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by J Dune

Item#: 5818
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Provisional Site-5818, located in Niagara Falls, Ontario

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
CAONNA Provisional Site-5818 M. Margaret Clarke C. James Clive NA



Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawler Beta-8 ("MODERN PROMETHEUS") is to monitor discussion forums and image boards for phrases associated with SCP-5818 and remove them upon discovery.

The locus of SCP-5818-related phenomena has been bought by the Foundation and converted to Provisional Site-5818, which will remain open to the public. Several Foundation agents with scores of at least 75 on the Kull memetic resistance scale have been implanted into the restaurant's internal structure, and are to monitor for SCP-5818 events.

Each SCP-5818 event is to be recorded and reviewed for any deviations in the established narrative. Following the completion of the event, all participants are to be amnesticized. Provisional Site-5818 is to remain closed until all remnants of the event are disposed of.

Deliberate triggering of an SCP-5818 event for research purposes is prohibited.

Description: SCP-5818 is a phenomenon occurring in a Burger King located in Niagara Falls, Ontario. This location bears 'Frankenstein' theming, as the restaurant is adjacent to a separate horror-themed tourist attraction. The instructions for triggering a SCP-5818 event, sourced from in April 2007, are listed below:

DontAsk 04/05/07 (Thu) 06:05:24 #1848131

>go to the frankenstein burger king in niagara falls
>ask for the frankenstein burger

These instructions were disseminated across the discussion board over several weeks, but did not receive significant attention. Four SCP-5818 events occurred in the weeks following the original post, alerting the Foundation to the anomaly's presence.

When an individual follows the instructions above and asks for a 'Frankenstein burger', SCP-5818-1 will be produced. No item on the Burger King menu is or has been referred to as a 'Frankenstein burger'. Regardless, employees will not perceive the request as abnormal, and will complete the order.

SCP-5818-1 is a burger topped with two meat patties, bacon, ketchup, and cheese. SCP-5818-1 resembles Burger King's 'Double Bacon Cheese Burger' in appearance and composition. Testing has shown SCP-5818-1 to be otherwise identical to Burger King's 'Double Bacon Cheese Burger' in all aspects, sans the anomalous properties that manifest upon initial consumption.

When an individual begins consumption of SCP-5818-1, a hallucinatory memetic phenomenon designated as an SCP-5818 event will occur. SCP-5818 events follow a consistent, recurring narrative. All individuals present inside Provisional Site-5818 during an event will be transposed into various archetypes fitting the narrative, which resembles the basic themes, vernacular, and plot of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. For a transcript of an SCP-5818 event, refer to Addendum 5818.1.

Following the completion of an SCP-5818 event, individuals will return to a non-anomalous state of mind, possessing full recall and awareness of the events that had transpired.

Research has proven this phenomenon is limited to the Burger King location in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Addendum 5818.1: SCP-5818 Narrative Transcript

The following account of an SCP-5818 event was transcribed by a Foundation agent with noted memetic resistance. This transcript is specifically derived from the 31st recorded SCP-5818 event, which occurred on 2008/06/29.


A customer bites into SCP-5818-1. Seconds later, the customer screams and drops the burger on the table in front of them. The customer stands atop a chair and calls the restaurant to attention.

Customer: What foul countenance! Behold, set your eyes on this wretched abnormality, whose visage will torment me 'til my reunification with the Father. Behold and remain weary!

The customer gestures to SCP-5818-1. Bystanding customers begin to crowd the table to view SCP-5818-1, expressing cries of shock and distress. A customer faints.

Bystander: Such unnatural hue! Oh, to be belabored with a fiendish existence as this! Composed from both the slaughterhouse and the learning room, an abhorrent creation!

Customer: Am I to consume this vile concoction of parts as I am my brother's cow, or a mother's milk? Is our sustenance derived from the land, or from the laboratory?

Customers begin to perceive SCP-5818-1 as capable of speech. Dialogue is audible to those involved in an SCP-5818-1 event, and has remained consistent across accounts.

SCP-5818-1: Did I request thee, Maker, from my meat to mold me burger? Did I solicit thee from the kitchen to promote me?1

Bystander: Horror! Horror! It speaks as if it were man, but it is burger! It knows not of the existential diatribe it spews from its chemically enhanced mouth! Tell us, why hath you begat this wretch?

The crowd of bystanders begin to approach the customer, who removes themselves from the chair and begins walking backwards.

Customer: Hear me, it was not an abortion of my creation. Please! I beg you, look to Frankenstein, who wrought this beast with his own hands in his occult kitchen-sanctum!

The customer gestures to the register. The cook who prepared SCP-5818-1 walks out of the kitchen. Customers perceive the cook as harboring lacerations and stitches across their face and body. Their skin is perceived as an unnatural, green coloration, and as a whole resembles a typical depiction of the "Frankenstein's Monster" character.

SCP-5818-1: My accursed forefather! You who have given me life and misplaced hope, gave me witness to beauty and creation, while placing me in this devilishly tasty form! Do you not feel remorse for casting me into a world that wishes to see me consumed?

Cook: I fear no retribution, fallen angel! As the Titans created man, I have created burger! This is my purpose.

Customer: Look, your culprit! Impose your punishment and affix him to Caucasus, where his liver can be pecked. A fitting punishment for a man who tests God.

The bystanders approach the cook, and begin to physically restrain him.

Cook: I pursued knowledge, my burden is light. Like so many before me, do what you will. I will not show cowardice.

SCP-5818-1: How miserable is this comestible, juicy body. To be more than filthy meat! Satan revels in companionship, while I sit in silence and agony!

The bystanders force the cook into the kitchen, where they begin to tear the cook's limbs from their body. The limbs are then thrown into a broiler oven. The frenzy continues until the cook's body is small enough to fit in the broiler.

Customer: Frankenstein brought fate upon himself! Tragedy, or purification? The question is asked but there is no truth.

The oven is powered on, and the cook's body burns. The bystanders watch and revel in the cook's death.

Away from the kitchen, SCP-5818-1 continues its lament.

SCP-5818-1: If thou desired nurture over nutrition, perhaps I would not live in misery. Farewell, vengeful father. Farewell! I shall depart to the coldest regions of this wicked world, where I shall lay!

SCP-5818-1 disappears.


Researcher's Note: Following the event, all witnesses and participants were amnesticized. Due to the loss of life involved in SCP-5818 events and noted lack of variation between them, further research of the phenomenon through deliberate triggering of an event has been discontinued. The present location of SCP-5818-1 instances is unknown.

-Dr. Clive, 2008/06/29

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