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SCP-5873 in its deactivated state.

Object Class: Safe Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5873 is to be folded and stored within a standard safety locker in the Anomalous Items wing of Site-44. As SCP-5873's anomalous properties seem to demanifest when folded, it is advised to only unfold it for the purpose of testing sessions.


REVISION 5873-1:

As of Incident 5873-1A, SCP-5873's Object Class has been upgraded to Euclid and it is to be placed in a High Impact Resistant Locker (H.I.R.L). Under no circumstances are any more testing sessions to be performed without authorization by the O5 Council. Immediately contact the nearest supervisor should you spontaneously develop any feelings of desire or obsession towards SCP-5873.


REVISION 5873-2:

Shortly after Incident 5873-2A, SCP-5873 escaped Foundation custody and its current location is completely unknown. All forms of media have been delegated to MTF Delta-6 "Watchdogs" to observe for any signs of its appearance. Should it be located, they are to be dispatched immediately to intercept and capture. Object Class has been upgraded to Keter.

Description: SCP-5873 is the designation given to a pair of autonomous jeans that produce motion through anomalous means. A tag on the backside of the jeans reads,


Autonomous Collection
Established 1854
"Stay Magical."

The fashion company in question, Valizia, is not mentioned in any Foundation records and no other goods from the "Autonomous Collection" have been found to date. An inquiry into the identity of this group is currently ongoing and a proposal to broach MC&D contacts on the subject has been put forth by the project lead, Dr. Henriks.

Recovery: SCP-5873 was discovered wandering Sutter Avenue in Brooklyn, New York on 02/06/2020. All individuals that witnessed SCP-5873 were administered Class-C Amnestics and a cover story relating to college students in the robotics program performing a prank was disseminated into the media. SCP-5873 did not offer any resistance when brought into Foundation custody.

Update 5873.1: After Incident 5873-1A, it became apparent that SCP-5873 possesses inordinate amounts of strength, durability, and speed upon being worn by an individual. SCP-5873 will immediately take off in a random direction after being donned and is capable of smashing through reinforced walls and other obstacles in its way. While SCP-5873 was recovered, various Site-44 personnel involved with the anomaly began displaying mounting obsession with SCP-5873 that was only resolved through termination. An ongoing study into this phenomenon is being conducted by Dr. Charles, the successor to Dr. Henriks, by immediate order of the O5 Council.

Addendum 5873.1

Incident Log 5873-1A : 02.09.2020

Addendum 5873.2

Incident Log 5873-2A : 02.14.2020

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