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Fig 1.1: Inactive SCP-5799 specimen.

Item #: SCP-5799

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel stationed in the city of Rexburg are to suppress any knowledge of SCP-5799's existence to the general public. Likewise, field agents are to be stationed in dental clinics and report any young adults suffering from toothaches of any form.

Field agents proficient in the field of dentistry and oral hygiene must extract any teeth that may cause physical ailments in the affected adolescent. Extracted teeth are then analysed by the dental auxillaries of MTF-Upsilon-8 ("Cavity Creeps")1 to determine if these teeth are viable SCP-5799 instances. Upon extraction of these entities, agents are to disseminate amnestics to the individuals involved and their families with cover stories implemented as an explanation for the missing teeth.

Any active SCP-5799 instances in the wild are to be contained whenever possible. MTF-Phi-5 ("Twilighters") is responsible for the termination of all SCP-5799 entities while sending cover stories to the families of the hosts for an explanation regarding their disappearance2.

Description: SCP-5799 are groups of human teeth (six or more) exhibiting autonomous motion and predatory behavior. Despite being made of enamel, SCP-5799 instances display abnormal malleability and actively stretch out in length; in this way, SCP-5799 entities are able to move and traverse to different locations.

SCP-5799 instances are nocturnal predators, typically seeking out adolescents between the age of 15 and 22 while they are in bed. Upon finding their prey, these instances restrain the subject using their roots. They wedge open the subject's jaw, forcibly extract each tooth, then implant themselves.


Fig 1.2: Fully grown SCP-5799 instance residing in D-80090's third molar.

Three hours after implantation, the subject's mandible and maxilla bones3 will become increasingly malleable. The subject's facial muscles will undergo sustained spasms, often resulting in a permanent risus sardonicus4. Over the next few days, the implanted instances expand in size, displacing surrounding tissue. The malleability of the subject's facial bones permits this displacement to occur with minimum tearing or breakage.

SCP-5799 instances inhabit the host's mouth for up to 12 days, continuing to grow. At the end of their life-cycle, they experience rapid demineralization5, followed by the emergence of a dozen or more of deciduous teeth6. Alterations to the host's tissue and bone resulting from SCP-5799's growth remain after this process is complete.

Discovery: SCP-5799 was discovered in the city of Rexburg, Idaho after a surge in cosmetic dentistry and facial deformities among children were reported. MTF-Xi-3 ("Body Snatchers") were then sent to the appropriate locations to capture all SCP-5799 instances and administered amnestics to the hosts' families.

Prior to their discovery, field agents also reported flyers and pamphlets being passed around in the local church and rehabilitation centers regarding a "tooth strider infestation." The following transcript below is an example of one of the flyers received:

Got a bad toothache!?

Tooth Striders are no joke. Especially when it comes to the safetry[sic] of your children.

That's why Billy's Dental Killing Services are the ones for you!

We'll break any tooth, no matter hte[sic] size, because that doesn't matter to us!

Call 1-███-TOOTH-ACHE for our services! Remember: That's 1-███-TOOTH-ACHE!

Call within the next 48 hours, and we'll throw in a discount! (probably)

Attempts to contact the number have yielded inconclusive results.

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