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Item#: 5794
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5794 has been closed permanently under the pretence of public safety concerns. Security equipment has been installed to prevent unauthorised access. Testing is currently suspended indefinitely following Incident-5794-B.


SCP-5794 in 2009, prior to manifesting anomalous properties.

Description: SCP-5794 is the main pool of Greencliff Community Recreation Centre, located in Greencliff, Wisconsin. Initially opened in 1998, the pool operated normally until a series of drowning deaths occurred in 2017. Three weeks following the first death, a pool employee retrieved the first instance of SCP-5794-1 and Foundation agents embedded in local law enforcement were alerted.

SCP-5794-1 instances are paper slips containing brief messages. Each message identifies the sender and a recipient, followed by varying lengths of text. All recovered SCP-5794-1 instances have listed a drowning victim of SCP-5794 as the sender and have been addressed to close friends or family members. SCP-5794-1 instances are fully waterproof but display no other anomalous properties.

Following the death of Researcher Victor Kato in Incident-5794-A, Foundation personnel are prohibited from entering the main pool of SCP-5794 until further notice.

Three weeks after Incident-5794-A, the first SCP-5794-1 instances relating to the death of Researcher Victor Kato appeared within SCP-5794. They were addressed to SCP-5794's Lead Researcher, Dr Hadrien Alvarez. Testing is currently focussed on using Researcher Victor Kato's previous experience in the Foundation to provide further information on the anomaly via SCP-5794-1 instances.

Addendum 06/07/2017: In a test conducted by Junior Researcher Sabrina Sharpe, it was determined that leaving paper slips similar to SCP-5794-1 in the water of SCP-5794 influenced the responses on instances of SCP-5794-1.

Addendum 18/07/2017: Junior Researcher Sabrina Sharpe called a meeting for the SCP-5794 research team to discuss concerns surrounding the contents of SCP-5794-1 instances originating from Researcher Victor Kato's death. Testing involving SCP-5794-1 instances was temporarily halted.

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