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2/5805 LEVEL 2/5805
Item #: SCP-5805


SCP-5805 in containment

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5805 has been integrated into the Aural Studies laboratory of Site-11. As a precaution, all transmissions from SCP-5805 are to be passed through memetic and cognitohazard filters before being committed to long-term storage. Digital playback devices wishing to access the archive may tune to Channel 101 via local access.

Description: SCP-5805 is a 'Zenith' brand AM radio which has been playing improvised, small-ensemble jazz since at least 1982. The branding and construction of the radio are consistent with manufactory in the 1970s, and there are otherwise no anomalous components to the device aside from its ability to operate indefinitely and without an apparent source of power.

Discovery Log:

SCP-5805 was initially discovered in 1982 at a campground in the Cascade Valley Park, near Akron, Ohio when a vacationing Foundation researcher and his wife were unable to locate their assigned rental cabin. Unintentionally entering a portion of the park not intended for public use, the couple overheard jazz music and traced it to an unmarked cabin obscured by brush and overgrowth.

The interior face of the cabin door contained a number of crude etchings.

Summer of '75
Martha Jean
Darin G
Johnny T
Billy W

Summer of '76
Martha Jean + Darin G
Johnny T + Billy W

Summer of '77
Mr & Mrs. Darin and Martha G
Billy W

Summer of '80
Billy Walters
We remember John

Several personal effects were also located inside of the cabin:

  • 1L bottle of 'Old Crow' brand whiskey, approximately one-quarter full.
  • 'Dutch Masters' cigar box, containing 4 of 5 cigars.
  • 8 polaroid photos containing images of 4 unidentified individuals in various recreational scenes.
  • 4 polaroid photos containing images of 2 unidentified males on a dock. These photos are severely damaged by water.
  • 2 matching silver wedding bands, 1 severely corroded.

Update: 06-01-2005
SCP-5805's programming was interrupted for the first time since having been brought into Foundation custody. After approximately thirty seconds of empty air, a masculine voice spoke the following phrase:

"This one's for you, Johnny, wherever you are. Alright, fellas, let's run it one more time, from the top. A-one, a-two, a-one-two-three."

SCP-5805 then began transmitting music once again.

No additional interruptions have since been recorded.

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