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Item#: 5872
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Item SCP-5872 is stored within a sensitive electronics case in the Site-17 Repository. The object is to be inspected twice-per-year and standard maintenance protocols are to be followed.

Per Internal Order.5872.2021.11.036, this object is on extended loan to the Department of Applied Science for use in "Project Prometheus". Regular maintenance is the responsibility of this division until the conclusion of the project.


SCP-5872 is an electronic device which, upon activation, is capable of instantaneously transferring various forms of energy out of a given system and moving it to an internal battery. SCP-5872 has demonstrated the ability to affect both potential and kinetic energies, as well as some forms of converted mechanical energy such as electricity.

The device performs this function through a focusing aperture which, when widened, allows it to target larger mechanical systems within a cone of effect. This aperture can also be narrowed to a fine point allowing SCP-5872 to target much smaller systems as far as 1000 meters away1 with minimal loss of efficacy.

The exterior features a parabolic dish approximately 45cm wide, attached to a control mechanism and operating panel. The housing of the device is made from a beta-phase titanium alloy, and the internal mechanism largely composed of silicon carbide (SiC) and a hypothetical synthetic element with an atomic weight of 288.

SCP-5872 is capable of self-sustaining function by drawing on its internal storage device. Attempts to discharge the object entirely have been unsuccessful; it is theorized the object likely possesses secondary batteries in order to combat tampering. The maximum capacity of the battery is currently untested.

The object was recovered from Marshall, Carter, & Dark facility #107, located southeast of Tehran, Iran. A thorough investigation of the facility, its attached offices, and its internal database did not yield any documentation regarding the design or use of SCP-5872. It is therefore assumed MC&D is not likely to be either the inventor of, or the intended secondary owner of the device.

Addendum.01: Project Prometheus Update

Project Prometheus was established by the Department of Applied Sciences in 2002 with the stated goal of developing low-profile and low-impact methods of generating power, for use in rapidly deployed forward containment bases. This project is authorized to test anomalies classified as "low-risk" and, due to this initiative's value, has wide discretion in the pursuit of its goals.

The following update was attached to this project on 2021-12-16.

Department of Applied Sciences


We are pleased to report that Prometheus sub-project DAS-PP-E5872 is being graduated to Phase-II. In numerous, repeatable tests, the potential energy of closed systems has been successfully targeted, transferred, and stored within SCP-5872. Testing during Phase-I was limited to simple mechanical systems with tightly controlled parameters, such as converting the draw of a bowstring. For example, the English Longbow was found to produce approximately 305 joules of usable energy when fully drawn.

In the test plan for Phase-II, we will be performing similar tests on kinetic and mechanical energy.

Thank you,
Applied Sciences Management

Addendum.02: Incident Report

The following update from Project Prometheus was attached to this file on 2021-12-30.

Department of Applied Sciences


In the interests of health and safety the Department of Applied Sciences is announcing their findings related to the incident on 23rd December. During Phase-II trials, one of the set-up technicians misaligned the annular confinement beam of SCP-5872. As a result, when the device was fired it 'missed' its intended target and struck a fuse box situated approximately 20 meters behind the test location.

This fuse box and the portion of the grid it was attached to was instantly drained of all relevant energy. Emergency teams were notified as soon as possible, power was cycled, and service was restored approximately 120 minutes later. It is regrettable that a number of projects and personnel were effected by this incident.

Please submit budget reconciliation forms to Site-19 management within the fortnight.

Thank you,
Applied Sciences Management

Addendum.03: Project Advancement

The following update from Project Prometheus was attached to this file on 2022-02-19

Department of Applied Sciences


I am pleased to report the graduation of project DAS-PP-E5872 from Phase-II to Phase-III. This phase will include a limited array of field tests conducted both at distance and at scale in order to determine if the object's ability to draw energy is subject to the inverse square law.

In honor of the late Dr. Sankaran, who regrettably died during the 23rd December incident, a second project will begin in parallel intended to better explore contingencies and fail-safes related to this device.

Thank you,
Applied Sciences Management

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