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ITEM #: SCP-5837




ITEM: SCP-5837





First known manifestation of SCP-5837.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5837 was declared neutralized on 20/03/2013. No further containment procedures are necessary at this time.

Description: SCP-5837 designates a series of anomalous events that occurred within Site-112 over a period of two days.1 These events included the anomalous appearances of print media and foreign objects, spatial restructuring of Site facilities and architectural features, and the manifestations of yet-unidentified liquids and solids.

A review of security footage indicates that the first known manifestation of SCP-5837 occurred at 6:58 am, on 19/03/2013. At this time, a series of posters spontaneously appeared in communal spaces throughout Site-112. These manifestations were composed of ink printed on exceedingly thick wax paper and instructed individuals within Site-112 to contact "ui.211pcs|eeu4h3b#ui.211pcs|eeu4h3b" with suggestions on how to improve an unspecified "home."2 Due to the nature of this manifestation, a number of Foundation personnel reported the appearance of the posters to their supervisors, and they were subsequently removed. However, an estimated 15-20 emails were sent to the provided email address; due to the vague nature of the poster, these emails contained suggested changes that could be implemented at Site-112, ranging from minor quality of life concerns to large renovations of research and containment facilities.

Over the period of the following twelve hours, numerous anomalous events took place that appeared to correspond to the requests made by Site-112 personnel. A small percentage of the requests also received a return email. A selection of these communications, and the theorized associated anomalous events, have been included below.

Addendum 1: Email Communications Relating to SCP-5837 [19/03/2021-21/03/2021]:

Manifestation: Various unopened vessels, ranging from five-gallon plastic water containers to individual bottles manifested gradually throughout Site-112 over the period of four hours. Additionally, a smaller quantity of unsealed containers appeared partially filled with an unidentified amber-coloured liquid.

Manifestation: The internal geometry of sub-level C was reorganized on 19/03/2021 at 10:24 am. Following this altercation, the male-and-female-designated lavatories were unified into a significantly larger space. Continuous water flow created by a series of pipes in the ceiling led to an apparent drainage system. Sub-level C was subsequently placed on a temporary, isolated lockdown. Three individuals located in the lavatories prior to this event remain unaccounted for.

Manifestation: At 12:04 pm, approximately 600 potted, flowering plants of varying species appeared within the communal cafeteria of Site-112. The overhead sprinklers subsequently activated for a period of ten minutes.

As a result, the entirety of Site-112 was placed on emergency lockdown.

Manifestation: Site-112 underwent significant anomalous restructuring, as all on-site offices were re-located to have a direct opening onto the outside world. This included sub-level D, housing the Archives department, being relocated above-ground adjacent to the main building of Site-112. As a result, various sections of the Site collapsed into the vacant space.

A general evacuation of Site-112 was activated, with personnel being temporarily relocated to Provisional Site-112B, as per protocol.

Manifestation: At 11:37 pm, all humanoid containment cells within Site-112 underwent an anomalous restructuring. Both standard and non-standard cells were altered in shape to form a series of hexagonal rooms, 2.5m in height and 5.3m in depth. As a result, numerous Special Containment Procedures were incapable of functioning as intended, leading to a cascading series of containment breaches. Due to the previous evacuation of Site-112's staff, initial casualties were minimal. MTF Epsilon-11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox") were deployed to recontain or neutralize hostile anomalies. Upon their arrival, they discovered that all entrances to the humanoid containment wing had been encased in several meters of a wax-like substance. This substance displayed an anomalous level of rigidity and tactile strength preventing Epsilon-11 from accessing the containment wing.

Addendum 2: Report - MTF Iota-2 ("Homekeepers") Following the confirmation from Epsilon-11 that the humanoid anomalies within Site-112 were functionally contained within their wing by an anomalous substance, MTF Iota-2 ("Homekeepers") were deployed to ascertain the cause of the anomalous events. During their sweep of Site-112, Iota-2 uncovered evidence of the unapproved activation of an experimental device within a Research & Development laboratory. This device, intended to enhance the passive perception of the human conscious to identify anomalous events, was in the prototype stage and had not been approved for practical experimentation. While disassembling the device, Iota-2 uncovered the corpse of an Apis mellifera3 within the amplification coils. A computer in the laboratory displayed an email client associated with ui.211pcs|eeu4h3b#ui.211pcs|eeu4h3b and the following unsent message:

Following the identification of a likely cause responsible for SCP-5837, its designation has since been changed to Neutralized.

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