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Item №: SCP-5812

Anomaly Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5812 instances are fully contained within the Glasgow Necropolis, in the United Kingdom.

Four wide-area Scranton Reality Anchors are to be placed around the perimeter of the Necropolis in order to ensure the instances remain within.

Description: SCP-5812 is the group designation for a series of spectral anomalies confined to the Glasgow Necropolis. Each SCP-5812 instance is visually humanoid, albeit non-corporeal, and is present for approximately 280 days before it disappears.

Addendum: Investigation into the cause of SCP-5812 appearances.

Hypothesised Cause Correlation coefficient1
Activity of reality altering entities within Glasgow 0
Variation in Akiva radiation levels within Glasgow 0.04
Variation in Akiva radiation levels in the Necropolis 1
Deaths in Glasgow -0.001
Deaths in Scotland 0
Deaths in the Glasgow Royal Infirmary (GRI)2 -0.02
Admissions to the GRI -0.4
Scheduled appointments at the GRI -0.01
Emergency surgeries at the GRI -0.2
Births in the GRI -1

The exact cause of the correlation between births in the Glasgow Royal Infirmary and the demanifestation of SCP-5812 instances is currently being researched.

Update: After multiple pregnancies in the local area lasted for over 400 days without parturition occurring, the use of SRAs to contain SCP-5812 was indefinitely suspended by order of the Ethics Committee.

The Special Containment Procedures are to be revised within 3 days.

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