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An instance of SCP-5801-1.

Item #: SCP-5801

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5801 has been acquired by the Foundation and is designated as private property. Any civilians who reach SCP-5801's designated red zone are to be amnesticized and relocated by posted guards. All testing and interviews involving SCP-5801-1 instances are to take place outside of the barrier surrounding SCP-5801.

Description: SCP-5801 is an undisclosed location in Nome, Alaska. A barrier composed of an unknown transparent material surrounds SCP-5801. The barrier is 7 m in height, and encloses an area that is 22.4 m in diameter. Both instances of SCP-5801-1 and personnel are unable to pass through the barrier.

SCP-5801 contains instances of SCP-5801-1, which are sapient beings composed out of three spherical masses of snow, and possess tree branches in the place of limbs. Materials making up the facial features of SCP-5801-1 vary, but recorded materials include sticks, leaves, berries, vegetables, and rocks. SCP-5801-1 instances possess the ability to speak and move, and have been observed to converse with each other on a regular basis.

According to interviews with multiple SCP-5801-1 instances, SCP-5801 is an afterlife for deceased individuals whose effigies were shaped into SCP-5801-1 through a ritualistic process. Due to the absence of new SCP-5801-1 instances, it is assumed that this process no longer occurs.1

Addendum 5801-01: Interview Log: The following is an interview with an instance of SCP-5801-1, referred to as SCP-5801-1-A. The interview was conducted by researcher Morrissey.

SCP-5801-1-A waddles close to the barrier. SCP-5801-1-A bears facial features composed completely out of blueberries, and stands approximately 1.8 m tall. Researcher Morrissey stands on the other side of the barrier.

Morrissey: Hey, uh excuse me?

SCP-5801-1-A: Pardon?

Morrissey: Hi, my name is Morrissey. I’m a researcher working for the SCP Foundation. You probably see our team around here often. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions if you’re not busy.

SCP-5801-1-A: Well yeah of course. Ain’t a lot to keep me busy here anyways.

Morrissey: Alright then, can I get your first name please?

SCP-5801-1-A: Yeah uh, it’s Pete.

Morrissey: Okay Pete, do you recall your life before you came here?

SCP-5801-1-A: Thankfully yes.

SCP-5801-1-A lets out a chuckle.

SCP-5801-1-A: I was a farmer. I had my own little dairy company. Good lil’ farm I had there. It was a family business too.

Morrissey: Was the person who brought you here in your family?

SCP-5801-1-A: Sadly, I don’t think I’m allowed to say.

Morrissey: And why is that?

SCP-5801-1-A: They know y’all are monitoring this place, and they told me they’d send me to the “Frosted Abyss” if I told y’all who they were. What that means? Hell if I know.

Morrissey: Huh. Alright then. Perhaps you can tell me about the ritual that sent you here?

SCP-5801-1-A: Well I didn’t hear about no punishment about telling y’all about the ritual, so I guess I can give you what I remember. On my deathbed they told me to “declare that I am truly afraid of death and wish to be frozen in this life” or something along those lines. Then they said some mystical mumbo-jumbo out of some spellbook, and then told me that my body would be buried in a mound of snow. It was to “preserve my essence in ice” or something like that.

Morrissey: Are you actually afraid of death?

SCP-5801-1-A: Without question my friend, without question. I didn’t really believe in no god so I had no hope in an afterlife. I thought death would be the end of my consciousness and feeling. I was scared to death until they showed up. Of course I’m assuming I can’t tell y’all how I met them, so I’ll just leave it at that. And now, I’m here. Still conscious and all. Still don’t know what to feel about it.

Morrissey: Alright, thank you for your time.

SCP-5801-1-A: Hey, anytime my friend. Again, there ain’t much to do around here so this was time well spent.


Addendum 5801-02: Interview Log 2: The following is an interview with an instance of SCP-5801-1, referred to as SCP-5801-1-B. The interview was conducted by researcher Morrissey.

SCP-5801-1-B is close to the barrier. SCP-5801-1-B bears two rocks for eyes, a carrot for a nose, and a mouth made from blueberries. SCP-5801-1-B stands approximately 1.2 m tall.

Morrissey: Hey, you there! The little guy!

SCP-5801-1-B turns around.

SCP-5801-1-B: Oh, hi! Are you one of those sciency people?

Morrissey: (chuckles) Why yes I am.

SCP-5801-1-B: Cool!

Morrissey: (chuckles) Yeah, I was wondering if I could ask you some questions.

SCP-5801-1-B: Sure! Will it help with your science stuff?

Morrissey: Why yes it will.

SCP-5801-1-B: Yay! I'm ready.

Morrissey: Alrighty then. What is your name?

SCP-5801-1-B: I'm Timothy, but you can call me Timmy!

Morrissey: Awesome! Well Timmy, I was wondering how you got to this place.

SCP-5801-1-B: Well, I had a thing called a brain tumor, and mommy and daddy didn't want me to die. So they took me to these people called the-

Before SCP-5801-1-B is able to finish its sentence, its facial features begin to slide down its face.

SCP-5801-1-B: No, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to tell them, I didn’t!

SCP-5801-1-B's head inverts.

SCP-5801-1-B: No, please! Mommy, mommy…

SCP-5801-1-B's body begins to thaw, disintegrating into a mass of slush. The slush dissolves into water. A heart resembling that of a human’s remains in the middle of the puddle. Nearby SCP-5801-1 instances take notice of this event, reacting with a mixture of fear and sadness.

Morrissey: Oh god.


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