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Item #: SCP-5839

Object Class: Thaumiel Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: All documents sent between SCP-5839-1 and SCP-5839-2 are archived in Archival Site-33. Individual documents may be viewed upon official request.

SCP-5839-1 and SCP-5839-2 are to be kept under observation of senior staff on site.

Description: SCP-5839 refers to a phenomenon that the Foundation utilized between 1970 and 1975. It was an anomaly that allowed paperwork between SCP-5839-1 and SCP-5839-2 to shift temporally.

SCP-5839-1 was a researcher assigned to Site-65, age 24, named Neil Schofield. It possessed the ability to send handwritten notes addressed to SCP-5839-2 five years into the future.

SCP-5839-2 was an archivist on Archival Site-33, age 25, named Ella Hauser. It possessed the ability to send handwritten notes addressed to SCP-5839-1 five years back into the past.

SCP-5839-1 and SCP-5839-2 did not possess their abilities simultaneously. Instead, the ability to send notes to a different time period was transferred from SCP-5839-1 to SCP-5839-2 during the events of Addendum-2.

SCP-5839 has been used by the Foundation for the following purposes;

  • Recovering damaged or lost documents.
  • Tracking and containment of undiscovered anomalies.
  • Preventing containment breaches and incidents.
  • Arresting agents of GoI's and finding other Persons of Interest.

Discovery: The notes of SCP-5839-1 on SCP-5978 kept disappearing after being written. It was discovered that this was not a side effect of the studied anomaly. Before an internal audit and disciplinary action were carried out, a note appeared before senior staff where the notes of SCP-5839-1 were supposed to be.


To researcher Neil Schofield and his superiors,

I finally have obtained your notes regarding SCP-5978 that disappeared 5 years ago. I assume they were a request for me to provide some outdated documents from its prior researchers.

However, your note seems to end abruptly and for an old note, it is in remarkable condition. Would you like me to still follow up on this request?

Ella Hauser
Archivist on Site-33

The note was found to be dated 5 years into the future. Senior staff hypothesized that this note experienced an opposite effect of the note that disappeared.

Addendum-1: Correspondence

After several experiments with SCP-5839-1, another note was successfully sent into the future to request the assistance of SCP-5839-2 and the future Foundation.

After two weeks of experimenting, the following conditions were identified;

  • Each note is to be handwritten by either SCP-5839-1 or SCP-5839-2.
  • Each note is to be addressed to the other party by name.
  • Notes need to be sent on a physical sheet of paper, they could not be sent in other formats1.

However, SCP-5839-1 showed high levels of stress when writing these notes. Upon questioning, SCP-5839-2 stated that it was not familiar with this effect.

On 04/06/1970, SCP-5839-1 was transferred to Site-33. After several days it became acquainted with the present version of SCP-5839-2 who did not yet possess any anomalous features. Over time the stress of SCP-5839-1 got better the more it seemed to trust SCP-5839-2.

SCP-5839-1 and SCP-5839-2 were encouraged to write each other to reduce the stress of SCP-5839-1. SCP-5839-1 also showed more interest in the present version of SCP-5839-2 because of this. Several examples are included below.


To Ella Hauser,

Nothing out of the ordinary happened as of late. I am really glad you told me to go on a walk today. The weather was indeed incredible. I can't do something similar for you but perhaps I can make that up to your past self.

Yours sincerely,

Neil Schofield


To Neil Schofield,

I know we can't talk too much about other anomalies except when we are asked to share notes, but today I archived a rather big file. It makes me wonder what the final size of our file will be.

As for your suggestion, I'd like to take you up on that if the offer still stands. My birthday is two weeks from now, but I recall not having a lot of chances to celebrate it in the past.
You'll find a recipe for cheesecake in the second note. Please, give me a slice during a break, that should cheer me up quite a bit. I'm sure you can handle it.

Good luck,



To Ella,

Firstly, I wish you a happy birthday. And yes, I gave you a slice of cheesecake. Even though she knew it was your suggestion, she appreciated the gesture. It was not as set as I would like, so now I owe her a visit to the local cafe. I don't know if this was your intention or you knew about this, I surely am not complaining.

P.S. A researcher wanted me to ask about some lottery numbers. He was promptly demoted, but they are now deliberating this option of gaining funds.

Your friend,

Neil Schofield

Addendum-2: In The Nick Of Time

After successfully preventing the breaches of SCP-3589 and SCP-1297, SCP-5839-1 and SCP-5839-2 gained level 3 clearance and housing on Site-33. Occasionally they were granted access to level 4 documents for similar purposes.

After working together non-stop for almost 5 years, SCP-5839-1 became more worried about the approaching five-year timestamp. Below are some of the last exchanged entries between them.



So, I have been thinking a lot recently. We have been doing this for about 5 years but the Ella beside me still can't send things back into the past. Something is about to change, isn't it?

Regardless of what happens I have become quite attached to her. I mean you. I mean I think you know what I mean. I know I am not supposed to ask this, but is there a way that I can stay here in the archive? We've enjoyed each other's company quite a lot for the past years but as a researcher, I am honestly hoping I won't be transferred back. I like it here and it would be a shame to part with everything.


P.S. I don't know how many messages we have left, so thank you for working with me.



You'll see. It has been a pleasure working with you for these 5 years (again).

And if you are that worried about it, just ask me to stay beside you.

Your partner in time,


After this message, SCP-5839-1 walked to the present version of SCP-5839-2. Although the footage is blurry, SCP-5839-1 can be seen kneeling down and presenting some sort of box. After three days, it was discovered that they both had changed their marital status. SCP-5839-1 lost its anomalous characteristics whilst SCP-5839-2 gained them. It is hypothesized that the acceptance of the proposal is associated with the acceptance of the phenomenon SCP-5839-1 possessed. Shortly after this, several notes on SCP-5978 appeared on Site-65, and Site-33 was informed to open a new file in the archive.

On 29/04/1980, SCP-5839-1 and SCP-5839-2 celebrated their fifth anniversary and upon renewing their vows, lost all anomalous abilities. After this, both individuals agreed to be administered with Class C amnestics to remove classified information from their memory.

SCP-5839 was subsequently reclassified as Neutralized.

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