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Item#: 5824
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Special Containment Procedures: Due to the collapse of Site-25, Site-32 has been designated for SCP-5824’s containment. On the first day of each month, SCP-5824 is to be removed from its safe and brought to Sector 111 alongside an appropriate candidate for SCP-5824-1. Upon reaching the correct location, class-A amnestics are to be administered to the candidate, who is to immediately touch SCP-5824. For the safety of all individuals involved, no direct contact is to be made with SCP-5824 at any other point in its handling.

Containment of SCP-5824-1 is to be exclusively assigned to Mobile Task Force Epsilon-7 (“The Twelve Labors”). This task force is not to have the Foundation logo anywhere on their uniforms nor are they to proclaim their association with the Foundation in any way. They are to be assigned the goal of killing SCP-5824-1. Their belief of this is important to guarantee that they will become an instance of SCP-5824-2. When they inevitably fail their believed goal they are to be disbanded immediately in order to prevent lasting consequences to the members. Afterwards, a new, identical, task force can be made with different members.

When Site-32 recruits D-Class, some are to be designated as candidates for SCP-5824-1. One candidate is needed for each month, but additional should be selected as a safety measure. Candidates selected for SCP-5824-1 are not to be given any information about the Foundation or the existence of the anomalous. They are to have no interaction with other D-Class or unapproved Foundation personnel. A candidate may only be used for the containment of SCP-5824 once. Afterwards, they are to be amnesticized and used as D-Class.

If SCP-5824-1 escapes containment, conflict is not to be initiated. Instead, a clear surrender is to be announced by a nearby personnel member with the highest authority.2 If the highest authority is not certain, any personnel may attempt to issue the surrender.

Description: SCP-5824 is a large, leather bound book weighing approximately one kilogram. The cover is unmarked aside from signs of weathering. Approximately 20-30 pages at the beginning have been torn from the spine, leaving SCP-5824 entirely blank when it was first discovered.

If any individual makes contact with SCP-5824, they become an instance of SCP-5824-1. Instances of SCP-5824-1 will begin to pursue a specific individual or organization that they consider immoral that they have a strong dislike of. The exact criteria for how the target, henceforth referred to as SCP-5824-2, is selected have yet to be determined (see testing logs for more details.) As of yet, all attempts to stop the two from meeting have ended in failure. So far, instances of SCP-5824-1 have destroyed any methods of restraining them. SCP-5824-1 also appears to have an innate knowledge of the location of SCP-5824-2, preventing any attempts at concealment. Once they meet, SCP-5824-1 will initiate a physical conflict with SCP-5824-2 or its members, always leading to a “victory condition” in favor of SCP-5824-1.3

After the condition is met, SCP-5824-1 will lose all anomalous properties except for a significant increase in self-confidence. SCP-5824-2, in most cases, will have a permanent effect placed on it. The effect may be anomalous or mundane, but anomalous means will always prevent the effect from being counteracted. While SCP-5824-1 seems to decide the effect, SCP-5824 likely influences the decision. Examples of effects include:

  • A public apology on behalf of SCP-5824-2.
  • If SCP-5824-2 has violated state or federal law, ensuring the associated law enforcement officers successfully apprehend them.
  • If SCP-5824-2 is an individual, removal from their position of status and/or power.
  • If SCP-5824-2 is an organization, implementation of policies to restrict their functionality, or complete disbandment.

While SCP-5824-1 holds SCP-5824, the pages fill with text describing its actions. All text in SCP-5824 appears to be handwritten, with the handwriting remaining the same across all holders. Attempts to determine the origin of the handwriting are ongoing. No other method of writing in SCP-5824 produces any visible result. SCP-5824 is seemingly unable to run out of pages, generating new ones whenever it would become completely full. Despite this, SCP-5824’s size and mass never change.

SCP-5824 has never directly caused death or permanent injury to an individual. Even in circumstances where such a consequence would be expected, such as being beaten to unconsciousness. If SCP-5824-2 dies, all effects placed on it will go away. The same goes if all members of SCP-5824-2 leave the organization, even if an identical organization is formed.

SCP-5824-A is a probabilistic phenomenon that follows SCP-5824. Due to SCP-5824-A’s effects, some individual will touch SCP-5824 within 1-12 months of its last contact. All events caused by SCP-5824-A appear to be non-anomalous (e.g. locks failing or equipment breaking) but its existence is implied by the frequency of these events.

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