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Item#: 5829
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Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-5829, personnel assigned to the object are to be regularly rotated. Should any egg produced by SCP-5829 contain messages relating to any of its current caretakers, that caretaker is to be removed from the project and amnesticized. No caretaker is permitted to remain assigned to SCP-5829 for a period of longer than one month. All former caretakers of SCP-5829 are to be amnesticized following the conclusion of their assignment. No personnel identifying as male are allowed near SCP-5829.


A photo of SCP-5829 taken while in the care of GoI "Wilson's Wildlife Solutions".

SCP-5829 is currently kept in a standard Foundation livestock pen provided with standard amenities and care required by nonanomalous Gallus gallus domesticus, as well as any further care recommended by GOI "Wilson's Wildlife Solutions". Please see Addendum 5829.2 below for further details.

SCP-5829 is under constant observation. Should SCP-5829 begin nesting behaviors, active researchers are to prepare to recover and transport any eggs laid to SCP-5829 Incubation Storage, placed in individual incubators, and designated with the next available number. All text seen on the eggs must be logged and forwarded to the site directors for further documentation instruction. These eggs are actively monitored at all times. Should any egg begin hatching, any further procedures relating to that egg must be followed. All hatched chicks are to be quarantined and monitored for potential anomalous traits for a period lasting no less than one month. Nonanomalous chicks may be returned to SCP-5829 for rearing and socialization.

Description: SCP-5829 is a Georgian Black Hen of standard size and weight for its species, originally under the care of GoI "Wilson's Wildlife Solutions". All eggs laid by SCP-5829 contain statements that allude to various future events relating to humans that it has been exposed to for at least three minutes1. These events so far have invariably come true upon the egg hatching. Every egg laid by SCP-5829 is fertile despite SCP-5829 having never mated at any point since its containment. All chicks born from an egg laid by SCP-5829 have thus far been nonanomalous Georgian Black Chickens. See Addendum 5829.1 An abbreviated listing of predictions made by SCP-5829's eggs is provided below. All information prior to 6/28/2016 was provided by Wilson's Wildlife Solutions.

Egg Lay Date Egg Text Notes
1/16/2013 Jackson ██████ and Caroline ██████ will wed Egg hatched on 3/5/2017. Foundation investigation revealed that the two individuals named on the egg held a wedding on that day and had exchanged vows the moment the egg hatched.
1/19/2013 Margaret ██████ will fall down the stairs and break their leg Egg hatched on 1/19/2013, approximately five minutes after laying. Caretaker Margaret ██████ of Wilson's Wildlife Solutions fell down the stairs to SCP-5829's pen while carrying feed and broke their leg when they fell on a feeding trough.
11/6/2013 Big Barry Bottoms will be adopted Egg hatched on 3/3/2014. Big Barry Bottoms, a Crested Gecko in Wilson's Wildlife Solutions' care, had its adoption finalized upon the egg hatching.
12/24/2014 Jackson ██████ and Caroline ██████ will divorce Egg hatched on 12/23/2014. Foundation investigation revealed that both individuals named on the egg finalized divorce procedures the moment the egg hatched.
7/30/2016 Dr. Faran Caraway will suffer internal distress Egg hatched on 8/4/2016. Dr. Caraway, who had been assigned head of SCP-5829 research, reports severe gastric distress upon the egg hatching.2
9/25/2016 A HORRIFIC KETER WILL PLAGUE AGENT ADDISON Egg hatched on 10/29/2016. Due to the threatening nature of the egg's prediction, Foundation personnel were placed on high alert. The object predicted by the egg was recovered and contained successfully.3
6/28/2017 Christ is coming Egg hatched on 9/30/2017. The first recorded manifestation of SCP-5991 in front of Foundation personnel occurs upon the egg hatching.4
10/3/2017 Agent Sias will have a nice day Egg hatched on 2/14/2018 at 23:59. Foundation agent Sias reports having had an above average day.

Addendum 5829.1: Incident Report

Addendum 5829.2: Investigation into PoI-5829.

Addendum 5829.3: Critter Profile: Delphi!

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