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Item#: 5817
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Figure 1.1: A map retrieved from one of SCP-5817's websites, representing SCP-5817-1.

Special Containment Procedures: All internet services in a country affected by SCP-5817 are to be shut down until SCP-5817's websites are inaccessible. Automated programs are to monitor SCP-5817's activity by collecting all information in its pages and storing it in Site-68's computers. All remaining evidence of the existence of SCP-5817-1 is to be denied to the general public.

Description: SCP-5817 is a monthly phenomenon that affects all internet services in a country for roughly one minute. Attempts of accessing any website during SCP-5817 will redirect users to a counterpart that advertises a nonexistant country named Republic of Kingston, designated SCP-5817-1. According to these altered pages, SCP-5817-1:

  • Includes the territories of Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic and parts of Mexico and Guatemala.
  • Has large cultural and ethnic varieties.
  • Is a democratic republic with a president named Horace Rosencratz, a 71 year old male.
  • Has no documented cases of civilian violence in its territories.

Figure 1.2: A flag retrieved from one of SCP-5817's websites.

Discovery: SCP-5817 was first documented in March 15th of 2013, having taken place in Jamaica. The manifestation caused a collective hysteria due to being interpreted as a declaration of the independence of Kingston, the local capital city, made by a revolutionary group. While Jamaican authorities managed to pacify the population by stating the SCP-5817 event was "an inoffensive prank made by hackers", none of the affected sites showed any trace of hacking in their change logs.

While the Foundation would later intervene in police investigations, SCP-5817 wouldn't be officially classified until April 15th of the same year, when it took place in Panama. Dr. Ignatius has been assigned to study SCP-5817 since then.

Incident Report SCP-5817-A:

In December 15th of 2015, an SCP-5817 news website named Kingston Everyday announced that president Horace Rosencratz was considering to let a fleet of patrol boats watch the city of Nassau, Bahamas, after a flawed negotiation with the local Prime Minister. It was also mentioned that the Bahamas have been launching attacks against SCP-5817-1 territory for unknown reasons. Later that day, locals reported the presence of unmanned vessels with unidentified flags near the coastal zone of Nassau. The Foundation managed to retrieve one of the boats for study purposes. Perry Christie, Prime Minister of the Bahamas at the time, claimed to never have met anyone named Horace Rosencratz.

In January 15th of 2016, Kingston Everyday became accessible again and displayed the following headlines:

Kingstonian Patrol Boat Stolen!

Interview Log SCP-5817-B:

Interviewed: Subject-5817-B

Interviewer: Dr. Ignatius

Foreword: Subject-5817-B, a 71-year-old Caucasian male, was found in February 16th of 2016 in Cuba and taken to Site-68 to be interviewed. Comparisons showed that subject bears great resemblance to images of Horace Rosencratz extracted from SCP-5817's websites. No information about name and origin of the subject was found in any non-SCP-5817 database before the interview.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Ignatius: Alright, now that we are here, could you please tell me your name?

Subject-5817-B: My name? Well, you can call me Horace.

Dr. Ignatius: So, Mr. Horace, you don't seem to come from Cuba and-

Subject-5817-B: Cuba? Don't you mean the "Havana district"?

Dr. Ignatius: No, sir. I said Cuba

Subject-5817-B: Oh no no no, (laughs) Cuba isn't that dumpster you're talking about anymore, it's part of something bigger now: the Republic of Kingston.

Dr. Ignatius: I don't think I ever heard about a place like this really existing.

Subject-5817-B: Hm? How could you never have heard of Kingston?

Dr. Ignatius: The Kingston I know is the capital city of Jamaica, not a well known country. Could you please tell me about it?

Subject-5817-B: Well yes! Kingston is located in Central America and it's a paradise unlike any other place in the continent, with natural beauty, gorgeous cities and an efficient government, and I'm not saying this just because I'm the President. (laughs)

Dr. Ignatius: So you're the President of that "Republic" you're talking about. Well, then what have you done for your country so far?

Subject-5817-B: You see, I worry about other places of the world, about how they lack the features that make Kingston perfect. Right now, most of them are questionable, unlikable, some shouldn't even be countries to begin with! Take this place for example: great ambitions, insufficient resources, ones that only Kingston can efficiently provide. That's why I started the Kingstonian expansion project.

Dr. Ignatius: You were given information about us before?

Subject-5817-B: Well yes. There was a day where one of our patrol boats was stolen back in 2015, and the Kingstonian Intelligence Center manage to track it. According to them, the ship was inside this exact site, owned by some kind of Foundation. Since that day, they have researched information about you and how you study supposed anomalies, some really hard to keep under control. On the other hand, we have a powerful army and technology that would certainly make your most dangerous monsters look like little bunnies stuck in a cage. So, lets make a deal, shall we?

Dr. Ignatius: A deal?

Subject-5817-B: This place becomes our territory for scientific research and, in return, we shall help you with containment and structural improvements. What do you think?

Dr. Ignatius: I-I'm sorry, sir, but this isn't the purpose of the interview.

Subject-5817-B: Then I think I'm done with it for now. Is there any way to talk to whoever directs this (pauses) place?

Dr. Ignatius: I'm afraid this won't be possible.

Subject-5817-B: Well, then I guess there is no point discussing it right now. We'd be better off talking about this another day. In this case, could someone take me to the exit?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: After the interview, subject was taken to a humanoid containment cell in Site-68. All attempts at amnesticization of the entity were unsuccessful.

Incident Log SCP-5817-C:

Foreword: In the morning of March 15th of 2016, a camera documented two Foundation guards, who were responsible for watching Subject-5817-B slowly having their appearences changed while keeping the same outfit. The transformation took place during SCP-5817, which was affecting Site-68 at the time, and the affected guards removed Subject-5817-B from its cell after the event was over. Two minutes later, Dr. Ignatius, who was walking at a nearby corridor at the time, encountered the two guards and Subject-5817-B. A different camera managed to record the event.
Below is a transcript of the recorded content.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Ignatius is walking down a corridor when he meets the two guards and Subject-5817-B

Dr. Ignatius: W-what are you doing in here? Weren''t you supposed to keep the subject in the containment cell?

Guard 1: We have been ordered to take this subject to Dock-7 so it can be transferred to Site-██.

Dr. Ignatius: Transferring this subject is out of question at the moment, I still need some interviews with him to understand SCP-5817.

Guard 2: Earlier orders from the site directory stated that the transfer is a top priority.

Dr. Ignatius: I was at the site directory this morning and saw their schedules, there was nothing about transfer there. Now could you please tak-(pauses) have I ever seen you two before?

Guard 2: We're (inaudible), hired by the Foundation one year ago. Currently the only members of Site-68's security personnel to come from the Republic of Kingston.

Dr. Ignatius: Kingston? No no no no no, the Foundation never hired anyone from Kingston, I will call the real security perso-

Speaker: Attention all security personnel, Subject-5817-B is currently being transferred to Site-██. (inaudible) are responsible for transporting the subject and should not be interrupted during the process. Boat-23 has been deployed on Dock-7 for use by the transfer team.

Dr. Ignatius: What? B-but-

Guard 1: You heard the Site Director, now please step out of our way.

(Dr. Ignatius walks away while the guards continue to escort Subject-5817-B)

<End Log>

Closing Statement: After the incident, the two guards responsible for Subject-5817-B's transfer and Site-68's Director were interviewed. When questioned about their actions, the individuals stated that they "were men of Kingston and were simply doing what's right for their country". The Foundation managed to track the Boat-23, which was found docked in the city of Nassau.


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