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Item №: SCP-5790 Anomaly Class: [DATA EXPUNGED]


Nonhazardous contextual imagery.

Special Containment Procedures: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Operational Purview: Records And Informational Security Administration; Memetics and Infohazards Division; Department of Spectral Phenomena; Office of Applied Necromancy; Department of Miscommunications

Information Handling Procedures: Information about SCP-5790 (designated 𝐢5790) is to be purged in its entirety no more than 7 days after creation, as per Protocol ICON. The following purge methods have been approved:
Information source Purge method(s)
Official Foundation database Automated expungement by file management programs, verified periodically by Information Technology Team ITT-𝐢5790.
Official Foundation physical records Creation of new physical records is prohibited. All known physical records containing 𝐢5790 have been incinerated in ritualistic ovens and pyres.
Unauthorised records by Foundation personnel Documents are to be incinerated as above (if physical) or deleted without archival (if digital), and the staff member(s) in question amnesticised, demoted and quarantined for a minimum of three months. If no anomalous activity occurs within this time, the employee may be reassigned. If said quarantine is not possible, termination is deemed a satisfactory alternative.
Brains of Containment Team CT-5790 Bimonthly amnesticisation and biannual rotation of personnel to prevent memory resurgence. If [DATA EXPUNGED] has already manifested, the site is to be quarantined and MTFs Mu-13 ("Ghostbusters") and Theta-0 ("Antihierophanics") are to be dispatched to the location. [DATA EXPUNGED] potential delayed manifestation, any persons with non-atheistic religious beliefs are to be terminated shortly thereafter. Any realised iconography is to be extracted from the cerebellum and incinerated.
Brains of assigned mediums Memory may be removed following communications depending on the methods used. If this does not occur, a week-long course of deep amnestics is to be used to prevent the possible retention of spiritually-obtained information.
Preexisting literature Search and destroy via dispatch of MTF Chi-9 ("Page Turners"). If found, documents containing 𝐢5790 are to be incinerated on-site, alongside the relevant relics, [DATA EXPUNGED], and civilian corpses. For this reason, all members of MTF χ-9 have been provided with portable exorcism equipment and trained in its usage.
Brains of MTFs μ-13, χ-9, and θ-0 Amnestics administered following each SCP-5790- or 𝐢5790-related dispatch. Relevant personnel are to attend no more than two incidents invoking 𝐢5790 per annum, with the exception of θ-0, for whom [DATA EXPUNGED] core duties. A series of planned neurological surgeries are expected to allow θ-0's members to better cope with their resultant psychological disorders, and lower turnover dramatically.
[DATA EXPUNGED] [DATA EXPUNGED] widespread theistic belief systems. Protocol MATTHEW (long-term global-theological cultural shift) has been put in place to facilitate this. Subtle short-term procedures are also planned, [DATA EXPUNGED] increase biological similarity between cerebrospinal fluid and holy water to lower death toll.

First Foundation-led 𝐢5790 retrieval effort.

Additional methods of destroying 𝐢5790 may be used contextually following approval by assigned mediums. If no persons with a spiritual connection or second sight are available, consultation with a member of Level-4 personnel with "First Principles" emergency response training is advised. All persons involved are expected to seek amnestic treatment and reassignment shortly thereafter.

Information Retrieval Procedures: Thanks to a focused effort by Foundation personnel to execute Protocol ICON, 𝐢5790 has been purged globally from the realm of the living. In the event that knowledge of SCP-5790 or its containment procedures is required, the following actions are to be taken:

  1. The personnel requiring the information are to submit a formal request to Senior Researcher Grahams, the current Hazardous Information Containment Liaison for SCP-5790. Requesting the information either out of personal curiosity, or for low-priority matters, is strictly prohibited.
  2. Contingent on said request being approved, SR. Grahams is to schedule an appointment between the personnel submitting the request and an assigned medium. Proxies may be used if the former displays an aversion to postmortem communications.
  3. 𝐢5790 is to be retrieved from the informational afterlife by the assigned medium, through use of dowsing, talking boards, or other permitted forms of negligible-risk necromancy.
  4. 𝐢5790 is to be treated as detailed under Informational Handling Procedures.

Personnel are to note that the use of occult communications for information storage does not have any bearing on SCP-5790 or its properties, beyond eliminating the risk [DATA EXPUNGED] false idol. The above sections cannot and should not be used to attempt to discern the nature of SCP-5790.

As per its official policy, the Foundation remains opposed to the use of non-human afterlives for personal or organisational gains. In the case of SCP-5790 and its ability to realise [DATA EXPUNGED], however, the use of actualised occultism to release the spirits of incinerated documents poses too great a benefit to containment to be discounted.

The use of Protocol ICON as standard info-containment for infohazardous objects is under consideration, pending the development of a method of expanding the scope of SCP-5790's secondary properties.

Description: [DATA EXPUNGED]

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