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Clearance Level 3: Clearance
Containment Class: keter
Secondary Class: {$secondary-class}
Disruption Class: #/ekhi
Risk Class: #/critical


A depiction of SCP-5850 near the city of Marion, Indiana.

Special Containment Procedures:

Due to the nature of SCP-5850, containment is not possible at the present time. Foundation personnel tasked with monitoring SCP-5850 are to be granted administrative access to all train traffic control systems operating within the United States. Reports concerning SCP-5850 are to be stored within a dedicated server and evaluated weekly. These reports must include the following information:

  • SCP-5850's current, prior, and all previously reported locations.
  • Observed changes in velocity, magnitude, or physical structure.
  • Copies of public material concerning SCP-5850. This material includes, but is not limited to, photographs, videos, and police reports.
  • Dedicated observations of newly discovered SCP-5850-A instances.
  • Measurements of SCP-5850's current olf value.1

In the event that SCP-5850 travels through a populated area, Foundation personnel are to reroute or stop all incoming traffic so that no individuals are affected by the anomaly. In the event that these procedures fail, and any human subject perishes due to SCP-5850, the confiscation of any recording devices along with the amnestization of the populace that observed SCP-5850 is required.


SCP-5850 is a passenger locomotive currently in-transit within the United States and has never been observed to stop or decelerate under any circumstances. SCP-5850 has plowed through all known obstructions with no loss in velocity. SCP-5850 has also been observed to maintain its speed even with the absence of rails. The current cause of this remains unknown. Upon its discovery in 1924, SCP-5850 maintained a velocity recorded at approximately 120 km/hr and has since accelerated an additional 26 times to a current velocity of 145 km/hr. SCP-5850 has also been classified as an anti-existential object due to its effects on dimensional energy and localized space-time.

SCP-5850's physical structure consists of steel, aluminum, zinc, and plastic. Along both sides of SCP-5850 reads "Investago Railroad Company" which spans 70% of its total length. 10 passenger cars are attached to SCP-5850, which also contains SCP-5850-A instances.

SCP-5850-A refers to 24 indistinct humanoid entities observed throughout the entirety of SCP-5850. These entities manifest after SCP-5850 collides with human subjects, followed afterward with a flash of light. Current research efforts are to ascertain the established connection between these entities and their perceived effect on SCP-5850's speed. These entities do not appear to require sustenance.

Addendum 5850-1:

On 03/14/2020, Senior Researcher Kenneth Williams submitted a request for experimentation on SCP-5850. When asked about his reasons, Researcher Williams submitted a report titled, "Olf Values and Their Hypothetical Effect on Spacetime," which has been attached to Addendum 5850.2 of this document. Listed below is the video log after his request was formally accepted.

Video Transcript 5850.A


Date: 03/26/2020

NOTE: The following video was recorded to observe and analyze SCP-5850. Footage recorded was taken from the perspective of Senior Researcher Williams. Accompanying him is Dr. Rains, MTF Indi-1 Captain Russells, and MTF Indi-1 Sergeant Stevenson. The research team was also given several other devices, per Researcher Williams' request.


[20:08]: Video recording begins in an MTF Indi-1 designated vehicle traveling northbound. In front of the camera is Dr. Rains. The perspective pans around the interior of the vehicle, introducing MTF Indi-1 Sergeant Stevenson and Captain Russell who sit alongside.

Rains: Are you sure you understand what you're doing, Kenneth?

Williams: Of course. Why do you ask?

Rains: Well, it's just what you're proposing. Do you really think the counters are going to work?

Williams: I couldn't tell you. [He pauses.] Sergeant, are we getting close?

[20:09]: Stevenson looks out the left window.

Stevenson: Almost. Give us another minute.

Russells: We'll let you know when we see it. For now, sit cozy.

[20:10]: Silence for 15 seconds.

Williams: Laura, you know what you're doing, right?

Rains: No, not really. You haven't really told me anything.

Williams: I know, I know. But trust me, this is important. We've gone for years without fully understanding what this thing is. Hopefully, if the math checks out, this test should tell us something.

Rains: You keep saying that, but I still haven't heard you actually say what it is that you're talking about.

Williams: It's just a hunch, Laura.

Rains: A hunch about what, Kenn-

Stevenson: Hey, fellas. We're at the location.

[20:13]: The vehicle turns sharply to the right before coming to a complete stop. All four passengers disembark and the camera pans across a straight road leading to a railroad crossing. Williams and Rains run to the railroad crossing, each carrying a pair of long aluminum rods with a bulbous tip.2

Williams: How far are we from SCP-5850?

Russells: We're about 25 kilometers away at this point.

Williams: Alright then, fuck. [He turns to Rains.] Laura, let's get this equipment set up. You remember how I showed you, right? [Rains nods.] Good. Lets hurry then, we only have about 10 minutes.

[20:21]: Williams and Rains begin setting up the olf counters in four separate locations, which corner the railroad crossing. Afterward, they connect each counter using a physical wire before bridging them together onto a computer terminal located 10 meters away. Williams sits near the terminal as Rains continues setting up the Olf counters.

Williams: Laura, how are we looking so far?

Rains: I'm almost finished. How long do we have?

Williams: Less than 5 minutes. Come on; you can leave them alone. They should be good as they are now. [He pauses as Rains continues.] Laura, please. There's no reason to risk your life over them.

[20:26]: Rains vacates the area and moves to Williams.

Rains: You better hope this hunch of yours is right, Kenneth.

Williams: Let's fucking hope so. Alright, I'm turning it on now.

[20:28] The computer terminal boots on and begins running an unknown program. In the distance, SCP-5850's horn blares.

Williams: Alright, you son-of-a-bitch. Come to daddy.

Rains: Is that really necessary?

Williams: [He covers his ears.] Sorry, what? I'm having a hard time hearing you due to this loud-ass fucking train!

[20:31]: SCP-5850 arrives at the location. As it progresses, several instances of SCP-5850-A are visible within its interior. SCP-5850-A does not react to Williams or Rains, despite their proximity. It takes approximately 2 minutes to SCP-5850 to pass. During this time, Williams's computer terminal begins to flash. This ends when SCP-5850 exits the area.

Rains: Well? [She goes silent until SCP-5850 can no longer be heard.] Did you learn anything?

[20:31]: Williams does not respond to Rains, continuing to stare at the computer screen.

Rains: Well, did you?

Williams: [He laughs.] Yeah… yeah, I fucking did.

Rains: Well? What did you find out?

Williams: [He pauses.] This… train. At first, I thought it was weird that the counters were picking up dimensional values. But then…

Rains: Quit with the nonsense, Kenneth.

Williams: Laura… take a look at these readings.

[20:31]: Rains walks to the terminal, leaning forward to observe the readings.

Williams: [He mumbles.] We were right.


E.C. Violation Notice: 5850.A

Copy of Ethics Commitee Policy Violation for Kenneth Williams & Laura Rains

Ticket Number: WO0000145839

Assigned Agent(s): Malcolm Dormansk

Recipient(s): Kenneth Williams, Laura Rains

Summary: Anonymous complaints received on 04/01/2020 concerning indecent emails between Senior Researcher Kenneth Williams and Doctor Laura Rains were uncovered and promptly investigated. Following the conclusion of this investigation, Kenneth Williams and Laura Rains have been warned about their behavior.

It should be noted that failure to comply with Foundation policies and standards will result in corrective action up to and including termination. Our policy enforcement operates on a three-strike system. This document is an official notice that the listed recipients have one strike on their record. This strike will be removed in 1 year if no other actions are taken against these recipients.

This document, along with all of its attachments, has been saved to SCP-5850's file as it pertains to its continued investigation.

Malcolm Dormansk

Addendum 5850-2:

Document: 303EM-5850.B

Olf Values and Their Theoretical Effect on Spacetime

Status: [APPROVED]

Author: Kenneth Williams, Laura Rains

Synopsis: For millennia, the human race has fantasized and dreamt of the places we would go to once we perished from the Earth. Religions, folklore, and even scientific studies have searched far and wide to ascertain the truth behind Death. This simple question continues to plague us, "what happens after we die?" However, with the introduction of SCP-5850, the answer to an "afterlife" might have been inadvertently solved.

Once we believed that our dimension (humanity's perception of reality) was stagnant and unchanging. With the introduction of anomalies such as SCP-3082 and SCP-4051, we now realize that dimensions such as ours can exist outside of our preconceived notion of reality. These anomalies can access, change, or fundamentally shift other dimensions to fit their needs. SCP-5850 is no exception.

For these other dimensions, we have issued "values" that help reference their existence to our very own. Our dimension sits at a value of 0, with other dimensions spanning values from 1 to infinity. With dimensions closer to 0, we understand that they better relate to ours. But what would happen if a dimension held a value below 0? With the introduction of SCP-5850, we realize that dimensions are capable of doing exactly this.

We understand that in order for dimensions to properly exist, organic matter must be able to fundamentally operate. With the introduction of these "anti-dimensions," (which are capable of possessing anti-spacetime) it should only make sense that non-living matter must fundamentally operate there as well. Because of this, we have issued a unit of measurement, specified as "olfs," which measures the value of these "anti-dimensions." Olf values also measure similarly to current dimensional values, with numbers closer to 0 relating to that of our own. SCP-5850's olf value measures -0.001 at the time of this writing.

If this theory is correct, the concept of an "afterlife" purely resides in these anti-dimensions. There could be an infinite amount of afterlives, each operating in their own ways. Perhaps "heaven" and "hell" in Judeo-Christian holy books are real, but differing in their olf values. More research is required to understand more about these anti-dimensions.

Video Transcript 5850.B


DATE: 05/02/2020

NOTE: The following video was recorded during the measurement of SCP-5850's olf value. Footage recorded was taken from the perspective of Senior Researcher Williams. Accompanying him is Dr. Rains and MTF Indi-1 Private Second Class Ryan Smith who was away from the area.


[13:31]: Video recording begins on a railroad split-rail, with the camera facing towards the central point. In front of the camera is Dr. Laura Rains.

Rains: Are you going to explain why we're at this divide? I thought the plan was to go somewhere more controlled, like a clearing or something.

Williams: It was. But we missed the opportunity. We just got some news that someone was hit. The place has been amnestized but now the train's faster than it was before.

Rains: How much faster?

Williams: If it's stayed consistent with the other ones, I'd say around 144 or 145 kilometers per hour. But besides that, this is the only other way it's heading that isn't a city or a town. So basically, we're stuck here.

Rains: How much longer do we have?

Williams: A few minutes by this point. We need to hurry though, the counters still need to be placed in the right areas. Could you set them over there? [He points towards the center of the split-rail.]

Rains: Yeah, I can.

Williams: Thank you, Laura.

[13:34]: Rains heads towards the designated area and begins placing the olf counters. After a moment, Kenneth walks towards a computer terminal located 10 meters away.

Kenneth: Hey, are you okay?

Rains: Of course, why wouldn't I be?

Williams: It's just… you never answered my texts last night.

Rains: Kenny, I'm fine. [She pauses.] I know you're excited about this project. Now isn't the time to discuss what's wrong with me. [She quickly turns around.] We can talk about it later.

Williams: Are you su—

[13:36]: The sound of a blaring horn can be heard.

Williams: Fuck, it's already here? Laura! Get away from the tracks!

Rains: I hear it, Kenny. I'm trying, I just need to set these last two counters.

Williams: Hurry then!

[13:38]: After several seconds, Rains moves away from one of the olf counters and runs to the opposite side of the tracks. She quickly unfolds the final olf counter, quickly positioning it near the train tracks. Her body is directly across the edges of the track. SCP-5850 is visible and is estimated to be approximately 2 kilometers away at this point.

Williams: [He raises to his feet.] You need to pick it up! Laura!

Rains: Just another second!

[13:39]: Williams begins to quickly walk towards Rains as she finishes with the olf counter. Once completed, Rains quickly turns around to Williams.

Rains: Alright I'm co-

[13:40] Williams begins running towards Rains. Several seconds later, SCP-5850 impacts Rains before she can finish her sentence. At the same moment, Smith was able to intercept Williams before he was able to get any closer.3 Williams remains silent for several seconds afterward. As SCP-5850 leaves the area, another instance of SCP-5850-A appears in the final passenger car.


E.C. Violation Notice: 5850.B

Copy of Ethics Commitee Policy Violation for Kenneth Williams

Ticket Number: WO0000152461

Assigned Agent(s): Malcolm Dormansk

Recipient(s): Kenneth Williams

Summary: Several reports concerning Senior Researcher Kenneth Williams's behavior were investigated on 06/12/2020. This behavior included but was not limited to intimidation, physical aggression, indecent comments towards other personnel, and other related behavior.

This document is an official notice that the listed recipient has two strikes on their record. These strikes will be removed in 18 months if no other actions are taken against this recipient.

This document, along with all of its attachments, has been saved to SCP-5850's file as it pertains to its continued investigation.

Final Notes:

While we condemn Senior Researcher Williams for these actions, we do understand the situation concerning Doctor Laura Rains. It is an unfortunate circumstance, but we are here to guarantee that the proper resources are available to Foundation personnel that are in need. Whenever Senior Researcher Williams is free, we highly suggest that he is scheduled for an appointment with an on-site therapist. Listed below are additional attachments that have been sent to Senior Researcher Williams:

Malcolm Dormansk

Addendum 5850-3:

E.C. Violation Notice: 5850.C

Copy of Ethics Commitee Policy Violation for Kenneth Williams

Ticket Number: WO0000154298

Assigned Agent(s): Malcolm Dormansk

Recipient(s): Kenneth Williams

Summary: Continued complaints concerning Senior Researcher Williams has led to a final investigation. Once this investigation concluded, it was determined that Senior Researcher Williams continued to express violent and inappropriate behavior, specifically towards his colleagues.

This document is an official notice that the listed recipient has three strikes on their record. Because of this, the Ethics Committee has deemed demotion, along with his removal from his research on SCP-5850, SCP-3935, and SCP-1781. Please remove your belongings from any office or living quarters within your current Site by Monday, August 8th.

This document, along with all of its attachments, has been saved to SCP-5850's file as it pertains to its continued investigation.

Malcolm Dormansk

6 days after Violation Notice 5850.C, Researcher Kenneth Williams and several olf counters were reported missing. This lead to an official investigation in which Researcher Kenneth Williams was located near Las Vegas, Nevada. Attached below is the affiliated video log taken during the investigation.

Incident Transcript 5850.C


DATE: 08/14/2020

NOTE: The following video was recorded while 4 MTF Indi-1 members were searching for Researcher Kenneth Williams. The recorded footage was taken from the perspective of MTF Indi-1 Captain Russells. Accompanying him is MTF Indi-1 Sergeant Stevenson, MTF Indi-1 Corporal Chad Mayers, and MTF Indi-1 Private Second Class Ryan Smith.


[22:22]: Video recording begins with MTF-Indi-1 approaching a bridge that overlooks a railroad track. Further ahead, a man can be seen on the bridge.

Russells: Approach slowly. Mayers, watch our six. Smith, get to the other side. Stevenson and I can handle the PoI. Make sure you're set on non-lethals. Shoot if required.

Smith: Roger.

[22:23]: Russells progresses towards the bridge. Stevenson follows on his right side. Mayers and Smith step out of the frame. MTF Indi-1 continues to approach the figure.

Russells: [Whispering into his microphone.] Are you in position Smith?

Smith: Affirmative. Standing by.

Russells: Acknowledged. Hold your position. Establishing contact with PoI.

[22:25]: Russells signals Stevenson to hold his position as he continues towards the figure, who is hereby referred to as Williams. Once within a range of 10 meters, Russells stops moving.

Russells: Freeze! We are here to escort you to a safer location. If you refuse to listen, we will use force. Hands up, Kenneth.

[22:26]: Russells raises his weapon towards Williams. At the same moment, a blaring horn is heard nearby. Williams begins to laugh. Russells approaches slowly.

Russells: I said, "hands up!" We will engage if you don't cooperate.

Williams: [He turns around to face Russells. He raises his arms up to his shoulders.] Please… just leave me alone. Can't you see what I'm trying to do?

[22:29]: Russells advances. He is approximately 5 meters away from Williams. Along the edge of the frame, Smith also advances.

Russells: Kenneth. Step away from the edge of the bridge and walk towards me slowly.

[22:30]: Williams takes a single step backward, leaning his body to the edge of the bridge. Russells continues to approach Williams and is now 4 meters away. The sound of a horn can once again be heard, this time sounding louder.

Williams: You don't understand. Laura isn't dead. Look, I know I sound crazy and stupid or whatever but I know I'm right. I've been pouring over the research for months. This is the only other place I know of where I can get close to SCP-5850. If I don't do it now, it'll only take more time before it travels somewhere else that I can get to. You have to let me at least try.

Russells: That won't be necessary. Either you'll do as I order you to or we'll be forced to shoot.

Williams: Look. [He pauses.] None of the documents will tell you the truth. Laura and I spent so much wasted time… We would stay up all night for days, just looking over numbers in our bedroom. It was… it was peaceful.

Russells: [He pauses.] I'm sorry for you, Kenneth. But how does any of that right now solve anything?

Williams: You don't understand. [He begins to cry.] Do you know what she was going to tell me? Before she died?

Russells: We can talk about that once we're back home. But right now, you're endangering yourself and plenty of other people. We need you to come with us.

Williams: She… she had a miscarriage. After we spent forever trying to have one. I found the reports in her locker. [He continues crying.] Don't you get it? I can get her back. I know I can, I just need more time. You have to let me try.

Russells: Nothing you're saying right now makes sense. You're upset, I get it. But if something was to happen to you, we'd all be at a loss.

Williams: Please, just let me do this. I have all the equipment set up, I just need this final test.

Russells: You need to come with us. This is your final warning.

[22:35]: SCP-5850 becomes visible behind Williams. Russells advances until he is approximately 2 meters away.

Williams: Fine, so be it. [His eyes continue to water as he takes a deep breath.] I guess my only other option is to go where she is.

[22:33]: Williams jumps backward, going over the wall of the bridge. Russells attempts to fire at Williams but is unsuccessful at incapacitating him. Williams falls to the ground in front of SCP-5850. Seconds later, SCP-5850 impacts Williams.

Russells: God… damnit. [He sighs before pausing.] Stevenson, get Mayers. Tell 'em to bring a body bag.


Following this incident, an additional SCP-5850-A was discovered sitting near another instance.

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