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Regions of Mercury's surface designated as SCP-5845.

Item Number: SCP-5845

Anomaly Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the speed and trajectory required to access SCP-5845, containment is not necessary at this time. Retrieval of personnel who enter SCP-5845 requires a high velocity object recovery team. Entry into SCP-5845 requires agreement from at least 12 members of the O5 Council.

In the event of the human colonization of Mercury, a 4.5 gigaton thaumonuclear explosive is positioned on the surface of either entry point into SCP-5845. These are to be detonated prior to the non-anomalous community's landfall on the planet followed by confirmation of neutralization. This is performed by setting a D-class on a trajectory towards SCP-5845 and at the required speed necessary to enter the anomaly. Neutralization will be declared following the D-class's termination by non-anomalous collision with the Mercurial surface.

Description: SCP-5845 is a parabolic region spanning between Mercury's magnetosheath, crust, mantel, and outer core. Entry into SCP-5845 requires a head-on trajectory towards its surface area and a speed between 17 and 23 percent that of light. While inside SCP-5845, personnel will awake in the airlock of a semi-cylindrical, hermetically sealed craft (designated SCP-5845-A), one kilometer in radius and 12 kilometers in length.

The interior airlock door to SCP-5845-A is adorned with a gold placard reading "Department of Abnormalities" with a second placard below it in silver reading "Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition". Exiting SCP-5845 is performed by ejecting the visitor out of the vessel's exterior airlock door where they reappear from the point opposite their entry and at the same speed. The region immediately outside SCP-5845-A is incapable of being observed due to blinding levels of surrounding illumination.

SCP-5845-A's opposing end consists of a sphere made up of an unknown, nonreflective, and ferromagnetic metal one kilometer in radius. Access to the majority of the craft's interior is restricted by a 10 kilometer long and five meter wide acrylic tube spanning the distance from the airlock to the sphere's surface. The remainder of the structure's volume outside the central pillar is empty save for decorations along its walls. The clear passage allows contact with the sphere where there is a single, square pyramidal hole 2.5 cm in width and 15 cm in depth.

Individuals experience auditory hallucinations while inside SCP-5845-A. These include Gregorian chanting, a rooster's crow, a ram's bleat, and "the sound of fingernails attempting to whittle gold". This effect's intensity decreases linearly as the subject approaches the terminating sphere. Test subjects that come in physical contact with the orb's surface report a permanent cessation of any hallucinations from SCP-5845-A.

The walls of the structure's interior are decorated with seven rows of carved murals, each 1.375 km in height. These sculptures exhibit the same non-reflective properties as the sphere at the end of SCP-5845-A, which required the diffusion of argon gas into the space for the purpose of acoustic imaging. The rows depict various animal, plant, and human subjects along with their accompanying scenery.

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