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Scanning for brain-state. Please view the following image:


Please input the phrase you feel is suggested by the above image.

~$: Black? Blackest? Howl, ye, and the moon.

Hypnotic suggestibility confirmed. Randomising social norms…

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▒▒ 90.90%

Social norms randomised. False normalcy generated. Consistency confirmed above threshold.

Welcome to Containment Team CT-5856. Your name is Fabien K. K. Lengthways. This has always been your name.

You will now read the following document in its entirety. Press any key to continue.

~$: a

Loading file…

Item №: SCP-5856

Anomaly Class: Robertson-Jackal

Threat Level: Saddlebrown

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5856 is currently contained by the combined efforts of Containment Team CT-5856 ("Unfettered Mares"), of which you are the newest member. You find this normal. It is contained within Containment Complex 5856, which consists of the following main components:

  • R5856/1: The boardroom. This is the room within which SCP-5856 is contained. It is outfitted with decor and furniture in a style which is considered by some to be socially normal. You find the style to be a tad gaudy. For religious reasons, it is located at the centre of the complex, with barred windows to all other rooms and a balcony overlooking washroom #4.
  • R5856/2: The scullery. The purpose of this room is known to every person except yourself.
  • R5856/3: Desmond's bedroom. This is the room within which Desmond sleeps. You must never enter this room unless Desmond contacts you via telegram. The room houses a variety of Oriental mannequins and scented candles. The former of these is considered normal to you. You have never witnessed the latter before, and find the concept scary and bewildering. The possession of one or more of the latter objects is punishable by death in your homeland. You will never meet the occupant of this room, as they are currently on an expedition to Peru — an event to which you were initially invited, but rejected from at the last moment.
  • R5856/4: Bulwark Street Station. This is a shared common area, where you may mingle with the other members of CT-5856. It is outfitted with a coal scuttle and tanning salon. There are complimentary supplies of powdered milk, your favourite food. You dislike others eating your favourite food, and often make this known.
  • R5856/5: The parlour. This is your private residence, and decorated in a way you find entirely normal and appealing. One of the other members of CT-5856 find(s) your decor to be in poor taste, while two others feel it is mildly blasphemous. You care about the opinions of at least two of these people.

R5856/6 through 12 are the private residences of the other members of CT-5856, whom you are eager to meet. There are also numerous supplementary rooms and installations throughout the complex, the functions of which will likely become clear. The exception to this is the menagerie, which has been locked. You wish very much to gain entry, and know that another member of the containment team has the key.

At the end of your week-long stay in the parlour, you will be amnesticised. This is morally and ethically acceptable to you. You may then be administered another course of hypnotic suggestives, re-educated regarding social norms, and reintroduced to an altered version of the complex, alongside multiple people who you may or may not have met before. This is also morally and ethically acceptable to you.

Currently, the only members of CT-5856 who you have pre-formed opinions of are:

  • Langley deBaucher, whom you despise due to your differences in opinion regarding dogs.
  • Viscount Charles, whom you regard ambivalently due to unspoken sexual tension.
  • Zachary F. Callahan, whom you wish to marry due to her fabulous antique eggs.

Of those you haven't yet formed opinions of, exactly three have already formed opinions of you.

In order to contain SCP-5856, you must attempt to befriend Dr. Leopold Franc-Polio and set Langley deBaucher up with a romantic partner. Do not let Li Richter reveal that you are secretly racist. Avoid all contact with the complex's several-hundred gargoyles and deduce the blood type of every person more popular than yourself.

Description: SCP-5856 is a sociokinetic and tele-empathic humanoid entity, kept in a state of permanent disorientation within the boardroom. It is capable of manipulating any and all coherent social bonds with entities who know of its existence in any form, which renders it incredibly dangerous and nigh-uncontainable in normal situations. In casual conversation, SCP-5856 may be referred to by you as the secret George. You find this normal. It will remain a non-threat so long as the Special Containment Procedures above are upheld.

The SCP Foundation thanks you for your part in these procedures. Please now return to your quarters. The remainder of CT-5856 will join you for dinner at 1800 hours. Your ceremonial sceptre and Auckland 2004 Yellow Pages telephone directory will arrive shortly. They are familiar items to you, and your first instinct regarding their use is entirely correct.

End of file.

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