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Item #: SCP-5781

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All buildings that appeared as a result of SCP-5781 are to continue operating, with discreet supervision. PoI-94707 should be monitored for any further suspicious activity.

Description: SCP-5781 refers to an event that began on November 26th 1999, wherein multiple buildings spontaneously appeared on the coasts of Florida, United States over a 3 day period. Branding indicates that these buildings belong to Alan Investigations, a private detective firm which lacks any record of existence prior to the date SCP-5781 began.

Following these appearances, Alan Investigations began receiving exorbitant monetary investments from residents in the area, as well as multiple corporate entities globally. Interviews with these investors show that these investments were voluntary, as all were motivated by predictions of the company's future success, as well as "the founder's charisma".

Alan Ghayter, founder of Alan Investigations and hereafter referred to as PoI-94707, has denied any suspicion of money-laundering to authorities in the area, and is currently battling various legal disputes.

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