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3/5770 LEVEL 3/5770
Item #: SCP-5770


Piazza della Signoria, the site of SCP-5770 and the clock tower, Palazzo Vecchio.

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation will monitor major metropolitan areas of Italy between January and March of each year. Foundation drones are equipped to recognize any signs of SCP-5770 being organized and/or set up.

The Foundation will coordinate with Italy's External Intelligence and Security Agency to ensure the closure of the Piazza Della Signoria in the event of an SCP-5770 manifestation. Due to the popularity of the piazza, the justification of a sinkhole has been devised. MTF Zeta-66 "Guardian Angels" will guard the outer perimeters of the piazza to prevent the public from entering. All human entry into the piazza will be barred1 until the anomaly either removes itself or is removed forcibly.

If SCP-5770 needs to be removed forcibly, known as a "Frozen Over Event," MTF Zeta-66 will enter the piazza and/or the Palazzo Vecchio and attempt to detain SCP-5770-1 and SCP-5770-2. Whether this fails or succeeds, Zeta-66 will be tasked with the removal of the festival stage, tents, and any other structures built during an SCP-5770 manifestation.

Description: SCP-5770 designates a 10 day festival in the Piazza della Signoria of Florence, Italy. SCP-5770 occurs every 70 years on the 7th Sunday of the given year. The Foundation's investigation of SCP-5770 took place on February 14, 2021. Events during SCP-5770 include live entertainment and stage shows ranging from anomalous to mundane.

Three weeks before SCP-5770, tents will be constructed within the Piazza Della Signoria. During the next week, decor of the colors gold, white, and black begin to be placed on the tents and surrounding buildings. Sometime leading up to SCP-5770, a large wooden stage will be placed in front of the Palazzo Vecchio. All of these are removed after the conclusion of SCP-5770. All attempts that were made to record the construction and subsequent destruction of SCP-5770 were unsuccessful.

A stage show known as La Scalata serves as the "main event" of SCP-5770. La Scalata is led by two humanoid entities who resemble animate marble statues from the Augustan period2 of Ancient Rome. The entities, designated SCP-5770-1 and SCP-5770-2, refer to themselves as The Staff Bearer and The Enduror respectively.

La Scalata is a set of short, ritualistic stage shows surrounding the theme of sin and purity. Each day of La Scalata depicts SCP-5770-1 speaking to the audience about a specific sin and the punishment that would supposedly accompany said sin in Hell. During this speech, a sinner or sinners will be brought onto the stage to serve as examples for the audience. The punishment will then be performed onto the sinners ultimately leading to their deaths.

Addendum One — Discovery and Background

According to SCP-5770-1, SCP-5770 has happened every 70 years for the past 700 years. SCP-5770 has flown under the Foundation’s radar due to the complete absence of reports of the anomalous activity going on within SCP-5770. The Foundation caught wind of SCP-5770 while working to stabilize former fascist countries after World War II. On February 18, 1951, Battalion-36 "Colossians" were stationed in Florence and began to slowly cut off communication with the Foundation. On February 28, all communication ceased from Battalion-36. Foundation officials sent Battalion-21 "Romans" into the city to investigate the supposed disappearance.

Battalion-36 were found in front of the stage and soaked in water as the final performance of La Scalata concluded. Members of Battalion-36 were questioned and admitted they had been attending SCP-5770 for the previous 10 days and described the final day's performance of La Scalata. Members of Battalion-21 recalled seeing two males on the stage bowing but they did not notice anything out of the ordinary. Due to this, The Foundation hypothesized that Battalion-36 were experiencing mass psychogenic illness (colloquially known as mass hysteria) due to their lack of sleep in the weeks leading up to this event. When questioned again the next day, all members of Battalion-36 were unable to recall anything else that occurred during SCP-5770, including what they told previously, they only commented that they "felt pure." This prompted the Foundation to send a research team into the piazza on the same day. When the research team arrived, all traces of SCP-5770 had been removed and the piazza had been restored to it's former state.

The Foundation has done annual check-ups in Florence from late January to early March until 2021 when signs of SCP-5770 being set up began to reappear.

Addendum Two — Investigation into SCP-5770

Dr. Joseph Pasqua volunteered to attend SCP-5770 and requested to take on the role of Head Researcher. Dr. Pasqua was equipped only with a body camera, a cellphone, and a journal for personal use and note-taking.
Note: All logs have been translated into English where necessary.

SCP-5770 Events - 16.2.21
It is unknown how and when SCP-5770-1 and SCP-5770-2 place the structures and items used for their sacrifices. For this reason, Dr. Pasqua requested another camera which he set up for surveillance of the stage area. He placed the camera on the morning of February 16.

The day's proceedings involve the execution of James Wilson and Alana Semenov. for the stated reason that they were lying and defrauding people for profit. Wilson had venomous snakes bite onto his chest and neck and Semenov had her neck snapped.

SCP-5770 Events - 17.2.21

At 1800 hours, Dr. Pasqua notes a commotion occurring near a gazebo and makes his way towards it. He discovers that a wedding is taking place and questions who would want to get married here. The wedding, for the most part, was non-anomalous until the vows, where the groom revealed a living Japanese Spider Crab. The priest and groom remove the legs and claws, which are discarded, and hand the body to the bride. She removes part of the shell and eats some of the crab meat.

Day four saw execution of Franklin Alonso, a murderer from Louisiana, USA who had manipulated people into dangerous situations for his entertainment. SCP-5770-1 references a time when Alonso had promised methamphetamine to a person if they would engage with an alligator. Alonso's punishment was to be boiled alive in a brass cauldron. The water had had been dyed red for an unknown reason.

After this execution, Dr. Pasqua ran to a secluded corner of the piazza to vomit. He claimed that he was not expecting how brutal this punishment was. Dr. Pasqua had been fairly talkative to site-command and within his logs before this event. Further logs saw less comments and conversation became shorter.

SCP-5770 Events - 18.2.21
The day's proceedings involved the execution of Eric Kuris, a Canadian cult leader, and two of his followers. The men were locked into wooden coffins which were set aflame, reducing the coffins and men to piles of ash3. The stated reason for this punishment was that they committed heresy by making their own belief system. Dr. Pasqua stated that he was confused by the severity of the punishments as it was not a violent crime or hurt anyone to not believe in a certain faith.

Dr. Pasqua had left his body camera on for the rest of the night. He paced around his room and reviewed footage for four hours after the day's events had concluded.

SCP-5770 Events - 20.2.21
SCP-5770-1 states that they are punishing the sin of greed as SCP-5770-2 exits from the Palazzo Vecchio. SCP-5770-2 is followed by Karl Godebert, the president of a German water company, and Maryanne Aurum, a hoarder who purchased stores worth of necessities to resell during a crisis. A wooden structure resembling gallows was set up on the stage. Hanging from the top beam were two golden blocks. The rope connecting the gold blocks to the structure were cut while Aurum and Godebert laid under them. They were quickly crushed to death.

SCP-5770 Events - 21.2.21
The entities punished the sin of gluttony. SCP-5770-2 entered onto the stage with a man of Asian decent and three adult German Shepards. SCP-5770-1 claimed that Jin Wu, a Chinese CEO, had overworked his employees and architects which led to the deaths of 60 people within two years. Wu was first crucified by the entities with rope. A bucket, which had been set on the stage before La Scalata began, was revealed to contain animal fat which was spread on Wu's body. SCP-5770-2 released the dogs which quickly consumed Wu.

SCP-5770 Events - 22.2.21
Dr. Pasqua notices that the hole from 19.2.21 had been expanded 6 meters in width and length and filled with salt.

15 minutes before La Scalata began, the temperature dropped about 10 degrees and it began to rain heavily. The punished sin was adultery or lust. SCP-5770-1 had claimed that Kendra Boivin and Jacques Débile had been in a relationship while they were both were married. They were crucified and left to succumb to the elements. After 10 hours, all life function ceased and the weather returned to normal. The hole had been completely filled with rainwater upon the deaths of Boivin and Débile.

Upon his return to Site-77, Dr. Pasqua handed in his personal journal and cameras. After a meeting with Site Director Gillespie regarding the investigation, Dr. Pasqua relinquished his Foundation key-card. He was offered amnestics, which he refused, and a level 4 clearance level. Following another meeting, Dr. Pasqua accepted the position.

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