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SCP-5807 prior to containment, resting on a docked ship.

Item #: SCP-5807

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-5807 are to be contained within a reasonably sized aviary, complete with an assortment of coastal plants and a pool designed for wildlife of similar sizes to SCP-5807, located at Site-43. SCP-5807 is to be given 6 fish, each of which is approximately 1 kilogram dispensed by a tank in its pool once every 24 hours. SCP-5807 should be given bimonthly psychiatric evaluation or if it expresses abnormal psychiatric behavior. Each SCP-5807 instance is permitted to read Ms. Cooley's file once a week upon its request. During these periods, SCP-5807 is permitted to suggest alterations to Ms. Cooley's file. These alterations can be accepted or denied by the site manager. In the event of a containment breach, SCP-5807 instances should be captured and returned to its aviary by a weighted rubber net.

Description: SCP-5807 is a triad of fully grown male brown pelicans. SCP-5807 instances collectively refer to each other as brothers, though genetic testing to determine biological relations have proven inconclusive. Each pelican possesses the ability to speak the English language, despite lacking a properly adapted larynx, teeth, or tongue. SCP-5807-1 is the oldest of the three instances and shows extremely protective behavior over other instances of SCP-5807. In contrast, SCP-5807-2 shows pestering behavior, commonly harassing personnel assigned to its containment and will persistently inquire about topics such as modifying its feeding schedule. SCP-5807-2 overall has proven to be the most aggressive compared to other instances of SCP-5807. SCP-5807-3 is the youngest instance of SCP-5807, has the smallest beak size, and prefers to remain silent in the presence of Foundation staff in most situations.

SCP-5807 shows signs of confusion when referred to as such and, proceeding Interview Log 5807-1, were requested that they are given alternative designations. SCP-5807-1 addressed themselves as "David", SCP-5807-2 as "Thomas" and SCP-5807-3 as "Vincent." SCP-5807 explained that a woman by the name of "Ethel" had given these names to them as chicks. Instances are occasionally unresponsive to their designations and, as such, their supposed names may be used in interviews as necessary.

Discovery: SCP-5807 was apprehended in Shipyard Villas in Fort Myers, Florida, on March 6, 2017. SCP-5807 was seen interrogating two women, inquiring for the whereabouts of an Ethel Ellice Cooley. Ms. Cooley was a Caucasian woman who resided within Fort Myers, Florida, until she expired at the age of 72 on April 29, 2012, in the Cape Coral Hospital due to her gastrointestinal stromal tumor that had been present in her body for approximately a year. Both SCP-5807 and the two women were apprehended; the women were given Class-B amnestics and released 5 hours later. Once contained, SCP-5807 was interrogated about its reasoning for searching for Ms. Cooley.

Incident Log 5807-1
Upon retrieval of SCP-5807, SCP-5807-2 was observed by a passing fisherman uttering several expletives to a field agent who had apprehended SCP-5807-1 and 3. The fisherman eventually moved to a further distance when SCP-5807-2 began verbally harassing him for "looking at him the wrong way." SCP-5807-2's distraction is what allowed field agents to recover them.

March 6, 2017, Interview Log 5807-1:

Interviewed: SCP-5807

Interviewer: Dr. Perrigo

Foreword: Upon being transferred to a standard aviary in Site-43, the following interview was conducted. SCP-5807 appears distressed and distracted.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Perrigo: Hello SCP-5807. I have some questions for you.

SCP-5807-3: Excuse me, do you know Ethel?

Dr. Perrigo: Who?

SCP-5807-2: Big lady, couldn't miss 'er.

SCP-5807-3: Don't say that! She's the only one that fed you!

Dr. Perrigo: This Ethel, she fed you?

SCP-5807-1: Fed all of us.

Dr. Perrigo: What did she feed you?

SCP-5807-1: Crackers mainly.

SCP-5807-3: So, where is she?

Dr. Perrigo: We'll have to find out.

SCP-5807-2: Well, tell us when you find her, would you?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: The Foundation discovered a small digital hospital record that held Ms. Cooley's expiration information and revealed that she had expired 5 years previously. Dr. Perrigo thought it unwise to inform SCP-5807 that Ms. Cooley expired and continued to feign ignorance of Ms. Cooley's whereabouts.

Incident Log 5807-2
SCP-5807-2 inquired about the timing of their feeding schedule. When the maintenance staff responded "In 5 hours", SCP-5807-2 began violently cuffing maintenance staff near the base of the neck. When SCP-5807-1 attempted to stop them, they sustained the same treatment as the maintenance staff.

March 10, 2017, Interview Log 5807-2:

Interviewed: SCP-5807

Interviewer: Dr. Perrigo

Foreword: SCP-5807 appears increasingly agitated and has continued to ask where Ms. Cooley is located to multiple doctors and maintenance staff.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Perrigo: How are you feeling, SCP-5807?

SCP-5807-2: Where is she?

Dr. Perrigo: We still don't know.

SCP-5807-3: Just let us out and we can find Ethel!

Dr. Perrigo: I'm afraid we can't do that.

[SCP-5807-1 reaches over the table to Dr. Perrigo's clipboard while the doctor is speaking to SCP-5807-2 and SCP-5807-3]

Dr. Perrigo: I have a few questions to ask you actually. Firstly, when was your last meeting with-

SCP-5807-1: You know.

Dr. Perrigo: What?

SCP-5807-1: Ethel. You know about Ethel.

Dr. Perrigo: What? What are you talking about?

SCP-5807-1: Your clipboard.

[SCP-5807-1 makes eye contact with Dr. Perrigo and remains silent]

SCP-5807-3: Where is she then?

SCP-5807-2: Let us out so we can find her!

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. Perrigo has been dismissed following this interview due to inattentive work relating to SCP-5807.

Incident Log 5807-3
SCP-5807-3 asks SCP-5807-1 "What's wrong". SCP-5807-2 responds with "Shh; he's mating". SCP-5807-3 retreated to a corner of the aviary, where they did not observe SCP-5807-1 harassing SCP-5807-2.

March 12, 2017, Interview Log 5807-3:

Interviewed: SCP-5807-1

Interviewer: Dr. Jean-Paul

Foreword: SCP-5807-1 was separated from SCP-5807-2 and SCP-5807-3 for questioning. It is worth noting that SCP-5807-1 has not informed SCP-5807-2 or SCP-5807-3 of the current state of Ms. Cooley.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Jean-Paul: I will not hide this from you SCP-5807-1, we are surprised that you haven't shared the condition of Ms. Cooley with anyone.

SCP-5807-1: I didn't tell them because I'm not like you, doctor. Unlike you, I care for the safety, and what's more, the hope of my brothers.

Dr. Jean-Paul: The information would hurt them?

SCP-5807-1: The same way it should hurt someone like you.

Dr. Jean-Paul: Do you plan on escaping, SCP-5807-1?

SCP-5807-1: The dead stay dead, doctor.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-5807-1 returned to its aviary and resumed usual behavior. Dr. Jean-Paul believes that SCP-5807-1 will not attempt to breach containment, while SCP-5807-2 and SCP-5807-3 may pursue extrication.

Addendum 5807-1: SCP-5807-1 was observed informing SCP-5807-2 and SCP-5807-3 of Ms. Cooley's condition. Both instances of SCP-5807 appear distressed and contradict SCP-5807-1.

March 24, 2017, Interview Log 5807-4:

Interviewed: SCP-5807

Interviewer: Dr. Jean-Paul

Foreword: All instances of SCP-5807 show symptoms of grief and depression. Prior to this interview, SCP-5807 used minimum required amounts of speech to request food and assistance.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Jean-Paul: How are you SCP-5807?

[SCP-5807 is unresponsive]

Dr. Jean-Paul: I know you're upset.

SCP-5807-2: Well, that clears things up. Ethel's dead and it's your fault! If you had let us go, she would've been fine!

Dr. Jean-Paul: Ms. Cooley has been dead for five years.

SCP-5807-2: Why even keep us here, you know? It's not worth your time. You've done your part.

Dr. Jean-Paul: What would that part include?

SCP-5807-2: Keeping us from Ethel! That's all you've done. And now- and now she's gone.

[SCP-5807-3 moves to SCP-5807-1 and emits a whimpering vocalization]

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-5807-1 and SCP-5807-3 remain within one meter of one another for the remainder of the day. SCP-5807-2 is observed uttering several expletives inside of its aviary.

April 5, 2017, Interview Log 5807-5:

Interviewed: SCP-5807-3

Interviewer: Dr. Jean-Paul

Foreword: SCP-5807-1 and SCP-5807-2 have begun to accept Ms. Cooley's condition and have been seen speaking to and comforting one another. SCP-5807-3 seems to still possess some symptoms of depression.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Jean-Paul: Hello SCP-5807-3.

SCP-5807-3: Hello doctor.

Dr. Jean-Paul: How are you feeling about Ms. Cooley?

SCP-5807-3: … I feel like everyone else has moved on, but I just can't. It's not like I don't want to. She was the only one who put up with us and now that she's gone I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

Dr. Jean-Paul: Ms. Cooley meant a lot to you.

SCP-5807-3: But she wouldn't want me- us to stay sad. Ethel didn't want us to be sad. I guess that's the point.

Dr. Jean-Paul: The point of what?

SCP-5807-3: I guess I can't just… wait for her to come back. It's not going to happen. And now there's not really a point to keep looking for her. Even if there was… she wouldn't want that. She wouldn't want that.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-5807-3 appears noticeably more contented when exiting the interview and returning to its aviary.

Incident Log 5807-4
Upon returning to its aviary, SCP-5807-3 received a mackerel from Dr. Jean-Paul. SCP-5807-2 refused to let SCP-5807-3 enter the aviary until they received the same gift. SCP-5807-1 inquired for the same.

Addendum 5807-2:
Additional research concerning Ms. Cooley revealed that SCP-5807's requested names (David, Thomas, and Vincent) are the names of Ms. Cooley's husband, brother and son respectively, all of which expired before any instance of SCP-5807 came to know Ms. Cooley.

April 30, 2017, Interview Log 5807-6:

Interviewed: SCP-5807

Interviewer: Dr. Jean-Paul

Foreword: SCP-5807 exhibits usual behavior and is moved to Dr. Jean-Paul without incident.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Jean-Paul: How are you SCP-5807?

SCP-5807-3: Pretty alright, doctor.

Dr. Jean-Paul: We have something that might interest you, Vincent. Actually, all of you.

[Dr. Jean-Paul opens their case and displays a printed version of Ms. Cooley's file and indicates at her contacts]

SCP-5807-2: I don't get it.

[All three instances of SCP-5807 remain silent while reading Ms. Cooley's file]

SCP-5807-3: Oh.

SCP-5807-2: Wait. She didn't. No, she didn't! Our names… they werent for us…

SCP-5807-3: They were for her.

[SCP-5807-3 laughs]

SCP-5807-1: I… thank you doctor.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-5807 instances were observed comforting one another for the remainder of the day.

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