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Item #: SCP-5809

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5809 is contained in a 13 liter fish tank within a standard containment locker. SCP-5809 is not to be within sight of SCP-5809-1.

Description: SCP-5809 is a ryukin goldfish capable of psychokinetic manipulation, as well as writing broken English. It has exclusively utilized this ability to play the multiplayer game League of Legends.1 SCP-5809 accessed League of Legends through a Dell laptop, hereby referred to as SCP-5809-1.

In League of Legends, SCP-5809 exclusively played the champion Fizz.2 During each match, SCP-5809 typed excessively in the game's chat, usually to degrade other players and boast about itself. It played under the username "GGEZGETCARRIED," and played in Gold elo in the solo queue competitive ladder.

Addendum 1 - Discovery: SCP-5809 was discovered when Alex Marcin encountered an unfamiliar account that was logged into his League of Legends client. Upon discovery of SCP-5809 and SCP-5809-1, field agent Gary Morrison asked SCP-5809's account a question using Alex's account. The log can be found below.

Alex Marcin was properly amnesticized after containment.

Addendum 2 - Game Chat Logs: The following log is an excerpt from the game chat in a match SCP-5809 was present in.

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