SCP-5774 in its inactive state.

Item #: SCP-5774

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5774 is contained in Standard Containment Locker B031. It must be kept under constant surveillance and a CCTV system connected to main site power has been installed within Locker B031 for this purpose.

Description: In its inactive state, SCP-5774 is a 21cm tall stone figurine that has been sculpted into roughly simian form. Several small markings of thaumaturgic significance have been painted on the base of its left foot, the purpose of which remains unknown.

The sculpture has been dated to originate in the pre-colonial Aztec empire and the paint used has been sourced to Home Depot's 2003 re-release of their 'Summer Rose' wood paint. SCP-5774 enters and remains in its inactive state whenever it is recorded by any kind of analogue or digital recording device.

In its active state SCP-5774 takes the form of one of a variety of entities from modern folklore. Observed appearances include those resembling popular depictions of El Chupacabra, Mothman, The Jersey Devil, Skunk Ape and several varieties of Bigfoot. These forms are intangible, and incapable of physically interacting with their environment, but are otherwise indistinguishable from physical entities by human senses.

SCP-5774 is sentient but not sapient, and has displayed highly effective hunting instincts while in its active state, as well as skill in evading detection. It has also shown the capacity to locate its targets regardless of intervening distance or efforts taken to conceal their whereabouts. If left unrestricted, SCP-5774 will attempt to stalk and terrorize Billy and Matt MacGuller, the hosts of the television show Cryptid Catchers.

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