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Item#: 5767
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Special Containment Procedures: The remains of SCP-5767’s shell and terrarium are to be kept in a secure item locker in Sector 4 of Site-52. SCP-5767’s shell must be kept in a small clear plastic case that is air tight, to prevent natural atmospheric degradation.

Previous Special Containment Procedures (Ended 19/11/2019): A terrarium (5m by 4m by 3m) replicating a typical garden landscape is to be allocated as living quarters for SCP-5767. The terrarium should have 70%-80% humidity and the features may be altered upon the entity's request. SCP-5767 is allowed to freely roam its designated living quarters. A clear tubing system that encompasses Sector 4 of Site-52 has been created in order for the entity to observe sections of the facility if it wishes. SCP-5767 may freely roam this tubing network except in a site lockdown, where it should be positioned inside of its terrarium until further notice. One (1) researcher with a PhD in Entomology is to be stationed nearby to maintain upkeep of the enclosure and monitor SCP-5767's general wellbeing. Daily, a small cup of assorted fruits and vegetables should be placed inside the terrarium with cucumbers being added on Fridays. One (1) armed guard is to be placed outside the room housing the entity's terrarium if someone is visiting the containment area. All requests by SCP-5767 must have approval from at least two (2) level 3 researchers. It is to be supplied with a weekly magazine about up-to-date scientific findings and information, as well as requested SCP documents (though viewing of documents must first be approved by site management).


SCP-5767 in containment.

Description: SCP-5767 is a sentient garden land snail (Helix aspersa aspersa) that is slightly larger than a regular specimen, being approximately 7cm long and 3cm tall. It is capable of mental communication with sapient humanoids and is theorised to be able to have two way conversations with some intelligent animal life. SCP-5767 has been observed making mental connections with up to 3 subjects at a time and is extremely cooperative with researchers. The entity’s voice has been described as having a South-Eastern British accent and having a calming tone of voice similar to an elderly human male. SCP-5767’s voice has been observed becoming quieter as a person moves further away from the entity and becoming greater in volume at close distances. The primary physical difference between SCP-5767 and a normal garden snail is a small grey beard growing from the entity’s radula1 that has reached a maximum length of 3cm but SCP-5767 prefers to keep it a length of 1cm. All other physical features and anatomy are non-anomalous.

SCP-5767 claims it is extremely old, being able to recount in detail multiple historic events it has been present for. In addition, it is able to tell a near complete recount of the Foundation’s history saying it has watched from ‘a safe distance’ and it commends the Foundation for maintaining its secrecy for so long. The entity states it has spent numerous years in Cambridge, England observing university classes. It expresses interest in science, history and human psychology. In addition to this, it says it has travelled the world and visited many important locations, including Foundation sites.

Note from Researcher Smith:
Thank goodness we got this little guy under our custody, he has intimate knowledge of about 50 anomalies. We could have a serious breach of secrecy if it wanted to tell someone prior to its containment. Disruption class updated from Dark to Keneq.2

The entity is allowed to be visited by any staff with Level 2 clearance or higher, as long as a guard is present. Subjects wishing to interact with SCP-5767 are encouraged to bring fresh vegetables to the enclosure on visits, though cucumbers are generally discouraged.3 Lettuce, tomatoes and mushrooms are some of the entity’s favourites.

The following is a list of all formal requests made by SCP-5767 as of 22/02/2020:

One (1) visit from Agent Carter. ACCEPTED

One (1) bowl of fruit and vegetables. ACCEPTED (Feeding routine is now in place.)

More moss in its terrarium. ACCEPTED

One (1) extra slice of cucumber. ACCEPTED

One (1) rub on the shell. ACCEPTED

One (1) extra slice of cucumber. DENIED

One (1) newspaper/magazine relating to scientific studies. ACCEPTED (Entity is now supplied with a weekly edition of ‘National Geographic’ magazine, and approved SCP documents.)

Recovery: SCP-5767 was discovered on 02/05/2006 by Agent Carter in Cambridge, England during an off duty walk along the River Cam. The agent recalls turning a corner and being contacted by SCP-5767. The entity supposedly requested to be brought into the Foundation’s custody and had been attempting to communicate with Agent Carter for days prior to recovery. Agent Carter does not recall being spoken to by SCP-5657 before this event.

Upon discovery, the entity was brought back to Site-44 without incident. Temporary containment was secured following minor examination and a brief interview (See Interview Log 5767-1). After 4 weeks of observation, the entity was transferred to Site-52 for long-term containment.

Following this interview, SCP-5767 requested to speak with Agent Carter, the man who recovered the entity. The request was accepted by site management and the conversation can be found in Interview Log 5767-2.

After 4 weeks of observation, the entity was transferred to Site-52 for long-term containment.

Addendum 5767.1: On ██/██/2011, Agent Carter was temporarily reassigned to Site-52 for an unrelated mission. During the agent's stay, he ran into SCP-5767. The pair were talking for about 4 hours before Agent Carter was summoned to deal with another anomaly. The following is a note from Agent Carter after their conversation.

That was one of the best conversations I have had with anyone in years. He isn’t lying when he says he has travelled the world, he’s full of stories that can keep you talking for hours. I think he would make a great councillor for anyone who needed it. I’m leaving to go back to England tomorrow, and I’m really gonna miss him to be honest.

Following this, the ability to freely visit SCP-5767 was granted to all personnel with Level 2 clearance or above. Agent Carter filed a request to be permanently relocated to Site-52. This request was accepted by site management.

Containment Update 14/07/2012: A clear tubing system has been implemented in Sector 4 of Site-52 that allows SCP-5767 to observe some of the actions carried out by our personnel. The system runs along the upper right hand corner of all main corridors, with additional viewing including staff rooms, research departments and 5 safe class anomalies. SCP-5767 would like all staff in Sector 7 to know it is incredibly thankful for this privilege.

Note from Agent Carter on 23/09/2012:

Incident Log 5767-1:

In its progressive ageing, SCP-5767 has begun to deteriorate in health. Though it continues to provide support for others, it is believed SCP-5767 may expire in the near future.

Addendum 5767.2: On 19/11/2020, SCP-5767 quietly passed away in its sleep. The entity’s death was attributed to natural causes of old ageing. SCP-5767 had been particularly lethargic for days prior to this, so staff did not discover it’s body for 1 day after it is thought to have expired. Its remains were already decomposing, so they were allowed to decompose completely before the shell was recovered. It is believed SCP-5767 was one of a kind, but a search for other potential instances is ongoing. SCP-5767 never requested a companion or mate, so it is believed it never produced offspring. The staff of Site-52 express their sorrow at this loss.

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