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Item #: SCP-5812

Object Class: Eparch1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5812 is to be contained in Site-77, and the facility/space where this object was found will be sealed off with surveillance cameras mounted around its entrance.

Description: SCP-5812 is a small boat vessel, presumably originally designed for private use, with silver plating throughout. It is not equipped with a motor or other power source for aquatic propulsion. One notable feature is the unplated steel cofferdam that is bound to the exterior of the hull by several layers of chains. While the chains are considered easy to remove, the coffin is welded shut barring physical entry. Non-destructive testing has revealed the following contents inside the coffin.

  • Wine (which occupies the volume inside the entire coffin)
  • A humanoid entity (presumed to be already deceased)
  • 5 bullets
  • Wooden stake (through the chest of a humanoid entity, with some manner of plating)

SCP-5812 is non-anomalous and has no other features worth mentioning.

SCP-5812 was discovered during an earthquake on 2022/02/10 when an unusual noise was heard originating from the basement of Site-77. After investigating the cause of the strange noise, a hatch was unearthed 30 meters further down from the underground level of the site. The hatch led to a corridor, which led to a vast underground space.

This space is believed to have been sealed off by a heavy steel door, which was damaged when discovered. It is assumed that it was damaged by repeated earthquakes. The door was marked "Department of Abnormalities," and a placard that had fallen nearby read "The Count Who is Arrogant" in Italian.

SCP-5812 was found enshrined in space. The room wherein the anomaly was held is covered with cement. To note, there is a significant amount of damage marks found throughout the walls and ceiling of the space. Also found in the vicinity of SCP-5812 was a Mobile Task Force helmet. The design of the helmet is identical to past designs employed by the Foundation. Alongside this, two pieces of notepaper were found.

The helmet bore the Foundation's insignia, an unknown coat of arms, and the notation "MTF Γ-0". The papers, on the other hand, each contained the following statements.

Notice: SCP-███ has been placed under the control of the Department of Abnormalities under the direction of O5-11, as it is believed that it is no longer possible for the Foundation to house him. The incarceration and sanctioning will be handled by Mobile Task Force Gamma-0 ("Flaming Sword").

  • Remove from the main list
  • Amnestics treatment for peoples involved
  • Storage in departmental database
  • Imprison

It should be noted that to date, there is no indication that the Foundation has used the code name Mobile Task Force Gamma-0, and O5-11 has denied any involvement.

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