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The following file is located within the SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴) root database. You have selected file #567.

— Station Beta, M-SCP


POI: 5782-567-A: “Alexander III, Eternal Emperor of Macedonia, Hierophant of Alagadda, Conqueror of the SCP Foundation, Wielder of Universal Will, Master of All Which Flies In the Sky and Swims in the Sea"

Item Number: SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-567

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

M-SCP Turqoise General Alexander III of Argead (v. x∳7K℈3)1 has been assigned to lead a force of 4T legions and 19 SCPF-World Cruisers to blockade the 47 barrier realities that line SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-567.

If appropriate, the SCP Foundations in each of the 47 at-risk realities will be informed of the existence of SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-567. Cooperation need not be fully established unless the SCPF variant is already capable of extraversal travel, in which case a referral to Station Alpha is recommended. The nature of the M-SCP will only be transmitted to realities deemed suitable by Station Gamma.

A central headquarters and temporary anomalous storage universe will be created between the territory of SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-567 and UNIVERSE-ℵ⇷ⶂ2⺐G⥹‧9⚹ⷛ, which has been previously surveyed and is absent of ordinary matter. The ban on bubble universe creation has been lifted for the containment of this entity. It is thought that SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-567 has not yet advanced towards the capability of bubble universe creation.

Universal escape routes will be prepared within each of the 47 boundary universes in the case of SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴) invasion. Only unique, or otherwise special, individuals or artifacts among them will be allowed exoversal rescue. At this time, 14 individuals and 9 SCP items from the border realities have been granted leave in case of annexation by SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-567.

Non-euclidean Jester-class catalysts2 are to be constructed in each of the 47 border realities. They are to be detonated if SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-567 enters that respective universe, implying an invasion.

In such an event, where all 47 border realities have been terminated through the use of Jester catalysts, containment is assumed to be complete. This is due to the well-established axiom that there will never be a method discovered to traverse across universes incapable of keeping atomic matter stable. Thus confining SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-567 within its own boundaries forever. This concept’s legitimacy is currently under debate.


SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-567 is a extraversal empire known as “The Infinite Kingdom of Macedonia” which has, so far, conquered 141 realities. SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-567 is aware of the M-SCP and negotiations towards halting its advance have been unsuccessful.

SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-567 is an absolute monarchy governed by POI: 5782-567-A, a version of the military general Alexander the Great. POI-5782-567-A originates from the “Lemongrass Universe,” wherein after full subjugation of his home reality he, along with his kingdom, began to enter adjacent universes through some unknown mechanism.

Curiously, genetic scans indicate that POI: 5.782-567-A is not anomalous, despite extensive interaction and usage of anomalous entities by SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-567.

Following the annihilation of U-134AJA91 and U-HAG☍ⷱ5O, “The Infinite Kingdom of Macedonia” gained its M-SCP designation as SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-567. It was determined that there was an extremely low probability of containment by the efforts of any single SCP Foundation counterpart. This resolution was accelerated following findings suggesting anomalous entities of the object class Keter, and higher, were being deployed in large numbers during universal conquest.

The following is an interview conducted between M-SCP General Alexander and POI: 5782-567-A.

Mission: Ascertain a simple personality profile of POI: 5782-567-A

Interviewed: POI: 5782-567-A

Interviewer: M-SCP General Alexander

Foreword: The M-SCP requested an interview request of POI: 5782-567-A to SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-567. The request was granted per negotiations that lasted approximately 179 years.

This interview took place in the throne room of the Midnight Palace on the planet of Gaugamela-VI in UNIVERSE-3☋1⪳1⾝4⚚2⛼⧣.

M-SCP General Alexander brought two guards, M-SCP operative Parmenion (v. ⳝ⊣⌺∈⫻ⷄ) and M-SCP operative Cassander (v. ⩠ⴚⴆ☥⪐ⶎ).

The throne room contained approximately 150 guardsmen. The guardsmen were dressed in purple alloyed thaumaturgic hexanium dotted with turquoise pearlescent beads. They constantly performed kinetogylphs3 using their hands and fingers in order to maintain a Class-M shield around POI: 5782-567-A.

Surrounding the throne of POI: 5782-567-A were alternate versions of the historical figure "The Oracle of Delphi" prostrating to the throne. Floating to the right and left sides of POI: 5782-567-A were two particularly infamous commanders, Class-VI reality bender Parmenion (v. Ⅼ⊎ⲽ⧑Ⲥ⃕☄⠝) and Anomalous Entity ⱗ also known as “Cassander” (v. 5◇7┕⥋⿀⩺).

<Begin Log, 5:59 am, March 5th, Universal Year: Nineteen Septillion, Two Hundred Fifty Million>

POI: 5782-567-A: To whom do I owe the pleasure of meeting?

M-SCP General Alexander: Good day to you, Emperor Alexander. I am a representative of the Multiversal SCP Foundation. I have come today to parlay with you regarding a few topics of which both you and I may find worthwhile.
POI: 5782-567-A: Before anything else, speak your name.

M-SCP General Alexander: My given name is Alexander of Argead. I don’t mean to mock you but you have probably met some of us in your conquests.

POI: 5782-567-A: Haha! No, it's rather sensible of your Foundation to send me to talk with me. And don’t speak around it, you know we will soon fight against you. Despite the outcome of our battle already known, I will make sure that you survive.

M-SCP General Alexander: Already known?

POI: 5782-567-A: Of course. I will be the victor. I have destroyed dozens of Foundations and will continue to do so for all of time. They are truly the guardians of humanity, certainly one of the hardest foes to best. It is that legacy and respect for why I even meet with you now.

M-SCP General Alexander: Thank you for the kind words. I suppose it may be useless of me to ask, but is there any possibility that you stop your aggression on other realities?

POI: 5782-567-A: …Are you really Alexander? (he snaps his fingers and above him appears about 50 bodies floating wearing white. They have varied physical features, ages, genders, and are all blindfolded.) I collect them, you know. All Alexanders from all across space and time. They fail to best me, and right above you is proof. They always fight, and commendably, that is our way.

M-SCP General Alexander: It seems there is still much for you to discover then.

POI: 5782-567-A: How dare you! I am a conqueror, a Titan, peerless among all Alexanders. I am not one to submit, unlike you who kowtowed before SCP. Why? They can disappear with one glance of my eye! Parmenion! Make this insect kneel before but do not kill, I need to add him to my collection.

M-SCP General Alexander: (grumbles) You are naive, Emperor. You do not know even a drop of reality. (M-SCP General Alexander lifts his arm and points his thumb downwards. Class-VI reality bender Parmenion [v. Ⅼ⊎ⲽ⧑Ⲥ⃕☄⠝ combusts] You think my niceties are something of a weakness!?

POI: 5782-567-A: Hah! In the endless expanse, is there any meaning for such things? The path of the sword could be the path of falsehood. But if that path leads me to glory, so shall I follow. And if the path of acquiescence leads to eternal happiness, I would rather split my skull than walk that road.

M-SCP General Alexander: You think you are all-powerful?

POI: 5782-567-A: Perhaps I am. Perhaps, I do continue struggling, killing, conquering till the end of everything. Perhaps I die before that. Either case, I will never forsake the honor of battle.

M-SCP General Alexander: What a fool…Parmenion, Cassander, we are leaving. (M-SCP personnel activate their personal interdimensional transporter)

<End Log, 6:07 am, March 5th, Universal Year: Nineteen Septillion, Two Hundred Fifty Million>

Result of Mission: Referencing this log, Station Beta has recommended that SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-567 be irreversibly contained.


For more detailed information on regarding SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-567. Please contact M-SCP Turqoise General Alexander III of Argead (v. x∳7K℈3).
You have selected page #567 of the SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴) root database.

SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-563: “The Final, True Hellenistic Empire”: status=contained
SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-564: “Alexander the Great’s Faultless Kingdom”: status=containment in process
SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-565: “Multiversal Duchy of Argead”: status=neutralized
SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-566: “Neverending Army of Alexander”: status=contained
SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-567: “The Infinite Kingdom of Macedonia”: status=containment in process
SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-568: “Confederation of Independent Macedons”: status=contained
SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-569: “The Alexander Dynasty”: status=neutralized
SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-570: “Heavenly Supreme Khanate of Macedon”: status=contained
SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-571: “Void Realm of Macedonia”: status=contained
SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-572: “Invincible Empire of Macedonia”: status=containment in process
SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-573: “Insurmountable Domain of Alexander”: status=contained

— Station Beta, M-SCP

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