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Item Number: SCP-5806

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its fairly isolated location, SCP-5806 is to be constantly monitored remotely by a single guard stationed undercover within Kenton, OK. The Flowered Acres Nursing Home has been bought by Foundation cover organizations and cordoned off under the guise of a construction site run by Oklahoma state officials in order to avoid citizen scrutiny. Personnel are not allowed to enter SCP-5806 under any circumstances due to concerns of contamination and/or tampering.

Description: SCP-5806 is Room 23 of the Flowered Acres Nursing Home, located just outside the town borders of Kenton, Oklahoma. Underneath the placard listing SCP-5806's room number is another smaller plaque labelled "Department of Abnormalities." Questioning staff revealed no information of when the plaque was placed, despite the nursing home still being in operation upon SCP-5806's initial discovery. Nursing staff did not respond to any statements or questions regarding SCP-5806's anomalies, remaining silent when topics regarding its various properties or past inhabitants were mentioned. This remained even when staff members were placed under duress. It is currently inconclusive whether or not staff refusal to acknowledge SCP-5806's anomalous traits is another anomalous aspect of SCP-5806 itself.

SCP-5806 consists of two rooms - a general lounge room and an attached bathroom unit. SCP-5806's bathroom unit is covered in a thin layer of grime, its tile grout in advanced stages of molding. Every attempt to successfully clean the tiles or general bathroom has failed.

Any water produced by the sink, bathtub faucet, and showerhead appears brackish. Testing showed that these water samples are contaminated with large amounts of silt and clay, and only originate from SCP-5806's faucets.

The bathtub drain also appears to be clogged with mud.

There are a series of marks left on the water tank of the toilet. They consist of a black substance with the consistency of dried mucus.

SCP-5806's main room is carpeted with a single twin-mattress bed, a bedside table with a lamp on it to its right, another taller lamp in the northwest corner, a recliner in the northeastern corner, and a dresser with a television set on top positioned in front of the bed.

The bed's headboard is flush against the north wall. There is a large black stain on the bed's single pillow. The lamp sitting on the bedside table does not function.

When the taller lamp in the northwestern corner is turned on, the smell of wet mulch, gunpowder, and iron begins to spread within SCP-5806's walls.

Underneath the bed is a hardcover journal. Most of the writing inside is illegible. There is a large number of pages removed from the end of the book, and the frayed remains suggest that they decomposed rather than being forcefully torn out.

The recliner near the northeastern corner is angled towards a window. The recliner is worn from heavy use. There is a faded black stain on the recliner's seat cushion, with two smaller matching stains on the front edges of the armrests. The substance that caused these stains appears to be the same as those found on the toilet and pillow.

Wedged between the recliner's cushions are three human teeth - one first molar (lower jaw), one central incisor (upper jaw), and one canine (upper jaw). These teeth are visibly decayed, specifically within the enamel and dentin.

When bare skin comes into contact with SCP-5806's carpeted floor, it will be sporadically pricked, cut, and/or snagged by an intangible force, typically breaking the skin and causing discomfort and pain.

Various forms of debris can be found mixed into SCP-5806's carpet. Tests have shown microscopic traces of:

  • mold particulate,
  • glass particulate,
  • metal particulate (specifically forged and man-made metals),
  • ash, and
  • blood (belonging to upwards of 7 different individuals).

In front of the twin-mattress bed is the large dresser unit, flush with the southern wall. A 1971 Zenith Color television set is placed on top of the dresser at approximately chest height. When on, the television set only displays static, with random bouts of loud popping and cracking resembling gunfire.

The dresser itself contains multiple threadbare button-ups of various colors, as well as various faded pairs of dress pants. At the very bottom of the dresser drawers, underneath the folded clothing, lies a corroded and slightly tarnished World War I service medal.

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