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Distribution scheme of SCP-5814-A within Laniakea supercluster.

Item#: 5814
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-5814 is impossible and unnecessary. SCP-5814's phenomenon is unlikely to cause any significant threats to carbon-based organisms for the foreseeable future, but it is expected that a mass extinction of carbon-based life will occur on a timescale of millions of years.

The anomalous effect of SCP-5814 is observable with the following procedure.

Description: SCP-5814 is an anomalous phenomenon influencing multiple clusters within the Laniakea supercluster2.

SCP-5814 does not change physical laws in the affected region but affects the behavior of chemical reactions by altering the interaction strength between atoms and molecules, sharply decreasing the activation energy3 of different reactions involving electric charge, making systems that are thermodynamically unstable but dynamically stable reach the status of thermal equilibrium rapidly. Considering that non-equilibrium processes play essential roles in the sustaining of life, progression of SCP-5814 over time may cause a CC-Class "Collapse of Chemistry" scenario, with the result that carbon-based chemistry will no longer provide conditions suitable for life.

Although the potential destructive effects of SCP-5814 has never been directly observed, studies have revealed that SCP-5814 may have initiated several CC-Class Scenarios in the past, resulting in the current ecology of the universe. Based on observations, SCP-5814 currently has limited negative impacts on carbon-based biology, but its effect will be unignorable in the time scale of millions of years.

The effects of SCP-5814 within its range of influence are embodied by a specific medium, SCP-5814-A. SCP-5814-A behaves like an ideal gas physically and is speculated to be composed of a kind of previously unknown boson4. Particles that constitute SCP-5814-A are electrically neutral, but has a measurable electric susceptibility and behaves as a dielectric material in the presence of an electric field, manifesting an induced dipole5. SCP-5814-A can spatially penetrate all known solids, liquids, and gases, but its effects only manifest at atomic scales. For interactions at subatomic scales, SCP-5814-A will not cause any obvious effects.

SCP-5814-A's electric susceptibility anomalously increases over time. As SCP-5814-A can penetrate through all known forms of matter, changes in its electric susceptibility affect the polarity of nearby matter, increasing the macroscopic dielectric constant of causing polar materials. It is proven that the rate of change in electric susceptibility follows the ████████ equation. Based on theoretical computation, the current value of SCP-5814-A's electric susceptibility is ████.

Addendum I. The discovery of SCP-5814

In 1972, Foundation researcher Dr. Arnold Freking discovered a change in the measured speed of light in the air while reviewing earlier measurements of the speed of light. Though insignificant, the measured speed of light in air was found to have decreased in the past 100 years. This effect was shown to be more observable in water, in which the speed of light has decreased by ██.██% in the last 100 years. Observations of other physical constants, such as measurements of the rate of nuclear reactions, have shown that speed of light in vacuum has not changed. Analysis based on observations, Hubble's law6, and virial theorem7 has shown that an unknown medium is distributed across certain regions of the Laniakea Supercluster. This medium had a certain degree of electric susceptibility and increased the dielectric constant of polar substances such as water upon interaction.

Analysis based on observed values showed that under the effects of SCP-5814-A, the speed of light observed in different media over time follows the equation c=c0×(bF+kFt)-1/2, now called Freking's law. This result implies that SCP-5814-A causes the relative dielectric constant of matter to change linearly with time. Dr. Freking deemed such phenomenon enough to declare SCP-5814 an anomaly. He reported his observation result to the Physics and Mathematics Research Institution of the Foundation (SCP-PMRI), who then classified the phenomenon on ██/█/1980.

Addendum II. Extract SCP-5814 research report, submitted to the Overseer Council by PMRI (██/██/2000)


Under the effect of SCP-5814, the activation energy of some reactions will be significantly lowered, which allows the corresponding reactions to proceed at a relatively low temperature.

……By applying computational methods, we have proven that the cumulative impact of SCP-5814 has greatly changed the equilibrium pattern of chemical reactions within its region of effect in the Laniakea supercluster, especially reactions involving heavy elements and/or driven by electrostatic interactions.

The main observable effect of SCP-5814 is to increase the dielectric constant of solvents, which is largely deleterious to most biochemical reactions. An illustrative example of the anomaly's impact is the stability of all-silicon analogs of biochemical molecules in water. Despite the fact that silicon dioxide is more thermodynamically stable than aqueous solutions of silicon biochemical analogues at any time, 8 billion years ago, the precipitation of silicon dioxide from these molecules and water would require a significantly higher activation energy. As a result, they could exist stably in aqueous environments even at room temperature.

Via theoretical calculations, we determined that the chemistry of silicon 8 billion years ago may have been as diverse and stable as modern organic chemistry. It was possible to design a whole set of stable silicon-based life-forming molecules. We could compute silicon analogs of amino acids, sugars, and nucleotides. They are capable of aggregating and forming silicon-based life which is similar to modern carbon-based life.

As we know, as one of the most abundant substances in the universe, water would be the most appropriate solvent for life. If we keep pushing back in time, we may discover more varieties of life based on different chemistries. Phosphorus, sulfur, even metals. The tolerance of these systems towards water would be significantly increased, which would greatly increase the possibility of evolving life.

Based on such discoveries, we believe that we have already reached a conclusion about the potential hazards of SCP-5814. In the past 8 billion years, the dielectric constant of water has already increased significantly because of SCP-5814. SCP-5814 will lower the tolerance of certain compounds towards water, leading to rapid hydrolytic destruction8 of the potential life-forming molecules, and finally reach the inert state of thermodynamic equilibrium.

Doomsday, for us, is inevitable, like what silicon-based life went through billions of years ago. We will become the nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water in Earth's atmosphere, become part of this planet's natural environment, and hand the baton of life to the next kind of life form.

Mechanization or digitization of our bodies may perpetuate the existence of the human species for a short period of time, but these methods still rely on physical mediums, which we expect to be destroyed by water given that the effect of SCP-5814 strengthens as time passes. We now believe that these options will remain vulnerable to SCP-5814 and cannot be regarded as a solution.

We will meet the end of all life even without SCP-5814, but it will accelerate this process. Due to its properties, we currently hold the pessimistic view that we cannot contain the effects of SCP-5814, just as how we cannot resist the second law of thermodynamics.

Addendum III. Archaeological Exploration History in Greenland

In year 1986, giant groups of supracrustal rock pillars were discovered beneath the tundra in Greenland while quarrying. These rock pillars may be among the oldest landscapes on the Earth, estimated to have existed for over 3.8 billion years, but internally displaying excavation marks unexplainable by natural phenomena.

Site-██ acquired ownership of the land on █/█/1986 and cordoned off surrounding regions. Exhumations completed on █/█/1990.


Part of rock pillars in Greenland Region after completion of exhumation.

During 1991~2013, MTF-█-██ carried out multiple explorations of the area and revealed more clues about the previous effects of SCP-5814 on Earth. Some contents of the exploration activities are summarized in the extract of the related report shown below.

……These ancient rock pillars are quite unusual. They were very well preserved by the surface tundra, which allowed us to investigate structural details even after billions of years.

We have discovered complicated, intercrossing caves within these pillars, unexplainable by any known natural causes. These special cave-like structures may have specific functions in the past, such as an ancient city built by prehistoric civilizations.

The fourth operation has brought back a 2.4 mL sample of an unidentified amber-colored liquid and a cuboid sample of diamond containing regular etched patterns with stored information. The liquid was later identified to be polysiloxane compounds dissolved with low amounts of silicon-oxygen clusters, likely to be the remains of organisms based on silicon-oxygen chemistry.

Considering that the pillars were formed 3.8 billion years ago, it is unlikely that the structures were built by terrestrial carbon-based organisms. This point of time is earlier than the earliest carbon-based life. We can confirm that we have discovered direct evidence of form of life based on silicon-oxygen compounds, which is different from almost all known carbon-based organisms. This area may be ruins of a colony of these silicon-oxygen-based organisms.


A specimen of silicon-oxygen-based organisms discovered in the operation.

Direct evidence of life based on silicon-oxygen compounds was discovered in nearby sedimentary rock layers during the sixth exploration operation. Fossil-like fragments of a previously unknown organism were found, along with the existence of silicate particles encapsulating some catalytically-active cluster molecules, mainly composed of silicon and oxygen.

These particles were confirmed to be spore-like propagules of a silicon-based lifeform, which survives on silicate minerals. To cultivate these organisms, a solvent called dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) should be used to replace water. The relative dielectric constant of DMSO is 48, significantly lower than the value of water (around 80). The need for DMSO for this organism could be explained by the effect of SCP-5814, which has raised the dielectric constant of water.

Addendum IV. Extract from PMRI's report on the latest progress about the clay hypothesis9(█/█/2019)

Some hypotheses postulate that clay minerals have played essential roles in the formation of carbon-based life on Earth. There is already literature documenting that clay minerals can store energy from mechanical force and cosmic rays, and may enable the formation of primordial organic molecules with such energy.10. There have been recent multiple publications focusing on this hypothesis. Several pieces of evidence have supported the hypothesis that porous structures inside clay minerals may absorb carbon-containing molecules that can create life e.g. amino acids, allowing them to react in the clay hydrogel, resulting in important biomacromolecules.11

Recent results from internal research have also shown that the formation of carbon-based lifeforms is likely to be based within vesicles of clay minerals containing transition metal elements. The formation of such vesicles in a silicon-rich environment is not difficult. They raise carbon-based life, like alchemists' flasks raised homunculi.12

However, from alternative perspective, another possibility emerges. As fungi live on the nutrition in dead wood, could carbon-based organisms be born on the corpses of silicon-based life?

Recently, the team studying SCP-5814 has reported some notable discoveries. They analyzed ore samples collected in Greenland since 1991 and unexpectedly discovered some polysiloxane liquids within, which contain a high content of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, phosphorus, and silicon-oxygen clusters with unusually complex structures. In inorganic synthesis chemistry, such compounds are considered precursors to the synthesis of silicate minerals.

We have never discovered such compounds in nature previously, as according to current experimental results, such compounds should be unstable under the conditions for hydrothermal mineralization. But if we consider SCP-5814's effects, then we must conclude that such molecules belonged to the corpses of a lifeform based on a silicon-oxygen biology.

The silicates in the region have existed for about 3.7 billion years. The formation of silicates generally indicates the collapse of complex systems based on silicon-oxygen clusters; in other words, the domination of silicon-based lifeforms on Earth, if it ever happened, would have ended about 3.7 billion years ago. Modern biology hypothesizes that this is the time period when carbon-based lifeforms originated on the Earth.

Taking Freking's law into consideration, we determined that when the Earth was just formed, carbon-containing compounds were too inert to evolve life. But approximately 3.7 billion years ago, SCP-5814 made the chemistry of carbon close to the edge of being able to evolve life. Under those conditions, the formation of life would require assistance from some catalysts, such as the aforementioned clay.

Addendum V. Interpretation of information contained within recovered diamond


Microscopic observation of the internal pattern of the diamond sample. Colors observed in the photo were caused by interference of light between etched patterns.

During the 4th operation exploring the area in Greenland, a finely polished black moissanite13 sphere was discovered. Using center of gravity, it was determined that one side of the moissanite sphere was hollow and the other was solid. After breaking the sphere's hollow side, a cuboid sample of colorless diamond with dimensions 1.2 × 1.5 × 0.8 cm was recovered, with etched traces inside. The etching method for such patterns is currently unknown.

On █/██/2020, decryption work on information stored within diamond crystal was finished. The stored content was a quintuply mathematically encrypted radio wave signal, with a frequency of ██-██GHz. Excluding environment noise, a complicated periodic signal was be identified, speculated to be an analytic language; vocabulary was only partially translated. The wave record lasted for 17 minutes and 24 seconds.

(white noise)

[prehistoric]-[life]-[Laniakea Supercluster?]

[5]-[13]-[14]-[15]-[16]-[23,8]-[26,27,28,44,76]-[42,74,8]14-[████]-[life]-[civilization? culture? technology?]

[live? survive?]-[competition]-[planet? galaxy?]-[water]-[dependence]

(white noise)

[(possibly expressing relation between subjects)]-[war? conflict? anger?]-[extinction? collapse?]-[14]-[(expressing active voice)]-[SCP-5814-A?]-[weapon]-[release? generate?]

[water]-[deadly]-[hydrolysis?]-[oxidation]-[life]-[destroy? kill? stop?]

[release? generate?]-[control]-[(expressing negation)]

[extinction? collapse?]-[(expressing order)]-[████]-[13]-[5]-[26,27,28,44,76]-[23,8]-[16]-[15]-[42,74,8]

[aimless spatial movement?]-[(expressing negative emotion)]-[14]15-[throughout]-[Laniakea Supercluster?]-[numerous]-[planet? galaxy?]-[(expressing negative emotion)]-[SCP-5814-A?]-[avoid happening of a certain incident?]

(white noise)

[planet? galaxy?]-[other]-[14]-[machanilization?]-[body]-[oxidation]-[(expressing causality)]-[extinction? collapse?]

[planet? galaxy?]-[other]-[14]-[hydrolysis?]-[(expressing causality)]-[extinction? collapse?]

[corpse? remains?]-[14]-[hydrolysis?]-[(expressing causality)]-[body]-[formation]-[life]-[14,8]16-[(first person plural?)]

[evolving]-[life]-[14,8]-[civilization? culture? technology?]-[time scale expression]

[Earth's coordinates]-[(expressing a certain moment?)]-[14]-[arrive? reach?]-[SCP-5814-A?]-[arrive? reach?]

[(expressing a certain moment?)]-[extinction? collapse?]-[14]-[inevitable]

[hydrolysis?]-[corpse? remains?]-[14]-[mantle?]-[formation]

(white noise)

[(expressing a certain moment?)]-[extinction? collapse?]-[14,8]-[start]

[aimless spatial movement?]-[(expressing negative emotion)]-[14,8]-[throughout]-[Laniakea Supercluster?]-[numerous]-[planet? galaxy?]-[(expressing negative emotion)]-[SCP-5814-A?]-[avoid happening of a certain incident?]

[Earth's coordinates]-[(expressing a certain moment?)]-[14,8]-[arrive? reach?]

[(expressing a certain moment?)]-[(unidentifiable, speculated to be a noun)]-[hydrolysis?]-[death]-[individual]-[all]-[inevitable]

[future form expression?]-[extinction? collapse?]-[14,8]-[inevitable]-[corpse? remains?]-[14]-[earth crust?]-[formation]

[(expressing negative emotion)]-[information]-[record]

(white noise)

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