NOTICE TO ALL RESEARCHERS: The following SCP article deals with issues involving emotional abuse. If you are sensitive to that topic, please speak to me about assignment to a different SCP. The Foundation cares about its researchers and their mental wellbeing, so please proceed being fully aware of this SCP's contents. Thank you, and stay safe!

-Dr. Caraway

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Item#: 5828
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Special Containment Procedures: Due to the random nature of SCP-5828-B manifestations, full containment is not currently possible. All public sightings of SCP-5828-B are to be dismissed as fraudulent and simple ghost stories. An exclusionary perimeter has been established around SCP-5828-A. Civilians are barred from entering this area under the cover of an ongoing biological survey.

At least one agent of MTF Mu-13 ("Ghostbusters") is to remain stationed by SCP-5828-A at all times. All manifestations of SCP-5828-B are to be immediately reported to Site Directors Caraway and Darry, and monitored for unusual activity until they reach SCP-5828-A. Should SCP-5828-B's area of anomalous effect extend further than 3km2, all agents assigned to SCP-5828 are to perform emergency evacuations in all cities bordering the Great Dismal Swamp under the cover story of an out of control wildfire. Should SCP-5828-B not demanifest before the area of anomalous effect reaches Portsmouth, Virginia, agents are authorized to use Class A Spectral Stabilization devices to attempt to force SCP-5828-B to demanifest.

Description: SCP-5828-A is an entity resembling the corpse of Jeremy Gorman, a former citizen of Suffolk, Virginia. Further Foundation investigations have revealed that the actual corpse of Jeremy Gorman is buried in Suffolk's Cedar Hill Cemetery, and has been buried there since May 19th, 20██. SCP-5828-A currently hangs from a scarf slung over the branch of a dead tree located in the Great Dismal Swamp of Virginia. The scarf is not tied to the tree. The body is instead supported by an unseen weight hanging from a noose knot tied with the scarf on the other side of the branch. All attempts to identify where this weight originates from have failed, as have attempts to remove the body from the tree.

SCP-5828-B refers to the manifestation of an incorporeal humanoid anomaly, identical to Marianne Edenberg, former citizen of Suffolk, Virginia. SCP-5828-B manifests at random intervals and random locations within Suffolk, Virginia. Regardless of where it manifests, SCP-5828-B will invariably make its way towards SCP-5828-A. Upon reaching SCP-5828-A, SCP-5828-B begins to verbally berate and scream at SCP-5828-A. While the entity engages with SCP-5828-A, oxygen is removed from the area surrounding SCP-5828-A in a sphere that expands at a rate of 16m3 a minute, creating a sensation of suffocation in all living creatures trapped in the area of anomalous effect. On average, SCP-5828-B demanifests after approximately 30 minutes. The longest manifestation currently recorded was ██████, requiring evacuation of the surrounding area as an emergency precaution. Currently it is unknown what the maximum potential radius of SCP-5828-B's effects area.

Addendum 5828.1: Local News Report

Addendum 5828.2: Interview with Jeremy Gorman's Mother

Addendum 5828.3: Interview with Marianne Edenberg's Mother

Addendum 5828.4: Interview with Jessica Edenberg, sister to Marianne Edenberg

Addendum 5828.5: Texts from the phone of Marianne Edenberg

Addendum 5828.6: Incident Report

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