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Special Containment Procedures: A 5km nautical exclusion zone has been established around the ruins of Smeerenburg, Norway. Additionally, a fenced perimeter has been erected around the ruins and access to the village is forbidden to civilians. Cover Story 5831.18 "Hazardous Waste Disaster" is currently being disseminated to local and national media, reporting that an oil spill has occurred within the unincorporated region of Svalbard.

MTF Omega-15 "Bag and Tag" has been given permission to locate instances of SCP-5831-1 and terminate them as appropriate to prevent them from entering the ocean.

Description: SCP-5831 is the rudimentary effigy of an unknown cetacean, constructed almost entirely from the blubber, bones, flesh, and assorted viscera of dead Balaena mysticetus.1 The head cavity of SCP-5831, which would ordinarily contain the spermaceti organ in Balaena mysticetus, has been filled with an organ of unknown origin. This unidentified organ is attached to the spinal column of SCP-5831 and resembles a coiled umbilical cord.

SCP-5831 was discovered in an abandoned whaling warehouse in Smeerenburg, Norway. The effigy was strung vertically from the ceiling, surrounded by a plethora of unidentified miscellaneous whale carcasses.

Individuals who are exposed to SCP-5831 exhibit an abnormal psychological disorder characterised by an obsession with the ocean and vast, open bodies of water. Due to SCP-5831's proximity to the Arctic Ocean, affected individuals will typically gather at the cliffs north of Smeerenburg and stare listlessly at the ocean, remaining motionless for hours at a time.

During this period, the brains of affected individuals will undergo severe morphological changes as spiral-shaped holes begin to form within the frontal lobe. This damage to the brain's structure results in the impairment of mental faculties with affected individuals only being able to complete simple self-preservation behaviours such as swallowing and breathing.

Following the complete structural degradation of the brain, affected individuals will begin roaming the shoreline of Smeerenburg in an attempt to locate cetacean remains. Upon locating sufficient material, the affected individuals will begin to construct whale-like imagery. These images range in complexity, with personnel witnessing anything from simple images of cetacean wildlife made from whale bones to effigies resembling SCP-5831.2 If no cetacean remains can be found by affected individuals, they will begin to draw perfect spiral shapes into the beach using their hands and feet.

At this point, the brain matter of affected individuals will have been completely eradicated. The resultant cavity is filled with a coiled organ of unknown purpose attached to the individual's brain stem. Affected individuals are henceforth designated SCP-5831-1.

Instances of SCP-5831-1 will undergo a series of rapid morphological and physiological alterations:

  • The lower and upper jaws will elongate wildly, curving to almost meet one another, as the remainder of the cranium recedes from the jaw. The orbital cavities and eyes will migrate to either side of this deformed cranial structure.
  • The shoulder girdle will extend as the humerus, ulna, and radius rotate perpendicular to the body. The skin covering the hands will thicken as the fingers fuse into a set of fins.
  • The spinal column will extend, fusing with the pelvis, fibula, patel, and tibia into a singular bone structure. The feet of the instance will also rotate perpendicular to one another as they are covered with a similarly thick skin.
  • The entire instance will become covered with a layer of thick insulated skin as the fat tissue underneath morphs into a vascularised adipose tissue similar to blubber.
  • The pulmonary system will migrate from the mouth to the back as a small blowhole-like formation begins to appear on their dorsal side.
  • The teeth of SCP-5831-1 will separate from the gums, producing strand-like formations that resemble hairs of baleen.3 These hairs will fuse with the roof and floor of the mouth, which have become plates of calcium.
  • The head cavity of the instance, normally containing the brain and spermaceti organ, will have been filled with a coiled organ resembling the one present within SCP-5831. Its purpose remains unknown.

Many of the resultant instances of SCP-5831-1 will become stranded and beached upon the shoreline, finding themselves unable to enter the ocean. They will typically expire as a result of dehydration, collapsing under their own body weight, or drowning at high tide.

Foundation personnel are reminded that instances of SCP-5831-1 must not be allowed to enter the ocean under any circumstances and, as such, are advised to terminate instances on sight.



The Whale-oil Refinery near the Village of Smerenburg, Cornelis de Man, 1639.

Smeerenburg was established in the early 17th century by Danish and Dutch whaling fisheries, hoping to exploit the rapidly expanding whaling industry. The main products of Smeerenburg were boiled blubber oil, whale bone, spermaceti oil, and other miscellaneous whale commodities harvested from the "Greenland right whale", now identified as the bowhead whale. At the time, these animals were endemic to the Fram Strait, located in the Arctic Ocean.

By the mid-17th century, the whaling community at Smeerenburg had driven the bowhead whale into near extinction, prompting their migration habits further north. This eventually resulted in the bowhead whale entirely avoiding the island of Svalbard, which Smeerenburg was situated on. The settlement was almost completely abandoned sometime during this time period. It is believed that SCP-5831 was constructed by the final inhabitants of the community, c. 1660s.

A series of documents, written in Dutch, were recovered from the island during initial containment efforts. They were located on a flensing table next to SCP-5831, stained with an unidentified yellow residue.

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