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Item #: SCP-5775

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the size and location of SCP-5775, containment is not possible at this time. Therefore, public knowledge of SCP-5775’s true composition should be suppressed by any means necessary. This includes dissemination of false geological data, feigned historical reports, and other details elaborated upon in Document 5775-7. Public interest in landing on Mars at this time does not pose a concern, as many seem to be unaware of SCP-5775 and its neighbor. However, updated containment procedures are being worked on should public interest turn toward them.

Operatives on Specialized Lunar Containment and Research Area (AKA Lunar Area 32) are to monitor SCP-5775 and SCP-5775-1 for unusual behavior. Expeditions to SCP-5775 through the use of SCP-5775-1 must obtain the approval of Site Director Dan Howell and Head Researcher Naomi Lyons. Groups are to consist of two armed agents in addition to required personnel. Teams are advised to report in every hour.

ADDENDUM ██/██/████: Following the events of Expedition IV, Mobile Task Force Delta-6 (Marvin Martians) has been created for further explorations of SCP-5775, as well as finding SCP-5775-B. SCP-5775-A is being held in a standard humanoid containment cell in Lunar Area 32. Further expeditions to SCP-5775 are discouraged unless deemed absolutely necessary.

Description: SCP-5775 is publicly known as Mars’s smallest moon, Deimos, named for the Greek God of terror. Object has a surface area of 495.1 km2 and a mass of 1.48 * 1015 kg. SCP-5775’s appearance as a normal celestial body is believed to be a combination of holographic illusion and millions of years of damage.

SCP-5775 is a large spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin. There is debate over whether the craft is from native Martians or another species of alternate origin. The craft possesses several internal hallways, rooms, and wiring powered by an unknown fuel source, enough to sustain life as seen in previous explorations. Exploration of SCP-5775 has been hindered due to its distance from main Foundation operations. SCP-5775's true nature was discovered in 1999, following the discovery of SCP-5775-1.

SCP-5775-1 is a 6.4-kilometer platform of unknown material located in the Sea of Tranquility on the Moon. When stepped on, the object can transport a subject and forty (40) kilograms of equipment to an exterior room in SCP-5775. The room appears to be a hanger, with a single ship, inoperable save for guns attached to the front, being present. The exterior wall, when walked through, returns a subject to SCP-5775-1. The room is sealed with a door of similar material that has so far been unable to be damaged and has hindered the first three expeditions. However, development on a key to hack into the systems of SCP-5775 has been ongoing.

Incident Report ██-██-████: The following transmission was received from SCP-5775 and picked up on dead channels of GRU Division “P”.

We have been waiting. Help us.

Internal Memo, Junior Researcher Thomas Yaltz to Head Researcher Naomi Lyons

So, I heard we’re going on another expedition. That’s exciting! I also heard you were looking to bring a Junior Researcher. I was hoping you would pick me.

I’m sure the site director has given you some details on my history, so I may seem like a bit of a gamble. But I like to think of it more as experience that can help me in the field. Not to mention, between the 3008 incident and every time I’ve taken lead on the research with the stuff we have gotten from 5775, I think I’m as qualified as someone of my position can be.

Plus, I'm very observant. I have all sorts of questions. Who sent this message? Why now? Why is it in English?

I hope you consider me for the expedition.

SCP-5775 Expedition IV FOR LEVEL 3 ONLY
Following the transmission from SCP-5775, Head Researcher Dr. Naomi Lyons requested a team to investigate, citing the prototype of a key able to open the doorway from the hangar. After discussions with the Site Director and O5 Council, the following team was gathered:

• Dr. Naomi Lyons, Head Researcher (56)
• Dr. Regina Beale, Researcher (45)
• Junior Researcher Thomas Yaltz (26)
• Agent Helen Troy (39)1
• Agent Jonathan Bell (31)

Agents Bell and Troy were outfitted with cameras, while Dr. Beale was designated to take written notes and Junior Researcher Yaltz to take photographs.

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