ITEM:SCP-5841 LEVEL 3/5841
CLASS:euclid classified



The Hong Corporate Center, location of initial SCP-5841 manifestation

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: The Hong Corporate Center in Windsor, Ontario, Canada has been closed to the public and quarantined in order to prevent the spread of SCP-5841. Armed guards have been stationed around the first floor of the building and are instructed to recontain any SCP-5841-1 instance attempting to escape the property. All personnel who enter the fifth story of the building are to be considered instances of SCP-5841-1.

Attempts to ascertain the nature of SCP-5841 and move it into Foundation custody are ongoing. A hypothetical effort to fully contain and move SCP-5841 to Site-15 for greater security and less civilian risk has been preemptively authorized by the O5 Council.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-5841 is an anomaly inhabiting the 5th story of the Hong Corporate Center in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The nature of SCP-5841 is unknown; it is believed to be electronic, as all power in the building was re-routed to the fifth story upon the anomaly's initial emergence. All exploration of the building has proved inconclusive, as all personnel sent to contain the anomaly have been invariably converted into instances of SCP-5841-1 before reaching the fifth floor.

SCP-5841-1 are human subjects who have been assimilated by SCP-5841 via electrical cables of varying length inserted in the base of the spine. Instances of SCP-5841-1 are biologically deceased, but are capable of locomotion and vocalization. Instances are hostile to all nearby humans, attempting to capture and bring them to SCP-5841.

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