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An SCP-5770-1 instance. Pens and the RED PARADE Event not included.

Item #: SCP-5770

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5770 manifestations are to be minimally monitored, and any witnesses are to be subjected to amnesticization. All notes obtained from the RED PARADE Events are to be analyzed.

Description: SCP-5770 is a worldwide phenomenon involving the manifestation of SCP-5770-1, a collective designation for red pandas (Ailurus fulgens) involved, in the vicinity of individuals involved in creating works of literary fiction and non-fiction, in the form of prose, poetry, or plays.

So far, 102,200 individuals have been recorded to experience SCP-5770, which primarily manifested only when they are asleep or in a state of extreme fugue and exhaustion. They remain unconscious during the entirety of the event. Waking up after the event, they experience heightened levels of happiness and determination to continue writing.

Pattern analysis indicates that SCP-5770 has a likelier chance of manifesting if the author:

  • Has mediocre sales or reception of articles and publications;
  • Suffers from depression, midlife crises, and an inferiority complex about their works;
  • Is constantly overtaken by other authors, particularly in communities or groups where rankings are held in high regard;
  • Has taken several workshops, classes, and courses on writing, but with no major success in actual publications;
  • Has small social networks with other authors, and is generally ignored in communities or groups, online or offline, where cliques of authors have formed

During an SCP-5770 manifestation, a RED PARADE Event will commence, with the following series of activities occurring:

  • The room where the individual is located will enlarge after a brief flash of light.
  • The sound of a news jingle is heard, with subjects describing them as similar to a mix of electronic music and the rhythm of the folk songs of the author's nationality.
  • 20 to 150 SCP-5770-1 instances, each of which has a collar engraved with the word "AVIATICA',1 manifest in lines of five. They often use clothing resembling uniforms of the writers, field reporters and broadcasters of known news outlets such as ABS-CBN, Reuters, the Agence France Presse, and Sky News. They loudly chant the phrase "DREAM ON!".
  • 10 minutes after the manifestation, an array of East Asian pagodas, Western-inspired constructions (i.e. columns), and carriages will manifest, each of which has SCP-5770-1 instances driving and riding them. Film cameras and pen sculptures decorate them. They are described by witnesses as a pastiche of cultural symbols from different eras.
  • Effigies of animals, such as a raven, a mockingbird, a cuckoo, pigs in suits, and a whale, with a black eyepatch and a hook replacing the left flipper, appear. They are carried by the SCP-5770-1 instances.
  • Castles and churches then appear in the background, with 10m-tall paper sculptures of red panda heads adorning their main spires or towers. Newspapers, dated from 1800 to 2025, cover the floor of the room.
  • Several two-meter raven-like entities then arrive and settle on the windows of the individual's room. They are mechanical and composed of clockwork.
  • A one-meter tall SCP-5770-1 instance, dressed in a black and red suit or a white changshan2 , a cane, and a monocle, will disembark from one of the avian entities, bow, and approach the individual. It is either carrying a camera or an audio recorder.
  • This instance will then gift a small pen on the table or at the side of the individual.
  • Afterward, the instance will clap its paws and growl, and the parade stops.
  • After 30 seconds, the parade demanifests. The room then reverts to its original size.

The pen given by the instance is non-anomalous, although it is wrapped in a handwritten note with no discernable origin. A sample is provided below:

A Pen and a Panda

Red panda writers
Climbing our own grey mountains
The pen's wolves then howl

As other pandas
skitter, climb higher mountains
We remain with tails

Though our mountains
May still be a small bamboo shoot
At least, they're our own

Soon, our claws - our pens -
will raise our own mountains
Gleaming with our pride

Update: A minor information breach occurred via a digital publication, titled "To Let Freedom Ring", published to a writing site called the Bureau of Epistemological Protection. The author's discussion page post indicated a partial recognition of SCP-5770. It currently has a like-dislike ratio of 57:15 .

To the red panda with the cane, I hope that you swing by again. It's been a lotta fun writing since that time, even with the site contests and all.

Padayon, Mr. Panpen!

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