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Item#: 5792
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5792 is to be kept in the unused janitorial closet at the east wing of Site-164. Cameras around the halls of Site-164 should be monitored regularly as SCP-5792 follows its route. Personnel should be familiarized with the standard route SCP-5792 takes, and report any major deviations.

Description: SCP-5792 is an iron shortsword believed to have originated in the Czech Republic. Prior to Incident-5792/A, SCP-5792 was contained in a small storage locker at Site-164 following POI-5792’s apprehension by the Foundation. It showed no anomalous effects before Incident-5792/A1.

SCP-5792 is capable of levitation from as high as 1 meter. At most times, SCP-5792 is facing hilt upwards with its point occasionally dragging on the ground. All attempts to make physical contact with SCP-5792 are met with light to heavy resistance in the form of swings and thrusts. If left unimpeded from its usual route, SCP-5792 will not perform any actions to harm any personnel near it. All attempts to communicate with SCP-5792 result in failure.2

If locked in a room, SCP-5792 has been noted to begin to scrape at the door or entrance, gradually making a breach big enough to fit itself through. After, it will trail the halls of Site-164 scaping the ground in various sweeping motions. Site-164's floor was reinforced with metal following an unrelated breach, thus it was deemed a more efficient use of resources to let SCP-5792 follow its normal route under supervision.3

When SCP-5792's daily route through the facility is completed, it will hang itself on the tool rack of the janitorial supply closet of Site-164's east wing, where it will remain until 9:00.4

As of writing, multiple written messages have been observed by SCP-5792. All are communicated by various scrapes and marks to the office carpet via SCP-5792 and are typically written as stereotypical questions many working adults make to one another. Examples include “WHENS THIS SHIFT OVER?” and "HOWS THE WEATHER TODAY?" and "DID YOU SEE THE GAME LAST NIGHT, I WISH THE PACKERS WON". It is unknown if this shows any type of sentience on SCP-5792’s part.

Addendum 5792-1: Incident 5792/A: On 09/08/2007, POI-5792 attempted to breach containment utilizing SCP-5792. POI-5792 was successful in evading the notice of nearly all personnel on the site as a result. Only one personnel was a casualty outside of Site-164.

Charles Madison, a new janitor hired by Site-164, observed POI-5792 escaping, eventually leading to a struggle as POI-5792 attempted to enter the individual's vehicle. During the struggle, Madison was believed to have been killed by a stab through the heart using SCP-5792 and thrown out of the vehicle with the anomaly.

While dealing with the breach of containment, Madison's body remained there for ██ days. After recovering SCP-5792, agents were unable to locate the victim's corpse. SCP-5792 was placed into its storage again where it remained for ██ days.

Madison was 47 when he was killed. When personnel were dispatched to inform Madison's family of his passing in a road rage accident, the Agents recalled a family member stating that "Charlie was from a different time, he was always a little grumpy on Mondays." Further review of the similarities between SCP-5792 and Madison is ongoing.

Addendum 5792-2: Incident 5792/B: On 08/09/2007, a routine inventory check for the items in storage at Site-164 found that SCP-5792 was missing from its locker. A large number of scratches at the roof and door of the locker were present when it was breached.

SCP-5792 was later located in the mess hall, using its point to press the buttons of the vending machine located there. After ordering a cola, SCP-5792 lifted the can by using its grip and crossguards, anomalously moved it into the air, opened and mimicked a drinking motive, and after a moment, threw the can into the nearest wastebasket, causing it to spill. It then proceeded to carve out "I LIKED THE OLD COKE BETTER. TOO SWEET FOR ME NOW".

SCP-5792 proceeded to enter an unused workspace5, and stab through the chair. Agents attempted to grab and secure SCP-5792 but were met with resistance and light injury via SCP-5792’s hilt and fuller. After the struggle, SCP-5792 carved "YOU DOING A RUN? ILL TAKE A DOUBLE-DOUBLE". Before the agents exited the space, SCP-5792 additionally carved "NO CREAM AND 1 SUGAR".

Agent Raymond, who was present for Incident-5792/A, suggested bringing SCP-5792 the demands it requested. After performing its same display of "drinking" the beverage, SCP-5792 proceeded to write "THANKS TOOTS, IM NOT ME WITHOUT MY COFFEE". After Incident-5792/B's conclusion, SCP-5792 has been considerably more amicable and communicative to personnel approaching and interacting with it, despite those actions interrupting its route. Further attempts to give various beverages to SCP-5792 as a means of communication are pending review.

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