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Item #: SCP-5858

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5858 is physically self-contained, but requires active censorship. All outbound communication from the town of Ambler will be screened, and revised by Site-24 AI DONA. Individuals made aware of SCP-5858 will be given Class-A amnesics.

Personnel must strictly adhere to their role when entering this Locked Scenario1. When asked to leave SCP-5858, personnel should do so as quickly and courteously as possible. Under no circumstance may anyone enter SCP-5858 posing as theater staff.

Description: SCP-5858 is the Ambler Theater, located in the borough of Ambler, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. In 2018, this playhouse spontaneously entered a IO-Locked Scenario, and has since continued presenting "A Streetcar Named Desire" for 17,520 consecutive hours.

There are 87 individuals affected by SCP-5858 directly, including the actors, stage hands, and audience members. All other residents of Ambler have been passively affected by this anomaly, believing the unnatural duration of the performance is completely unremarkable2.

SCP-5858-1 through 13 14 are the staff of the Ambler Theater, uniquely affected by the Locked Scenario. These individuals are easily identified by their red shirts, black vests, and perpetual full-body vibrations - visually resembling hummingbird wings in motion. All staff members have expressed enhanced speed, strength, and spacial awareness, operating at roughly 5 times that of baseline human capacity. While staff members will continue to perform their routine duties, albeit at a faster pace, their primary purpose is to act as Locked Scenario "maintenance", aggressively preventing all outside interference.

SCP-5858-TL Excerpts:

==============CONDITIONS============== ===========RESULT===========
D-8743 is asked to enter SCP-5858, using a valid ticket, and posing as a patron. Subject allowed entry, and safely watches the play for 23 minutes. Subject is then asked to leave for coughing too loudly3.
D-8911 is told to enter SCP-5858 without a valid ticket, and to remain despite staff protests. After 4 minutes of trespassing, SCP-5858-1 (87-year-old Donald Miller) lifted D-8911 over his head, sprinted down three flights of stairs, and threw him outside. D-8911 suffered six broken ribs.
D-9013 is asked to enter SCP-5858 posing as a member of staff. [DATA EXPUNGED] D-9013 is now classified as SCP-5858-14. Testing has been suspended at this time.

To date, no test subject has managed to remain inside the theater for more than 3 hours before being ejected for some form of infraction.4 On February 15th, 2020, Mobile Task Force Xi-5 "Newtons Bullies" were dispatched to contain/neutralize this anomaly.

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