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Item #: SCP-5802

Clearance Level: 4 (Secret)

Containment Class: Uncontained Euclid

Disruption Class: Ekhi

Risk Class: Critical


Image of an SCP-5802-A instance. Note the artificial light from above, and the lack of visible pollution due to its depth below the surface.

Special Containment Procedures:
A 5-kilometre exclusion zone has been established around SCP-5802 and SCP-5802-1, ringed by a circular perimeter. Aside from PTF Rho-17 ("The Cleanup Crew"), no personnel are to enter this exclusion zone for any reason. Personnel found breaking this rule are subject to termination.

All approaching persons are to be detained and amnesticized with necessary force to prevent entry into SCP-5802’s exclusion zone. Approaching SCP-3396-01 instances are to be terminated with extreme prejudice by PTF Rho-18 ("Factory Patrol"). Should PTF Rho-18 be unsuccessful, a localised state of emergency is to be declared. This state of emergency dictates that any available Task Forces are to travel to SCP-5802’s exclusion zone to assist in the termination of the SCP-3396-01 instances. Arriving Task Forces are subject to the same quarantine protocols as PTF Rho-17 and -18.

The members of PTF Rho-17 ("The Cleanup Crew") are to patrol SCP-5802’s surrounds and neutralise any found SCP-5802-2 instances. Before and after entry into SCP-5802 exclusion zone, Rho-17 members are to undergo Class IX1 quarantine protocols and outfitted with Class-5802 Hazardous Material Suits. Contaminated members are to be terminated and the remains incinerated.



Lake Winnipeg, before conversion into SCP-5802-1.

SCP-5802 refers to a circular area with a diameter of 4km containing a collection of inactive factories2 (collectively referred to as SCP-5802-A) in a state of disrepair, once owned by Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. They are scattered throughout SCP-5802, centred around SCP-5802-1, and increase in numerical density as they approach SCP-5802-1's surrounds. SCP-5802 displays higher than usual readings of Akiva radiation that, like the density of SCP-5802-A instances, increases the closer to SCP-5802-1 it is.

SCP-5802 is heavily polluted by various substances, ranging from non-anomalous smog, oil, and toxic waste, to extremely volatile thaumaturgical substances that significantly affect the local area. Notably, this waste does not spread past the bounds of SCP-5802, but is instead prevented from passing by an intangible barrier surrounding the exact circumference. This barrier only affects the aforementioned waste; all other organisms (including SCP-5802-2 instances) and items simply pass through it.

Organisms that come into direct contact with any of the pollutant substances of SCP-5802 will inevitably die of overexposure to the contacted toxic element, even if the quantity and form of exposure is insufficient to cause death. Upon the cessation of life functions, organisms will undergo a series of anomalous changes to physiological structure, biochemistry, and thought processes, becoming an SCP-5802-2 instance.

SCP-5802-A instances vary in structure, appearance, size, and composition. Several are little more than small concrete warehouses, whilst others are enormous mining complexes with several floors extending hundreds of metres underground. Although instances of SCP-5802-A are functionally inactive, most artificial lighting and other superficial operations are still running.

Within individual instances of SCP-5802-A, large amounts of inert anomalous machinery and piles of various pollutants can found. This machinery appears to have been used for purposes that vary within each instance, but can be split into four categories:

  • The processing, refining, and packaging of fossil fuels
  • The processing, refining, and packaging of various chemicals
  • The processing, refining, and packaging of nuclear materials and other substances with adverse side effects on human health
  • The processing, refining, and packaging of thaumaturgical materials and other anomalous substances

Anomalous additions to the machinery within SCP-5802-A instances vary wildly, but will consistently increase the machinery's efficiency (lowered power and resource consumption, etc.), increase the quality of produced products, increase the structural integrity of both the machinery and the factory it is housed in, add various extradimensional gateways for faster transportation through the factory or even as connections to other SCP-5802-A instances, and produce the highest possible quantity of waste products (even if this means extracting the necessary components from the type of product being processed) with the most damaging effects on the surrounding environment.

Numerous SCP-5802-A instances have entire sections devoted to the synthesis of waste products, or, in the case of Factories 19B, 120C, and 342F, are entirely devoted to the creation of waste products, using the previously mentioned extradimensional gateways to transport the required materials.

SCP-5802-1 is a circular area with a diameter of 200m, set at the centre of the collection of SCP-5802-A instances. At SCP-5802-1's centre is a single 5802-A instance, referred to as SCP-5802-A1. SCP-5802-1 is extremely densely polluted, even when compared to the rest of SCP-58023, and otherwise differs significantly from SCP-5802 due to a high amount of anomalous waste.

SCP-5802-1 has an inconsistent topography, and appears to be partially intersected with higher spatial dimensions. It is subject to variable anomalous phenomena associated with an unstable reality, such as spatial 'bleeding' and fracturing, extreme unnatural weather (such as rains of ignited oil, tornadoes of various natural gases and nuclear elements, areas of spontaneous total darkness that cause reality within to temporarily cease existing, etc.), and temporal fluctuation.

SCP-5802-A1 is, unlike other 5802-A instances, empty, save for several corpses belonging to various GoIs, members of MTF Omega-8, and Iris Dark and Robert Carter. Due to the poorly understood efforts of Omega-8 member Kieran Trelock, the corpses of these GoIs and the rest of his MTF have not transformed into instances of SCP-5802-2.

The corpse of Iris Dark is a large, fossilised skeleton that is encased in a translucent combination of oils, toxic waste, and anomalous thaumaturgical waste products. Their skeleton differs from baseline humans through the addition of four heads extending from the Axis (C2) Cervical vertebrae that resemble those of a non-anomalous Tyrannosaurus Rex (large teeth, ellipsoid shape, etc.), a long, piked tail, and an unfolded ribcage.

The corpse of Robert Carter is a large pit of rusted machinery over 20m deep, with their enormous, mechanized face (resembling that of someone in the last stages of SCP-217 infection) at the bottom. Attached to this machinery is a diverse, inactive assortment of tools found in SCP-5802-A instances (such as vacuum tubes, buzzsaws, hammers, laser splitters, and tranaculars4), weaponry (guns, rocket launchers, particle cannons, and plasma accelerators), and tubes connected to various SCP-5802-A instances for the discharge of harmful materials and waste products.

SCP-5802-2 instances are the highly mutated, reanimated corpses of organisms directly exposed to SCP-5802 pollutants. Mutations are disparate between instances with no discernible pattern, except for predacious qualities, an increase in intelligence, and a desire to expose as many organisms as possible to the interior of SCP-5802 for the creation of more 5802-2 instances.

Associated Documents:
The following documents form a timeline of the events from SCP-5802-1A and -1B's conversion to SCP-3396-01 instances to their deaths. Most of these were recovered after the deaths of SCP-5802-1A and -1B. Analysis is underway in order to prevent future similar events from occurring.

Following this, C&D Holdings increased in value to where it stood as of 10/7/17, attracting Foundation attention. Additionally, Carter and Dark's abilities had increased in power due to constant use to ~50-60 and ~70-80 ESP respectively.

Post-neutralisation sweeps of Carter and Dark's residences revealed a journal belonging to Iris Dark, dated 14/11/17. Significant amounts of entries and large passages are unreadable due to contamination with a combination of oil and various chemicals.

Recovered camera footage suggests that the first dissent between Marshall and Carter & Dark occurred at this date, followed by infrequent and sporadic but increasingly aggressive outbursts from the members of both parties.

Personality changes were first noted by Foundation psychologists in both Carter and Dark during this incident, and only further diverged in the future until their deaths.

On the 20th of June, 2018, the Foundation received a distress call from Skitter Marshall from within a warehouse in the city of Ontario.

Members of MTF Pi-1 arrived approximately two minutes after the conclusion of the distress call.

From the distress call onwards, several hundred defectors from MC&D Ltd assisted in the SCP-5802 investigation and containment efforts. As investigations continued, the severity of SCP-5802 prompted the assistance of several GoIs into containing and/or destroying SCP-5802. Together with the members of MTF Omega-8 and several other highly skilled MTF personnel, a new MTF was formed for the assassination of SCP-5802-1A and -1B - MTF Tau-7 ("Cease and Desist Ltd.).

On 20/10/18, MTF Tau-7 was successful in breaching SCP-5802-1 (then SCP-5802-4). Due to the casualty of all team members, it is currently unknown what happened within SCP-5802-4, save for a telepathic transmission from a former MTF Omega-8 team member:

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