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Item #: SCP-5768

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: A mausoleum with a security lock has been constructed around SCP-5768-1. The mausoleum is sealed off by a wire fence with signs discouraging trespassing. If SCP-5768-2 leaves from its position, personnel are to follow it and prevent civilian sightings.

Further research regarding SCP-5768-1 is no longer necessary.

Description: SCP-5768-1 is a grave located in a rural area of Saitama Prefecture, Japan. The grave is marked by a heavily degraded tombstone that is missing a part of its upper half. As a result, the name and date of birth of the interred is unknown. The only information that remains on the tombstone is the date of death on April 2, 1934. The grave itself possess no anomalous characteristics except for its association with SCP-5768-2.

SCP-5768-2 is a female Japanese Bobtail, a breed of domestic cat native to Japan. No signs of aging has been observed since containment procedures were enacted. It spends a majority of its time curled up on SCP-5768-1. Subjects that approach SCP-5768-2 are generally ignored unless they attempt to touch SCP-5768-1. SCP-5768-2 will begin to hiss as a warning, but upon physical contact with the grave sudden gashes will form across the subject's body. Further attempts to disturb the grave will result in more extensive injuries. Despite the hostile reaction, SCP-5768-2 shows no hostility to itself being touched as long as the interaction is affectionate. Any attempt to remove it from the area by force will result in the subject being sliced into pieces. It becomes incorporeal to all actions intended to harm it.

SCP-5768-2 has been observed to sometimes leave the grave site. During this time it will seek the nearest source of water to drink out of, which is often a nearby river, or retrieve a random object to decorate SCP-5768-1. Injuries are still inflicted in its absence as it begins hissing wherever it is located. SCP-5768-1 is believed to not actually require water for it has been observed to go long periods of time without it with no signs of dehydration. No urine samples have ever been produced by it.

All attempts to hinder SCP-5768-2's movement have resulted in failure. It will phase through any obstacles used to encase it such as the mausoleum built around SCP-5768-1. It has been observed to leap across distances of up to 10 meters to avoid humans or other animals.

SCP-5768-2 was contained after reports surfaced of a "ghost cat" wandering the Saitama Prefecture in 1985. Agents were sent to confirm the existence of the anomaly, and they followed it to SCP-5768-1's current location.

Research efforts into the identity of whomever was interred into SCP-5768-1 have been unsuccessful. Records list several individuals that died on April 2, 1934, but their graves have been located in other areas of the Saitama Prefecture. Exhuming SCP-5768-1 to analyze the remains is not possible without causing causalities. Since Incident 5768 (see below), the priority of personnel have shifted solely to containment.

Addendum - Incident 5768: On March 10, 1986, SCP-5768-2 was observed waving its paw at Dr. Jiro Susuki, the leading researcher into identifying SCP-5768-1, from the entrance of the mausoleum. Dr. Susuki interpreted the gesture as an attempt at communication. He proceeded to walk closer until he was struck by lightning at approximately 2 m away from SCP-5768-2. Dr. Susuki was hospitalized shortly after, and requested transfer to another SCP object. The request was granted.

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