self-explanatory. A cataclysm is a bad thing.

Maliz: I'll be more specific then. What happens when a cataclysm occurs?

Nobody: No idea.

Maliz: You don't know?

Nobody: My job is to stop them. If I ever knew what happened during a cataclysm that'd mean I'd broken the rules.

Maliz: You're falling back to the rules again.

Nobody: Is there a problem with that?

Maliz: You're justifying your ignorance off of something you refuse to explain. It's a crude tactic.

Nobody: Fine, I'll give you some context. Think of them like physics. We don't really understand parts of it, but it's probably grounded in something.

Maliz: Now you're deflecting! I need you to tell me what this cataclysm is so we can stop it.

Nobody: Oh, you're going to intervene yourself?

Maliz: We can't let you do it.

Nobody: I see. Well, if you want to fix it, you can probably just terminate the entire flock.

Maliz: Excuse me?

Nobody: Well, you need to clean up after yourselves, but yeah. That'd do it.

Maliz: … huh.

Nobody: What did you expect?

Maliz: Not that. That… that was a bold call.

Nobody: Oh? Is it now?

Maliz: Well, you see, in your notes, you mentioned numerous times a "disruption event" clearly tied to the results of the cataclysm, but just now you told me you have no clue what happens. And given how smug you've been about your record, I'm inclined to believe that means you added those lines to your notes when you wrote them down to embellish the impact of the cataclysm. Or maybe the cataclysm doesn't even exist and you just want us to appear at the target's house on the given date.

Nobody: So you're not going?

Maliz: Let me finish. Because now, with me taking your word on the cataclysm, you told me to just… shoot them? If I really was just taking you at face value you'd be condemning those people to death. But you don't think I really believe you yet. And you're banking on that.

Nobody: And you're explaining all this to me because?

Maliz: Because if I wasn't reading between the lines right, you would've interrupted me more. You would've cast more doubt on what I'm saying. But… none of this leads to you escaping. None of this leads to a large trap. At best, you manage to neutralize some anomalies and a small number of our men but that's nothing in the grand scheme of things and you know that.

Nobody: Which means?

Maliz: Our interests may align.

Nobody chuckles.

Nobody: You sound unhappy about this.

Maliz: You've never been the type to help us.

Nobody: Now isn't that a self-centered view of it.

Maliz: Then maybe you can elaborate?

Nobody: Now it's my turn to imagine a hypothetical. Right now, we believe that there's seven billion people in the world right now, correct? What if I told you there were actually eight billion. That one out of every eight people you pass by on the street, see on a subway, or sit near at a restaurant, are unaccounted for. That aren't really supposed to be here. That the number of bodies in the world exceeds the number of names. How would we really know?

Maliz: We don't produce enough resources to sustain an additional billion people.

Nobody: Okay fine. Be pedantic. Let's call it a hundred thousand then. Honestly it would probably never get to a billion anyways. That'd be against the rules.

Maliz: Is there something that actually enforces the rules?

Nobody: Nothing explicit, but I believe that's what the cataclysms are for.

Maliz: Penalties for breaking the rules?

Nobody: I like to think of them as the universe… over compensating for cheating. It can get away with it though because no one really cares when a flock dies. As far as the world is concerned, it's just another body to the count. Did you know that there's no meaningful difference between ten and twenty people dying in a shooting? The count only matters when the victims have names and lives and connections to the rest of the world. Much easier to kill someone without a name.

Maliz: That's what you're up to? Protecting these people from… the rules?

Nobody: Is it that hard to imagine that someone who goes by "Nobody" is the messiah of the nameless? Shepherding my flocks into a new life? I have my rules to obey but at the end of the day all I want is to give them proper names so they can live proper lives. Luckily, names are cheap. The only caveat is they must be given to you. And well… I can't give names for obvious reasons.

Maliz: So you string us along, because we can give them a new identity and reintegrate them into society.

Nobody grins.

Nobody: You have no idea how happy I am you're assigned to me.

Maliz: Yeah, fuck you too.

Incident 5877-I: On 9/21/19, MTF Theta-15 was deployed to recover the proper SCP-5877 instances from the Englewood Residence. Below is a timeline of events:

<19:14> Theta-15 arrives at the Englewood residence. The team splits into two groups: Puma and Cougar.

<19:16> Puma knocks on the entrance to the main house while Cougar approaches the barn, which is approximately 100m away from the house.

<19:17> Mrs. Englewood opens the door. She appears visibly distressed. Puma members are introduced as door-to-door salesmen, and enter the house uninvited.

<19:19> Cougar reaches the barn. Members don infra-red goggles to validate the presence of SCP-5877 instances. 32 distinct heat signatures are present. It is noted that the barn is unusually quiet given the number of individuals inside.

<19:19> Mrs. Englewood insists that Puma must leave, citing that her husband does not like having visitors this late. It is noted that Mrs. Englewood lived alone, having divorced her husband six years prior.

<19:20> Cougar opens the door to the barn. Inside are 31 SCP-5877 instances, as well as a man wearing a white suit (henceforth PoI-5877), who is holding a younger SCP-5877 instance, and pointing a gun at its head.

<19:20> Cougar members demand that PoI-5877 release the SCP-5877 instance, and put down the gun. PoI-5877 responds by demanding the location of Nobody. Cougar refuses to divulge the information.

<19:21> Mrs. Englewood grows desperate to remove Puma from her house, and attacks one member with a pan. Mrs. Englewood is subsequently restrained, and shouts "He'll kill me if you stay here" before being sedated.

<19:21> PoI-5877 begins cursing to himself, while keeping his weapon trained on his hostage. Cougar demands that PoI-5877 surrender again. PoI-5877 backs up toward the rear exit to the barn, using his hostage as a shield. After he leaves through the exit, a single gunshot can be heard. The remaining SCP-5877 instances burst into screams. Cougar runs through the exit to find the SCP-5877 instance now on the ground, neutralized via bullet wound.

<19:22> Puma finishes amnestizing Mrs. Englewood.

<19:23> Cougar signal that it is safe for Foundation transports to collect the SCP-5877 instances.

Following the incident, the 30 SCP-5877 instances were brought to Site-23 and held in standard humanoid containment lockers. Preparations were made to begin amnestization and reintegration on 5/23.

Interview 5877.2: Due to the unexpected presences of PoI-5877, Agent Maliz arranged another interview with Nobody the following day to confront her about the unexpected hostile.

<Begin Log>

Maliz: Who the fuck was that?

Nobody: Well that's not a great way to say hello.

Maliz: That man in the white suit, why was he there?

Nobody: I mean, he was part of the plan.

Maliz: Why didn't you tell me about him?

Nobody: You were doing so well, I would've felt bad if I pointed out any variables you missed.

Maliz: He killed one of your people!

Nobody: Weren't you the one who said a few deaths didn't mean much in the grand scheme of things?

Maliz: For you! You wouldn't care about that.

Nobody: Ah, well you're right there. But if you really want to know, the man was there because he's my ride out of here.

Maliz: No. I don't believe that.

Nobody: Swear on my life.

Maliz: You're messing with me.

Nobody: I am but that doesn't mean I'm lying.

Maliz: Then why are you telling me?

Nobody: Because it's how I start the next turn.

Maliz: No.

Nobody: No… what?

Maliz: You're not going to just up and leave. You'll be lucky to see the light of day. This "game" is ridiculous. You're telling me your plan, so I'm going to put a stop to it.

Nobody: That's sort of the problem though. You can't just stop it. You don't see? It's all part of the plan. Your knowledge of the plan is part of the plan. Every second you spend interviewing me is a second spent delaying something else. Waiting for an email to be delivered to your account. Waiting for one of your lab monkeys to bring by some chemicals. I can't see outside my cell but I can hear footsteps, the creaking of cart wheels, the chatter of security guards. Everything I've done up until this point is measured to a tee.

Maliz: … that's cheating.

Nobody: Come again?

Maliz: That's cheating. You're not allowed to say that. Just claim that everything that's happened is part of a plan I can't ever verify. It's against the rules. It's a coward's move.

Nobody: If it was against the rules, I wouldn't be allowed to say it.

Maliz: Then you're bluffing.

Nobody: I could be. But does that change how certain you are that Site-23 is still outside that door?

Maliz: How do you know that designation?

Nobody: A good plumber knows the house better than its occupants.

Maliz: Back to the handyman shit again?

Nobody: I'm sorry you're getting frustrated.

Maliz: You don't mean that.

Nobody: I like you Tyler. I really do. You remind me of your mother. You keep your eye on as much as you can and you have a good grasp of what you don't know. But today, I need you to doubt. I need you to be my witness, but a careful one.

Containment breach alarms sound.

Maliz: What the— Did you do this?

Nobody: Of course not. I've been here. Talking to you.

Maliz peeks his head out the door and attempts to wave down security guards.

Maliz: I need an SCP escort! I can't leave this one alone!

Nobody: But you know doctor, you could've been at the breach. It might've been you conducting whatever, or observing whatever procedure.

Maliz: Just stop talking! I'm trying to get us out of here.

Nobody: Don't worry about that too much. I was just about to take my leave anyways.

Maliz: Excuse me?

Nobody: Do take care of the girl. She's done well for me.

PoI-5877 from Incident 5877-I enters the interview room brandishing a handgun. Maliz drops to the ground and reaches for his own gun. The SCP-5877 instance sitting across from Maliz screams.

Maliz: Who are you?

PoI-5877: That's not important. Who is that?

PoI-5877 points at the screaming SCP-5877 instance.

Maliz: Who the fuck are you?

PoI-5877: We're on the same team today, I promise. I just need to know, if you recognize it.

SCP-5877 Instance: Please, please don't kill me. Please don't shoot me please.

Maliz looks at the SCP-5877 instance, who is now whimpering.

Maliz: Wait… Nobody was here just a moment ago.

PoI-5877: So you don't recognize it?

Maliz: No. I don't.

PoI-5877 lowers his gun.

PoI-5877: Fuck.

There is a pause. Both Maliz and PoI-5877 can be heard taking deep breaths over the sound of containment breach sirens. The SCP-5877 instance stops speaking, but can be heard sniffling.

Maliz: [to PoI-5877] Are you supposed to be the cataclysm?

PoI-5877: Pardon?

Maliz: Nobody, when they were here they… they said something about a cataclysm. About reinforcing the rules of the universe. I'm wondering if they're referring to you.

PoI-5877: Son, in the century that I have been hunting that monster, not once have I heard it use the word "cataclysm".

Maliz: … goddamn it.

PoI-5877 leaves the interview room, closing the door behind him. Maliz slowly stands, and sits back in his chair. He attempts to slow his heart rate as the containment alarms continue to sound.

SCP-5877 Instance: Are you ok?

Maliz: I've been played for a fool. But, otherwise I'm fine. Are you hurt?

SCP-5877 Instance: No… but I could use some help.

Maliz: Help you with what?

SCP-5877 Instance: I— I don't know. I was just told that I wouldn't be left on my own, because there'd be someone around to help me. And the other man left, so it must've meant you.

Maliz: I see. I guess, yeah. I'm going to help you.

SCP-5877 Instance: … thank you.

Maliz: I haven't done anything yet.

SCP-5877 Instance: Yeah but… nobody has even offered before.

<End Log>

The containment breach was determined to be caused by critical failure of energy containment measures while performing testing on SCP-████. The exact source of these failures is unknown, as available documentation suggests that the measures passed preliminary testing earlier that day. The resulting explosion resulted in 40 casualties, consisting of 3 Foundation staff, 7 D-Class, and all 30 recovered SCP-5877 instances.

PoI-5877 was later identified to be SCP-5353, who must have entered Site-23 during the breach resulting from the explosion. His oral reports indicate that he rescued several Foundation personnel trapped under debris before exiting the facility.

Following this event, an official survey of survivors found that fewer members of the janitorial staff were accounted for than indicated by the custodian budget. However, no records could be found to indicate that any individual janitor was unaccounted for.

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