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Image matching SCP-5779's appearance according to Dr. Wilkinson.

Item #: SCP-5779

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: N/A

Description: SCP-5779 appears to most individuals as a humanoid taking on the appearance of a recently deceased loved one. SCP-5779 will maintain its own personality, however it will gain a small selection of memories of the deceased, allowing it to mimic their actions at a rudimentary level.

SCP-5779 is imperceptible to individuals who have not yet experienced the death of a loved one. Due to this, it is currently unknown to what extent SCP-5779 exists as a physical form as opposed to a consistent, mental projection. However, evidence of SCP-5779 interacting with its surroundings in the presence of individual who can perceive it indicate that, at the very least, it has some physical make up.

Recovery: SCP-5779 was originally discovered when word spread that Henri Meyer1 had successfully replicated his dead wife, Alexia Meyer. Rumored methods of replication included:

  • Hiring an actress to undergo extensive plastic surgery
  • Commissioning the Hanson Robotics company2 to build an artificial replacement
  • Hiring Type-Green entities specializing in illusions to sustain an image of the deceased

Extensive intelligence operations into the matter discovered that Meyer was living with SCP-5779. Containment of SCP-5779 was met with violent resistance, however the operation concluded successfully with minimal losses.

Addendum SCP-5779-1: Below is the initial interview between SCP-5779 and Project Lead Dr. Wilkinson recorded on standard Interview Chamber Cameras.

Wilkinson enters the interview chamber, still looking down at his clipboard.

Wilkinson: Afternoon 5779, I'm here to—

Wilkinson looks up from his clipboard and freezes.

SCP-5779: Is uh, something wrong?

Wilkinson: That can't be right.

SCP-5779: Oh… I think I get it. Yeah, that's unfortunate buddy.

Wilkinson backs away from the table.

Wilkinson: No, no that's not fair! Nobody fucking told me!

SCP-5779: I don't know what to tell you.

Wilkinson: … fuck.

Wilkinson turns and leaves and interview chamber, slamming the door behind him.

Addendum SCP-5779-2: Following the initial interview, Wilkinson stormed into Site Director Lin's office. The following exchange was recorded on Foundation security cameras inside of the office.

Liu: Hey Marcus, what's with the sudden—

Wilkinson: When did she die?

Liu: Excuse me?

Wilkinson: Melissa Pire. When did she die?

Liu: I have no clue what you're talking about.

Wilkinson: She's part of your group right? Containment and Capture, right? Don't tell me you don't know when your agents go down in the field.

Liu: I do, but—

Wilkinson: Then tell me when she fucking died!

Liu sighs, and begins typing on her computer.

Liu: I see… well, she died three days ago.

Wilkinson: If you had three days, then why did nobody tell me?

Liu: I said, it's classified.

Wilkinson: You tell next of kin, right? You tell spouses right? Then why don't you tell spouses-to-be?

Liu: Well, you're not listed here. Maybe she didn't update the system. I honestly forget if we even do fiancés.

Wilkinson: Then what was supposed to happen? Just wait for her to come back from a mission forever?

Liu: I'm sorry! I don't know what to tell you, Marcus. It's terrible but it's what happens in our field of work.

Wilkinson: You could have done me the courtesy of consoling me with that after I heard the news!

Liu: Fine! Melissa Pire is dead. There, I've told you. What now?

Wilkinson steps away from Liu's desk. His breathing slows as he falls into one of the office chairs. Wilkinson begins to weep with his head in his hands. Liu walks over to Wilkinson and puts an arm around his shoulder.

Liu: It's hard. I know.

Wilkinson: We— we were supposed to talk about wedding invitations when she came back…

Liu: Hey, hey. How about this. You take the week off. Come to grips with everything and make sure that you're doing ok. I want you to be ok Marcus.

Wilkinson sniffles.

Wilkinson: Fine. I'll take my time.

Dr. Wilkinson took the next five days off, listed as "medical leave". Foundation human resources scheduled for Dr. Wilkinson to see a therapist on each day of his time off. He attended the first three meetings, and then cancelled the remaining two, saying that he thought he had other, more effective ways to improve his mental state.

Addendum SCP-5779-3: After Dr. Wilkinson's respite, he resumed his duties as the lead of the SCP-5779 containment project, and re-attempted the initial interview with the anomaly once again.

SCP-5779: Hey, you're back!

Wilkinson: I'm sorry about last time. It was a bit of a shock for me.

SCP-5779: Honestly, I was worried I scared you off.

Wilkinson: Well, I'm still the lead on your containment. They don't have a lot of amorphous entity experts on base.

SCP-5779 laughs.

SCP-5779: I imagine they don't have a lot of those in general.

Wilkinson: Yeah… they don't. But moving on to the interview, do you have any memories of before you had these anomalous properties?

SCP-5779: Not really no. I've just sort of always been like this.

Wilkinson: I see… so no memory or parents or other family.

SCP-5779: Nope. Well, not of any family I'm certain is mine.

Wilkinson: Can you elaborate?

SCP-5779: Well, right now I can vaguely remember a mom and a dad, but they're not mine. They're whoever I look like to you right now. I also remember having a boyfriend. I remember staying up late with him binging Avatar the Last Airbender. I remember skipping out on a staff meeting together to go to the beach. I remember being proposed to… ah, this must be hard for you, isn't it?

Wilkinson wipes tears from his eyes.

Wilkinson: It's fine. I'm— I'm fine. How have they been treating you here?

SCP-5779: If I'm being honest, it's been a little boring. I wrote up a little proposal though. Just some things that might help me feel a little more at home.

SCP-5779 hands Wilkinson a piece of paper. As Wilkinson reads, his grip on the page visibly tightens.

SCP-5779: So, do we have ourselves a deal?

Wilkinson: Why? What did I do to you?

SCP-5779: That's not a no.

Wilkinson: … yeah. We have a deal.

Addendum SCP-5779-4: Following the above interview, Dr. Wilkinson began to file for a number of additional furbishments and recreational activities for SCP-5779. While it is believed that the initial acceptance of each request is within line with Foundation protocol, the lack of follow through on the handling of these affordances could only be described as extreme ineptitude. Below is a record of all furbishments and recreational activities afforded to SCP-5779, along with notes taken during a later investigation into Dr. Wilkinson regarding the use of these affordances:

Date Requested Affordance Justification Notes
04/14/2020 Fantasy books Since SCP-5779 has the same needs as other humanoid anomalies, basic entertainment like books should be provided as well. SCP-5779 and Dr. Wilkinson often met to discuss these books, which they coordinated to read at the same time.
05/03/2020 Television A variety of media to consume can help to alleviate depressive symptoms that often manifest themselves in humanoid anomalies. After day-shift personnel left the facility, Dr. Wilkinson would join SCP-5779 to watch shows together. This often led to intimate physical displays. Later interrogation of guards assigned at the time admitted to being bribed.
05/06/2020 Dessert Including sweet items alongside the traditional nutrient rich meals would encourage the anomaly to finish meals. While the majority of desserts provided consisted of ice cream or baked goods, the first request was for a cheesecake with a single candle. Video footage shows Dr. Wilkinson sharing the cheese cake with SCP-5779, as if celebrating a birthday.
05/18/2020 Artistic supplies and a desk Creative outlets have been shown to relax anomalies, and make them more expressive and amicable during interviews. Upon first introduction to SCP-5779's cell, the anomaly made extensive use of the materials. This included an attempt to draw Dr. Wilkinson during an interview.
05/22/2020 Attendance at the Site-41 Music Festival3 Partaking in social events with staff can increase an anomaly's level of cooperation with staff. SCP-5779 was almost completely covered during the event, so witnesses could not complete confirm its presence. However, attending personnel recollect Dr. Wilkinson spending the entire social event with someone suspected to be SCP-5779, usually talking in a corner, or holding hands.

Addendum SCP-5779-4: While numerous interviews with SCP-5779 were supposedly held, almost none were recorded. Below is the transcript submitted by Dr. Wilkinson to meet his monthly anomaly update quota:

SCP-5779: Hey, babe.

Wilkinson: Hey.

SCP-5779 points to the interview chamber cameras.

SCP-5779: You actually turned those on? I thought we didn't need cameras anymore.

Wilkinson: I still need to uh, record some of our interviews. Just to keep the system happy.

SCP-5779: Bold thing to say on file.

Wilkinson: No one really listens to these things anyways…

SCP-5779 laughs.

SCP-5779: We're still on for six tonight, right? Finale of the Dragon Prince? I've been having to stop myself from watching it without you.

Wilkinson: Actually, um, I might have to push it back? I have a meeting that ends around seven…

SCP-5779: Really? Seven?

Wilkinson: I know, I'm sorry, but it just came up and—

SCP-5779: I'm not sure I'm going to last until seven.

Wilkinson: Oh, um, I see. Well, maybe I can skip this one. Call in sick.

SCP-5779: That would be great.

Wilkinson checks his watch.

Wilkinson: I should get going. If I'm in here for too long the guards might get suspicious.

SCP-5779: Ok! I'll see you tonight!

SCP-5779 leans over and kisses Wilkinson before he leaves.

Addendum SCP-5779-5: After Dr. Wilkinson failed to arrive at his quarterly containment status update meeting, an investigation into Dr. Wilkinson's actions was commenced by Site Director Liu. This led to the discovery of multiple egregious examples of abuse of power of Dr. Wilkinson's position, as well as multiple failures of other Foundation checks and balances. The following is a transcript of the meeting between Dr. Wilkinson and Site Director Liu, informing Dr. Wilkinson of his dismissal.

Wilkinson: Hey uh… I have an interview with SCP-5779 scheduled kind of soon. Is this going to be quick.

Liu: Don't worry about that Marcus. We have someone stepping in to take care of that interview.

Wilkinson: Oh. Nobody told me about that.

Liu: Yeah. Because you're no longer in charge of SCP-5779. In fact, you don't have any anomalies under your jurisdiction.

Wilkinson: Sorry, but what?

Liu rolls her eyes, and pulls out her computer. She pulls up the recording of Addendum SCP-5779-4's interview. When it finishes, Wilkinson's begins taking rapid, shallow breaths.

Liu: Don't act surprised. It's embarrassing you've gotten away with this for as long as you did, but you couldn't have thought we never would've noticed.

Wilkinson: Please, please don't take her away from me.

Liu: You have left me literally no choice.

Wilkinson: You don't understand. I need to see her. I can't just let her die on me again…

Liu: She's already being transferred to isolated confinement.

Wilkinson: You bitch!

Liu: Give the guards outside your pass card when you leave. Someone will follow up with you on the next steps.

Liu leaves the room. After the door closes, Wilkinson collapses onto the table, and cries into his arms.

Addendum SCP-5779-6: The following is a transcript of the relocation of SCP-5779:

Security guards Tennison and Marquez enter SCP-5779's containment cell. SCP-5779 is sitting at its drawing board. It briefly looks over its shoulder when the door opens.

SCP-5779: You're not Marcus.

Tennison: We'll need you to come with us.

Marquez: We're transferring you to a more spacious containment cell.

SCP-5779 goes back to drawing.

SCP-5779: Oh, you are? Marcus never told me anything about that.

Tennison: Umm, maybe he meant it as a surprise?

SCP-5779: Besides, aren't I supposed to have an interview with him in a few minutes?

Marquez: That got rescheduled.

SCP-5779 puts down its pencil and starts looking through one of the drawing board's desk drawers. It smiles wide.

SCP-5779: Marcus pushing back an interview? Now that definitely doesn't sound like him.

Tennison and Marquez begin to reach for their tasers.

Tennison: Well, maybe if we move you fast enough, maybe we can hold the interview on time.

SCP-5779: Bastard can't keep a deal. But I can.

Before Tennison or Marquez can fire their tasers, SCP-5779 takes a fistful of sharpened pencils from the drawer, and stabs them into its throat. Medical personnel were summoned, but SCP-5779 was deemed neutralized before they arrived.

Dr. Wilkinson has not yet been informed of SCP-5779's demise. The use of amnestics to allow Dr. Wilkinson to resume his previous duties is currently under consideration.

Addendum SCP-5779 After the neutralization of SCP-5779, Dr. Wilkinson's desk was searched for evidence of additional malpractice. No indication of a wider scheme could be found, but the search did find the following letter, presumed to be given to Dr. Wilkinson by SCP-5779 during their second interview:

I'm so happy you're back. I really am. Because I don't think I could propose this to anyone else.

I figured you took time off work to get over Melissa right? But you and I both know that a week is nowhere near long enough. That's a wound that's going to stick with you, and the people here couldn't give less of a shit about it. You can tell because they only gave you a week before dragging you back. We're alike in that way. You're trapped here by your job, I'm trapped here for obvious reasons, and no one here cares about either of us.

Here, I'll show you some good will. I'll tell you how your fiancé died. I knew that people like you would come for me eventually. I suggested all sorts of defenses and traps so Mr. Meyer could keep his wife safe. Melissa was unfortunately the first in line when they came to capture me. Took a wrong step, set off a trip wire with an explosive on the end and… poof! No more Melissa! It was nothing personal of course. Just the way of things.

So, in a way, I've already killed Melissa once, but I'm totally down to do it again. I hate it here with a special passion. The food is bland, the interior decor is absolutely atrocious. Rotting away in this cell is literally worse than death.

If I'm too bored, I'll have to make entertainment for myself. I can bash this face in against a wall until it's just a caved-in mess. I can bite my tongue and bleed out through my mouth. Trust me, I can get creative with it.

Or, we can keep each other occupied. Keep each other happy. I can be your Melissa, if you're here for me too. We can cuddle and watch movies. We can have coffee in the mornings. Hell, I'll even let you fuck me.

Let's make this lonely existence just a tad more tolerable. Together.

Your Melissa

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