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Item #: SCP-5827

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5827 is to be contained within a humanoid containment cell at Site-39. The cell is to be lined with 20 cm of concrete with the density enhanced by the inclusion of minimum 33% lead pellets by volume. Present research does not predict the type or rate of SCP-5827's radiation emission; therefore, personnel must follow Class 3-Omicron radioactive source safety procedures when in the vicinity of the cell. Solid or liquid material removed from the cell is to be treated with precautions appropriate to medium-level radioactive waste.

SCP-5827 is to be provided with reading material from the Site-39 library on request, with the mass not to exceed 10 kg or more than 4 books per month. Higher masses may be authorized by the supervising researcher in consultation with Site Psychiatry. SCP-5827 is not to be provided with any additional electronic devices.1


A Self Portrait of SCP-5827

Description: SCP-5827 is a solid, condensed nebula with the physical appearance of a 12-year-old human female; it is 138 cm tall and weighs 29.4 kg. SCP-5827's body is composed of a translucent gray matter which illuminates its immediate surroundings. Despite being visible to the human eye, SCP-5827 is unable to appear in photography.

SCP-5827’s secondary property is the ability to move and create stars outside of Earth's solar system. This causes SCP-5827 to produce outbursts of up to 3⋅1022 neutrons within one second. During an outburst, radiation constantly discharges out of SCP-5827's body at a rate of 3⋅1019 neutrons per second on average. SCP-5827’s neutron bursts often spike if SCP-5827 reads more than its allotted amount due to the creative nature of SCP-5827.

The earliest documents related to SCP-5827 date back to the 4th century BC. In these documents, SCP-5827 is depicted as a young child possessing the same properties it does currently. Historical records indicate SCP-5827 was known as "Nebula.”

Addendum 5827-1:

Foreword: The following is not a formal Interview with SCP-5827. Junior Researcher Kassidy Kara started a conversation with SCP-5827 on January 27th after complaints from SCP-5827 about recurring pain.

<Begin Log>

SCP-5827: Do you want to see the books I got?

Dr. Kara: Sure! What type of books have you been reading recently?

SCP-5827: I read a few journals… They’re nice because they talk about the world and the writer's life.

Dr. Kara: Yeah, journals are very fun to read. Did you know that I keep a journal?

SCP-5827: Really? Is it fun to write? (It sits up, cocking its head to its right.)

Dr. Kara: (They giggle.) You could say that. What other types of books do you like to read?

SCP-5827: I read some of the science ones, but a few of the words are too hard.

Dr. Kara: Yeah, I had that issue too when I was first starting out.

SCP-5827: How did you get past it?

Dr. Kara: I had some people to help me, and I practiced a lot.

SCP-5827: (It gasps.) Could you help me soon?

Dr. Kara: (Nods.) Of course.

SCP-5827: Um… Can I talk to you about something, Dr. Kara? (It pauses, taking a second to see a reaction.) Sometimes, my head starts to hurt and I feel like… I need to move the stars.

Dr. Kara: What do you mean?

SCP-5827: My head feels like it's gonna explode when I do. It never used to do this when I was free.

Dr. Kara: Oh… What did you do when you were free?

SCP-5827: I would create things. Stars, they are always very pretty. I loved looking at them. So I created more. Those stars create planets and other really pretty things.

Dr. Kara: So you would make things that were pretty?

SCP-5827: Yeah! It's like, uh, creating things. Like writing or drawing, it's fun. But, sometimes they beg me to see them again.

Dr. Kara: That’s cool, I enjoy looking at the stars too.

SCP-5827: I just need to help them… My body hurts when I try.

Dr. Kara: I know. I’ll try to work something out for you, is that alright Nebula?

SCP-5827: (It nods, smiling at Dr. Kara.) Thank you!

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-5827 continues to express pain when its radiation is present. Currently there is no plan to research the effects of SCP-5827 on the outside world despite previous proposals.

Star Journal-1:

Jan, 29th, Nebula

Dear Journal,

Doctor Kara is a kind person. Although, they can’t stop feeling like they're talking to a ten-year-old. They’ve read my file and know that I’m over 800,000, but it still feels weird. It’s very understandable, since I’m very very young even for a star. They’re always super kind when they hang out with me. They even got me this journal! Unfortunately, they go somewhere else after April, some sort of Junior Researcher rotation or something. I dislike it because they’ve been so nice.

But I worry about them… Doctor Kara is stressing out about a lot. They have a girlfriend who's going through a rough time with the Foundation. I hope they work it out. It would suck to have that type of thing happen.

I recently asked them about it, and they acted surprised and asked me how I knew. We were both surprised, since I didn't know how I knew that. I just did?

Anyway, it's kind of lonely in containment. I miss the stars, I don’t even get to see them anymore. They pull me to them, but every time I try to play with them or give them more friends my room gets all hot and my body feels like it's being torn apart. It's not fun.

Lights out! Night night journal, sleep good.

Addendum 5827-2:

Foreword: Follow-up on SCP-5827's complaints that pain has gotten worse in the last month from.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Kara: Nebula, can I ask you a few questions?

SCP-5827: Hi Dr. Kara!

Dr. Kara: (They pull out a laminated pain chart.) What number would you say is the pain you feel right now?

SCP-5827: (It puts its left hand to its cheek.) Uhh, a three.

Dr. Kara: Alright, that's bearable. (They frown and look at their notes.) So when you try to move the stars and can’t, what number is it then?

SCP-5827: 10. It hurts. (It shakes its head looking down, tears welling in its eyes.)

Dr. Kara: Hmm, where does it hurt?

SCP-5827: Everywhere, but my head hurts the worst.

Dr. Kara: Alright, how often does this happen?

SCP-5827: A lot. The stars need me… (Its nose starts dripping glowing blood. It notices and starts wailing)

Dr. Kara: Oh! Ok, ok. Let's get you cleaned up. It's going to be ok. (They stand up to help SCP-5827.)

SCP-5827: Ok… (It stands up as it starts crying.)

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-5827 continues to express extreme pain while experiencing its properties. SCP-5827 has not been observed to bleed before; this bleeding has continued from its nose, mouth, ears, eyes, and palms. Site psychiatry and medical staff have been investigating possible solutions.

Star Journal-2:

Date: March, 17th, Nebula

Dear Journal,

I’m so tired… It's really hot in my room, but I haven’t been trying to make stars. I haven't seen many people around recently. The stars need me. They need something…

I started bleeding again… I have to go clean up.

Ok. I’m back. Things have been stupid. I don’t like reading anymore… I can’t focus on anything but my body breaking. The stars want me back. I’m not doing my job.

I always thought I was going to go to the beach or Japan or some pretty place. I think they want me back. I miss them so much, but I can’t get to them. Time feels like it's stopped, this isn’t fun anymore. I really want out. They still don’t know how to help me, but they think this is something that just happens. I can’t read anymore.

I’m sorry Journal, I can’t stay up much longer. I’m very sorry.

Star Journal-3:

Date: March, 24th, Nebula

Dear Journal,

They started to allow me nightly visits to the courtyard. I’m very tired still, but I can see the stars again! They missed me so much they came down to me!!! I played with them, and started working on some new friends for them!

Anyway, that granted me a sketch book and a mirror so I’ve been working on!!! THIS:
I draw things now. It also turns out that I’m turning red now! I didn’t think this was going to happen for at least 20,000 years! I’m turning red early! This is super cool! I’m also a bit taller than how I remembered myself. My eyes are still grey, but that's gonna change soon. I’ve stopped bleeding so that's good, I also don’t hurt as bad. Gaaaaaaaahhhh! I’m super excited that I’m turning red! It means that I’m turning into an adult!

Dr. Kara’s been promoted and stopped being a junior researcher for me. That's sad, but they’re much happier now! I loved them, I hope they don’t forget me! ♡ I miss them.

Anyway, I’m gonna go to sleep. Night Journal!!
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