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Police sketch of 'Bill Jones' (real name unknown), currently believed to be the most likely candidate for SCP-5846-A.

Item #: SCP-5846

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Following the reclassification of SCP-5846, all further containment efforts are focused on preventing the spread of public awareness of the phenomenon. This has included confiscating and archiving any police documentation relevant to SCP-5846 cases, as well as the removal and fabrication of evidence. Efforts to ascertain the identity of SCP-5846 (now presumed to be deceased) are ongoing.

Description: SCP-5846 refers to a series of homicides conducted across multiple US states between 1968 and 1979. In all known cases, victims were attacked in their homes and executed by gunfire, leaving no witnesses.

At present, all thirteen victims of SCP-5846 are either confirmed or suspected to have been serial killers responsible for no less than seven murders, although, at the time of the attacks, none were suspected of any criminal activity. The perpetrator behind SCP-5846 (designated SCP-5846-A) has not been identified, and the study of all recovered DNA samples remains inconclusive. Precisely how SCP-5846-A was able to successfully identify thirteen separate murderers, in some cases years or decades before their crimes came to light, remains unknown.

Addendum-1: The first known instance of SCP-5846 occurred on March 4, 1968, when 38 year old schoolteacher Lewis Wainwright was found murdered via multiple gunshots to the spine at his home in Green Heights, California. The victim was described by neighbors and associates as an amicable and charismatic individual, who was popular with local children. Postmortem examination revealed that Wainwright's fingerprints were identical to those found at the scenes of multiple unsolved murder investigations, all of which were attributed to an unidentified assailant known to the press as the 'Cue Ball Killer'1

A single handwritten note was found placed on a coffee table within the Wainwright residence, bearing the following inscription:

I told you he did it.

Two days after Wainwright's murder, several police officers in Taft County claimed that a white male, believed to be in his early thirties, and identifying himself as 'Bill Jones'2, reported two weeks earlier that he believed Lewis Wainwright to be responsible for the Cue Ball Killings.

When Jones, who had never met the accused, and had no prior knowledge of his existence, was asked how he reached this conclusion, he was unable to elaborate any further than describing it as a 'feeling in (his) belly'. This response was met with laughter and mockery from several officers, and Jones was instructed not to return without any credible evidence.

In light of these revelations, with no significant leads, Jones was considered a likely suspect in the Wainwright case, although all attempts at tracking and apprehending this individual ended in failure. Initially, Wainwright's murder did attract Foundation attention, although in 1970, following a spate of similar incidents, a panel of containment experts specializing in the field of paracriminology deemed the homicides to be the result of extranormal activity, denoting the phenomenon SCP status.

On 05/31/1971, SCP-5846 was classified as a Keter-class anomaly, and over the following years, the number of Foundation assets embedded in civilian law enforcement was increased significantly in order to monitor further SCP-5846 cases.

Addendum-2: The sixth confirmed victim of SCP-5846 was 49 year old Frank Madison, a librarian living in Witchita Falls, TX, who was shot six times whilst gardening outside his residence in Wichita Falls, TX on November 17, 1972. The following week, Madison's neighbor, Arturo Belmonte, a 28 year old Mexican immigrant with a history of mental illness, was arrested for the crime based on dubious forensic evidence.

On December 19, Foundation agent Connor O'Sullivan, who was stationed at the Wichita County jailhouse where Mr. Belmonte was being held, received an anonymous phone call. The caller identified himself as Madison's killer, offering several details regarding the investigation which were not yet on public record, and stating that Arturo Belmonte was innocent of any crime.

The caller further claimed that Madison, who had no previous criminal convictions, was responsible for the murder and dismemberment of over a dozen victims between 1965 and 1971. When asked to state his identity, the caller claimed that he could not reveal his name, stating that he was 'cursed by God', and that 'if (he) did nothing, nobody else would'.

All evidence of this phone call was removed and archived, later being traced by Foundation operatives to a public telephone box in nearby Pleasant Creek. The following year, Arturo Belmonte was tried and convicted for the murder of Frank Madison, and sentenced to eighteen years in prison, eventually committing suicide in his cell five years later in 1978. Since this incident, there has been no further correspondence from SCP-5846-A.

Addendum-3: On November 3, 1994, over fifteen years after the last known instance of SCP-5846, 64 year old Tim Brody of Marlborough, Washington was arrested after recently discovered DNA evidence suggested his involvement in at least six linked murders carried out between 1968 and 1987. After maintaining innocence for some nine months, Brody confessed to the rape and murder of over thirty girls and women between the ages of 13 and 22. The following year, Tim Brody (known to the media as the 'Monster of Marlborough') was tried and convicted, ultimately being sentenced to death by lethal injection.

During an interview conducted in October of 1995, Brody stated that in February of 1980, he was accosted in his home by an armed assailant, who fired multiple shots, striking him twice in the left shoulder. Brody claimed that he managed to overpower the intruder, shooting him five times in the abdomen. Brody reported that prior to his expiration from blood loss, the intruder began listing a number of his previous victims, several of whom had not yet been reported as missing.

When asked how he had learned these names, the intruder began sobbing profusely and stated that he didn't know. Brody claimed that his own wounds were treated by an underground physician, and subsequently disposed of the intruder's remains, although refused to reveal the burial site.

Brody's description of this individual bears noticeable similarities to that described by Taft County law enforcement. On 08/31/1999, thirty years after the first known instance of SCP-5846, the phenomenon was reclassed as Neutralized.

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