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Item#: 5834
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5834 is held in a standard aquarium at Site-19 along with a collection of non-anomalous fish to provide detritus.

All personnel are required to take a neural blocker before coming in visual contact with SCP-5834, and anyone affected by SCP-5834 must be placed under confined surveillance until the effect wears off.

Description: SCP-5834 is a black sea cucumber (Holothuria forskali). People who view SCP-5834 will begin to regard it as their ideal romantic partner. Affected persons will often go to great lengths to spend time with and court SCP-5834 in various ways. They are unable to recognize the anomalous effect on themselves, believing their actions to be fully rational. This behavior will continue until the individual goes a week without visual contact with SCP-5834.

By all other means, SCP-5834 appears to be a standard member of its species.

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