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NOTICE TO ALL RESEARCHERS: The following SCP article deals with issues involving emotional abuse. If you are sensitive to that topic, please speak to me about assignment to a different SCP. The Foundation cares about its researchers and their mental wellbeing, so please proceed being fully aware of this SCP's contents. Thank you, and stay safe!

-Dr. Amy Hopewell

Item#: SCP-5828
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the random nature of SCP-5828-B manifestations, full containment is not currently possible. All public sightings of SCP-5828-B are to be dismissed as fraudulent urban legends.

An exclusionary perimeter has been established around SCP-5828-A. Civilians are barred from entering this area under the cover of an ongoing biological survey. At least one agent of MTF Mu-13 ("Ghostbusters") is to remain stationed by SCP-5828-A at all times. All manifestations of SCP-5828-B are to be immediately reported to Site Directors Caraway and Darry, and monitored for unusual activity until they reach SCP-5828-A.

Should SCP-5828-B's area of anomalous effect extend further than 3km2, all agents assigned to SCP-5828 are to perform emergency evacuations in all cities bordering the Great Dismal Swamp under the cover story of an out of control wildfire. Should SCP-5828-B not demanifest before the area of anomalous effect reaches Portsmouth, Virginia, agents are authorized to use Class A Spectral Stabilization devices to attempt to force SCP-5828-B to demanifest.

Description: SCP-5828-A is an entity resembling the corpse of Jeremy Gorman, a former citizen of Suffolk, Virginia. Further Foundation investigations have revealed that the actual corpse of Jeremy Gorman is buried in Suffolk's Cedar Hill Cemetery, and has been buried there since May 19th, 20██. SCP-5828-A currently hangs from a scarf slung over the branch of a dead tree located in the Great Dismal Swamp of Virginia. The scarf is not tied to the tree. The body is instead supported by an unseen weight hanging from a noose knot tied with the scarf on the other side of the branch. All attempts to identify where this weight originates from have failed, as have attempts to remove the body from the tree.

SCP-5828-B refers to the manifestation of an incorporeal humanoid anomaly, identical to Marianne Edenberg, former citizen of Suffolk, Virginia. SCP-5828-B manifests at seemingly random intervals in random locations within Suffolk, Virginia. Regardless of where it manifests, SCP-5828-B will invariably make its way towards SCP-5828-A. Upon reaching SCP-5828-A, SCP-5828-B begins to verbally berate and scream at SCP-5828-A. While the entity engages with SCP-5828-A, oxygen is removed from the area surrounding SCP-5828-A in a sphere that expands at a rate of 16m3 a minute, creating a sensation of suffocation in all living creatures trapped in the area of anomalous effect. On average, SCP-5828-B demanifests after approximately 30 minutes. The longest manifestation currently recorded was ██████, requiring evacuation of the surrounding area as an emergency precaution. Currently it is unknown what the maximum potential radius of SCP-5828-B's area of effect is.

Addendum 5828.1: Local News Report

Foundation investigations following the discovery of SCP-5828 revealed the appearances of SCP-5828-A and -B to be identical to Jeremy Gorman and Marianne Edenberg of Suffolk, Virginia. Upon discovery of this connection, Foundation agents in the area obtained permission to exhume both bodies. While Gorman's corpse was successfully exhumed and investigated, Marianne Edenberg's corpse was revealed to have never been discovered. It is believed that both individuals died in a double suicide within the Great Dismal Swamp. A local newspaper article covering this incident, published on May 13th, 20██, has been transcribed below.

Local Resident Found Dead in Dismal Swamp
By █████████ | May 13th, 20██

For the past four weeks Suffolk City Police have been searching for Jeremy Gorman, who went missing on April 15th. Police say that the investigation has finally come to a close, with Mr. Gorman's body being found in the Great Dismal Swamp. Authorities currently rule the cause of death as suicide.

Mr. Gorman had last been seen leaving town by Mrs. Natasha Edenberg, mother of his girlfriend Marianne Edenberg. At the time of writing, Marianne's body has yet to be found. Mrs. Edenberg continues to cooperate with authorities in their ongoing investigations.

Mr. Gorman was a well-known local sports star, having graduated from ███████ High School in 20██. He is remembered for his athletic talent and service to the community, having started a local group dedicated to performing simple home repairs for Suffolk's elderly community. A vigil for Mr. Gorman is planned for this Wednesday at 8pm at ███████ Church, followed by a funeral service at the same location at 11am Sunday.

Following the publication of this article, rumors regarding an "angry ghost" manifesting in front of ███████ High School and walking through the city began to spread through Suffolk.

Addendum 5828.2: Interview with Jeremy Gorman's Mother

Once a clear connection had been made between SCP-5828-A and Jeremy Gorman, Foundation agents were able to track down the Gorman family for further information relating to the subject's suicide. The following is an interview conducted with Mrs. Elaine Gorman.

Interviewed: Mrs. Elaine Gorman

Interviewer: Agent Basil Sias1

Foreword: The following interview was conducted with the intent of gathering further information relating to the suicide of Jeremy Gorman and his relation to Marianne Edenberg.

<Begin Log>

Agent Sias: Thank you for your time, Mrs. Gorman. I promise we'll make this as quick as possible. I just have a few questions relating to your son, Jeremy. I know that this is a difficult subject to discuss, but-

Mrs. Gorman: Anything that helps with the investigation. I just…I just don't understand why this all happened. I can't promise that I'll be all that helpful but I'll do what I can.

Agent Sias: Whatever information you can give us is more than enough, Mrs. Gorman. Thank you for giving us your time. What can you tell me about your son?

Mrs. Gorman: He was…a bright boy. So smart and energetic. Once he started walking he was all over the place! And he had such a caring heart. Did you hear about the charity group he started? It wasn’t anything big, but it was this fundraising effort to support the SPCA. He was always doing things like that, helping people that is. Never had many girl friends or…girlfriends, not until Marianne that is.

Agent Sias: Really? Were the two close, then?

Mrs. Gorman: They were…oh I'm not sure how to describe what they were. He was head over heels for her. He was always asking things like what he could do to impress her, or show her how much he loved her. I don't know exactly what she thought of him, honestly. Every time I met her she was so…aloof. Cold? I’m not really sure how to describe it.

Agent Sias: Could you expand on that a bit?

Mrs. Gorman: She was kind enough, but she always struck me as distant. Jeremy thought she was amazing and wonderful, so I always held my tongue when he asked me what I thought of her. I didn't like that girl at all, now that I think about it some.

Agent Sias: Gotcha. Now, would you be willing to tell me a bit about the night he vanished?

Mrs. Gorman tenses up and inhales sharply

Agent Sias: I understand that this is hard, Mrs. Gorman, but if you could-

Mrs. Gorman: I'm sorry. It's just…difficult to think about that night.

Agent Sias: I understand. Again, anything you can share is helpful. We just want to understand what happened.

Mrs. Gorman: Yes…yes. That night, that night he was actually going to propose to Marianne. He had spent two months learning how to knit a scarf for her to propose with- she loved scarves, he said. It would be better than a ring, more heartfelt. He had actually made the thing much too long by mistake, but he was so proud of it. He just knew that she'd love it. There was a hiking trail that she loved along the edge of the swamp he was going to take her to. It was about…oh I think it was around five or so in the evening when he left. That was it, I never saw him again.

Agent Sias: Thank you for sharing. Again, I know it’s hard to go through all that, but anything helps. I only have one more question for you. Did anything seem off about him that night?

Mrs. Gorman pauses for a moment.

Mrs. Gorman: No, nothing. He was so happy, that was it. I don't understand why…why he went and did that. Why they both did.

Agent Sias: It's ok, Mrs. Gorman. Thank you for your time. You've been a great help to the investigation.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Shortly after this interview was conducted, SCP-5828-B manifested outside of Elaine Gorman's home and moved towards SCP-5828-A. The manifestation lasted for two hours. All vocalizations made by SCP-5828-B were recorded as being a mixture of screaming and choking sounds.

Addendum 5828.3: Interview with Marianne Edenberg's Mother

Interviewed: Mrs. Natasha Edenberg

Interviewer: Agent Basil Sias

Foreword: This interview was conducted with the intention of gathering more information on Marianne Edenberg. Foundation agent Basil Sias was able to get in contact with her mother Natasha Edenberg and conduct the following interview in her home.

<Begin Log>

Agent Sias: Thank you for your time, Mrs. Edenberg. I just want to ask you a few questions about your daughter Marianne, if that’s alright. I know all of this is hard, but anything helps our investigation.

Mrs. Edenberg: Of course, anything to help find my Marianne.

Agent Sias: Of course. What can you tell me about your daughter?

Mrs. Edenberg: My Marianne was such a ray of sunshine you know? She had the brightest smile, that's the thing I will never forget about her. When her father died, she didn't cry once. She just smiled at me and said "Mommy, I'll be strong so you don't have to". And she was, God bless she was. She basically raised her little sister. She was a mother to her when I couldn't be.

Agent Sais: Do you remember when she first met Jeremy Gorman?

Mrs. Edenberg: She was…oh I'd say around nine or so? It was a meet-cute, honestly. Like something from a cheesy romantic comedy. We had taken her to a local rec club football game her sister was cheerleading at. Jeremy was playing that day as a kicker, and he kicked the ball right into the stands! Poor Marianne nearly took that ball to the face, but she caught it. She ran it down to the field and the two started talking. They were so distracted the ref basically had to drag that boy back into the game!

Agent Sias: That’s a wonderful memory. So it sounds like they had a romantic relationship right from the start then?

Mrs. Edenberg: I want to say yes but…that doesn't feel entirely correct. He certainly asked her out a few times but she always turned him down because she was “too busy”. They were certainly very good friends if nothing else. I think towards the end…towards the end they were romantic, yes. Marianne took her time finally admitting she liked him, I think.

Agent Sias: Gotcha, gotcha. Thank you for your time so far, Mrs. Edenberg, I just have one more question for you. Again, I know this is hard to reflect on, so any information you have for me is enough. What do you remember about the night Marianne went missing?

Mrs. Edenberg: Jeremy came to our house around…5pm, I think it was. He said he had a surprise for Marianne and wanted to take her to that hiking trail she loved. When she saw him at the door she made a face, but the two headed off right after. She didn't seem like she was in the best spirits that night, honestly. I didn't think it was bad enough to…do…that, but maybe….

A frustrated sigh can be heard from the staircase

Mrs. Edenberg: Oh, my apologies Detective. That would be Marianne's sister.

Mrs. Edenberg turns and shouts towards the stairs.

Mrs. Edenberg: Jessie go back to your room! I told you I was busy with the police!

A voice is heard from the stairs.

Jessica Edenberg: Well then tell the police it’s a crock of bullshit! My sister would never kill herself.

Mrs. Edenberg: Jessica, you know as much as-

Jessica Edenberg: No, no! Don't you dare cut me off! I knew Marianne. I knew her better than you ever did. Detective…whatever your name is, if you want to talk to someone who actually knew Marianne, talk to me. If you care at all about this whole mess I'll tell you.

Jessica Edenberg stomps back up the stairs.

Mrs. Edenberg: I'm really sorry about that, I didn't think she would interrupt like that.

Agent Sias: No, not a problem Mrs. Edenberg. Thank you for your time. Take care, ok?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: At the recommendation of Agent Sias, Jessica Edenberg will be contacted in order to conduct a private interview.

Following the interview with Mrs. Natasha Edenberg, SCP-5828-B manifested at the █████ Rec Club football field and proceeded towards SCP-5828-A. This manifestation lasted for one hour. SCP-5828-B is recorded repeating the phrase "Leave me alone" throughout the entire duration of its manifestation.

Addendum 5828.4: Interview with Jessica Edenberg, sister to Marianne Edenberg

Interviewed: Jessica Edenberg

Interviewer: Agent Basil Sias

Foreword: Following the interview with Mrs. Natasha Edenberg, Jessica Edenberg was contacted and interviewed in a private location. The goal of this interview was to gain her account of her sister, Marianne Edenberg, and address any potential contradicting testimony received in prior interviews.

<Begin Log>

Agent Sias: Thank you for your time, Ms. Edenberg. Based on what you told me prior there are some errors in the interview we had with your mother, correct?

Jessica Edenberg: Jessica is fine, and yeah there are.

Agent Sias: We want to make sure that all the information we have about your sister is correct. What can you tell me about her?

Jessica Edenberg: There's only two things that mom got right. One, my sister was one of the happiest people you could ever know, and two, she basically raised me. I know her better than anyone else, and I know what she was going through with that guy. I meant it when I said she would never kill herself. She told me literally everything, and not once did she even imply a little that she was suicidal, she-

Agent Sias: Apologies for cutting you off, but I would like you to elaborate on something. What did you mean by "what she was going through with that guy?" Are you referring to-

Jessica Edenberg: Jeremy, yeah. That asshole. Everyone thinks he was so great just because he was some sports star or some shit. He was a two faced asshole is what he was. You know why everyone thinks he and Mary were a couple? Because he made everyone think he and Mary were a couple.

Agent Sias: How so?

Jessica Edenberg: Mary was too nice for her own good. Every time he gave her some gift, sent her a text, or basically forced himself into her life she just sat there and smiled. She didn't want to be rude, she'd say. She’d always say he was a friend who just doesn't get it. The longer things went, though? The more aggressive he'd get. It went from "haha we'd make a great couple" to "go out with me or I'll kill myself". Mary just took it all with a smile. She never told him no, but she'd never say yes either. I remember, though, about a week before she vanished she told me that she regretted it all, being so nice to him all the time. She was scared of being seen as a bitch, but she just wanted to scream at him to get lost and get out of her life.

Agent Sias: Do you know why she went out with him the night she vanished?

Jessica Edenberg: …I don't, no. I told her before she left that she shouldn't and that she should just ghost him. I think she really wanted to honestly, but she went anyway. I…went out after her, actually.

Agent Sias: Really? Why was that?

Jessica Edenberg: She had left her phone behind. I didn't want her to be out in the woods at night alone with that creep. I looked for her for hours, but…

Jessica Edenberg is silent for several moments.

Agent Sias: Ms. Edenberg?

Jessica Edenberg: I'm sorry, it's just…I never told anyone. I should have, but I didn't. I…found the body, detective. I found Jeremy's body hanging from that tree. I was so scared, so…sick that I didn't know what to do. And then I heard something. It sounded like Mary but it was so…angry. It was this horrible shouting and the next thing I knew it was like I was being suffocated, like something was wrapping around my neck. I got out of there and got back home. I never told anyone until now.

Agent Sias: Why not?

Jessica Edenberg: I… was scared, mostly. Scared of what I saw. But I think…I think another part of me just wanted to leave him to rot there. I wanted him to suffer for what he put Mary through. Whatever I saw then felt like something I needed to let happen, you know?

Agent Sias: I think I get where you’re coming from, yeah. Did you ever see your sister’s body?

Jessica Edenberg: I'm not sure. I think I did, for a moment. Hanging on the other side of the tree from something. But she didn't kill herself. I know she didn't. …Anything else, officer?

Agent Sias: I just have one more question, and then you’re free to go. I’m mostly curious as to why you didn’t tell anybody before today. I understand why you wouldn’t tell someone about seeing a ghost, but everything you told me about Jeremy? Why keep it all to yourself?

Jessica Edenberg: I tried to tell people, at least after Mary died. Everyone told me not to "speak ill of the dead" or just dismissed me entirely. They'd rather remember the Jeremy they thought they knew rather than the real one. Funny, they tell me not to speak ill of the dead when they talk shit about Mary every time they say how in love she was.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Marianne Edenberg's phone was recovered following this interview. Notable contents are contained in the following addendum.

Notably, there were no SCP-5828-B manifestations for 12 hours following this interview.

Addendum 5828.5: Texts from the phone of Marianne Edenberg

The following are text messages recovered from the phone of Marianne Edenberg. The timestamps present reflect when the texts were originally sent.


Addendum 5828.6: Incident Report

After the SCP-5828 researchers received and investigated the text messages found on Marianne Edenberg's phone, a report came in from the agent stationed at SCP-5828-A's location that there had been a change in the anomaly. MTF Mu-13 was dispatched to the location. Upon arrival they discovered that a corpse matching the description of Marianne Edenberg had erupted from the earth below the tree and that the weight supporting SCP-5828-A appeared to have vanished, causing SCP-5828-A to fall to the ground. Agents were still unable to move the body from its location. The body of Marianne Edenberg was able to be recovered, and was taken into Foundation custody for an autopsy.

The autopsy revealed the body to be nearly perfectly preserved. The body contained severe bruising around the neck and right arm, with the right arm’s bruising appearing to match the shape of a human hand. The neck bruising was consistent with strangulation with an object that had been wrapped around the throat. The pattern of bruising implied that the primary force of the strangulation came from in front of the body, and not behind as is expected in cases of suicide by hanging. For a full autopsy report, please report to Dr. Caraway.

Upon completion of the autopsy, the body was held in a Foundation morgue while agents watched for changes in SCP-5828-B activity. During this time, the body decomposed as normal. The only manifestation of SCP-5828-B recorded during this timeframe was following a television broadcast of the ongoing investigation into the missing person's case of Marianne Edenberg, and was notably less violent than standard manifestations. SCP-5828-B vocalizations recorded during this manifestation consisted solely of sobbing.

After a month in Foundation care, the body was temporarily surrendered to custody of the Edenberg family alongside an autopsy report, under the cover of having been discovered by local authorities investigating Marianne's case. The family was allowed to perform a funeral and last rites with the Foundation intending to recover the body a month later while monitoring SCP-5828-B activity.

Immediately following the funeral there was a manifestation of SCP-5828-B. The entire length of the manifestation was logged by the bodycam of Agent Jackson Carrington, who had been stationed at SCP-5828-A. The video's contents are transcribed below.


DATE: August 18th, 20██

NOTE: The following events occurred immediately following the funeral of Marianne Edenberg.


11:34 SCP-5828-B manifests approximately 2 meters directly in front of SCP-5828-A

11:35 SCP-5828-B approaches SCP-5828-A. The subjects grow more distant as Agent Carrington removes himself from the immediate area. Agent Carrington keeps the camera focused on the anomalies. SCP-5828-B is seen staring at SCP-5828-A for several minutes.

11:43 SCP-5828-B appears to say something, but the camera's audio fails to pick it up. Later video reviews reveal the entity to mouth something along the lines of "As long as someone knows."

11:44 SCP-5828-B removes the scarf from around SCP-5828-A's neck and drapes it across its body. SCP-5828-A appears to smile.

11:45 SCP-5828-B demanifests. SCP-5828-A appears to disintegrate into ash.


In the month following the funeral, no further SCP-5828-B manifestations have been recorded. Per O5 council decision, the body of Marianne Edenberg is allowed to remain in the custody of the Edenberg family. The scarf has since been recovered and placed into low risk anomalous items storage.

Classification of SCP-5828 to Neutralized is pending.

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